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  1. You just killed eight nails due to blunt force trauma to the head.
  2. I dislike Cod aswell. Cons: Can't make your own price. Pros: Lots and lots of 'em. Theres too many to list. I love the GE!
  3. ^Probably not. You'd use too much food. You need like 80+ Def or 40+ Prayer.
  4. I need to get 70 Ranging. As of now I have 61. I'll be training with Bone CBow and Bolts. And I'd like a monster that'd make me some profit. Maybe those GWD Birds? Or Fire Giants? You guys can suggest some others if you like. Just click my RSN to see my other stats. PS: I have 10k Bone Bolts as of now.
  5. Off topic: That video needed some metal in the background. Maybe The Trooper would've been a better song. On topic: The AGS isn't too overrated IMO, its got good stats and a good spec. Just the high cost is the bad part.
  6. I love this update! Great, easy way to sell your items!
  7. No. Hell no. And of course. No ****ing way.
  8. Guys.. I made this money doing Barrows, so I'm going to invest it back into it. Thats usually how I do something, make money from a skill, then invest it back into it. And I think I'll take some of the money and get 70 magic, then use the rest on prayer and get it to 50+.
  9. I'm trying to improve my skills to better do Barrow Runs. Just click on the RSN link under my name to see my stats from the Highscores. Right now, I'm thinking of getting more magic and prayer. You guy's ideas?
  10. Great guide! I've ben successful with my somewhat low stats even! Only 6 or so doses a trip, so, I'm doing good!
  11. Ok.. You need some work on this... Stats. They're good, but you need to get Slayer Dart, Fire Blast is a major no no. Seriously. SLayer Dart is so much better. Your equipment should be.. Helm Of Neitzot. Glory Ammy. Torags Plate. Verac's Skirt. (For Prayer) Best RFD Gloves you can get. D Boots are good. Slayer Staff. Legends Cape. 100 Addy Bolts. RING OF LIFE!! I cannot stress this enough, with millions of equipment and items like you'll be using, you ABSOLUTELY, no excuses MUST have the Ring of Life. Invent.. Red Dhide Top. Red Dhide Bottem. Rune CBow. 200 Death Runes. 800 Mind Runes. Spade. D Scimy for KC. Maybe a super def pot. 2 P Pots. (You never know what'll happen, but you'll probably only use 1-3 doses a trip.) The rest are Monkfish. And a one click telly, like teletab or Ectophail. You should use this strategy.. Go to Dharok first and pray on him, maging him with slayer dart. Go to Karil and mage him with prayer. Go to Ahrim, switch to range gear and kill him with the rest of your prayer points, or maybe a dose if needed. Then switch back to the melee armor and mage Torag, Verac and Guthen in that order. (Using a dose of Sup Def Pot, since you won't be praying on them, just eating when you get hit) Then get your KC to 16, open the chest and tele out of there.
  12. You're banking the hides and bones right? All the hides and bones from 80-99 Range will be worht twice as much as a Visage.
  13. Lmao! This topic is awesome, someone should archive it!
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