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  1. a gude to direkt get to a server
  2. i cant fint the direct sunescape serverlinking, can any1 post the link? ty
  3. mage black demons in taverly dungeon, 100% safespot and they have bad magew defence
  4. my fired got 1k nats in 20 mins with runnig?, but he wont tell me how?... he is only 40rc, so no good pouches.... he sais is a secret and nobody moaning about it
  5. how many exp gives high alching per hour if u are fast/not fast
  6. i calculated that if i sell yew longs(u) i make more than half profit of the finished bow, stringing is annoying, so what u think about that idea?
  7. after lvl 85 fletching, what should i do? should i continue with yrw longs and sell 630ea or should i make magic longbows and sell for ???? i noticec that price of migic logs is very high atm(1,2-1,4kea) and i not want to loose money, i buy bs at 200ea please give me advive ty
  8. ohhhh thats yanlille teletort. ok then i do the quest
  9. btw on what magig must i be to tele to yanille?
  10. i wanna train my melee with slayer i train shared with whip is that good for train? and: should i train ranged on baby blue dragons(safespot) or Experiments, i think baby ble drags are best cut they have wear ranged defendse...
  11. all pres sink, d chain is down form 14,3 to 12,2 now!!! omg i bogt it for 13,8 cuz i thougtwotn sonk more :(
  12. 5k are easy posible but if u get beter drops you will get seome probs with space
  13. realy?, but you cand addy onyx tips on bronze bolts right?
  14. oh ok ty, but i noticed that i only can wear in port, but may looks cool while i smels 1000s of ores.....
  15. is there any way to get this cool badshets of ghosts ahoy back=?
  16. i soloed him first al lvl 82 whit whip and dds...that was fun but hypercam bugged my vid so i cant do it to youtube, but now im lvl 87 and is not special to solo in 1 trip....
  17. thats spam, if i remember correcty you did the same span a few days ago with other item
  18. i maged about 100 or more steel drags and got no drope better than rune 2h..lol
  19. you can only add sapp adn emerald tips on it, use emerald for killing cretures you can mine gems after you done shilo quest
  20. i was at her today i worn whip, d chain and obby shied...thats was fun i hitted a 14 on her but i forgot to pray and suddenly i was on 20hp....
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