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  1. Goodluck :) very achievable short term goals. Need to crop those pictures though! Lol.
  2. Good guide so far, but more pictures and font changes to make the guide stand out more would be nice. Some information on the Chaos elemental itself and how to actually kill it would be nice aswell. :) Also fixed some typo's you made. You'll want to know my stats to get an idea right Now you've got an idea, of what stats are decent The equipment would look a little like this; Sorry, temporarily, Can't get a image The strategy. Glory>Amulet of accuracy 4/10
  3. Stealing creation don't stack and im not too sure about the brawling gloves.
  4. Mining iron at the varrock mines then banking at varrock east bank is good since iron ore is 100gp each. You get a good number of exp too :]
  5. No you could never be assisted for the fally achievement diary.. :\
  6. Haha finally got it, the first time i used yew logs on the first 2 ones then maples on the next and it didn't go very well :( but then the next time magic logs on the first two and yews for the next ones and then maples on the burthrope and up. Wasn't expecting to do it since i made a million mistakes but ohwellll. :
  7. Such a simple but amazing idea, support definately (:
  8. Wow one of the best farming guides i've read, can't wait to try this out. 9.5/10 Don't really understand this part though, ALWAYS wear your Magic secateurs while harvesting and ALWAYS use supercompost on everything except trees, fruit trees and bushes (for better harvest and disease immunity). Calquat is the only kind of tree you should use it for. Shouldn't it be 'ALWAYS use compost on everything' because supercompost is needed more on fruit trees, bushes and trees. Or because your paying the farmer? :?
  9. Cutting teaks & dropping them is faster exp than willows.
  10. Some people on the game are impatient and can't handle the fact farm takes alot more time if you dont have alot of money for it, but even still 200k experience a day costing roughly 2m probably isnt for them.. I enjoy the skill alot so I cant say much about hating it but I've made a good few mils from herb farming. But its definately not as misjudged as before.
  11. I believe prayer is fast to level if you have a gilded altar. And summon, once you have the charms for it.
  12. Nah a mod said it was on purpose to balance the skill. Guess its quite a blow to hunters looking for money, but people survived before the hunter skill came out so i guess we can all survive now... Unless all the spots get nerfed then it can't be too bad because people will still buy them to use a spots once they drop. In my personal opinion I dont think there gonna drop much more than -400. Tbh im all for this update, hunters can still get there exp, maybe a little faster because of less crowds and range isn't so easy to train. 50m getting the skill to 99 is barely nothing now a days because of GWD.
  13. Granite in the desert, fastest mining exp for members. Waterskins are needed unless you've completed the new quest (:
  14. People would still power-level to get there skills up so some randoms are needed, but the fact people can code the scripts to do the random makes it pretty pointless i think we should still keep randoms but remove them in several places;- the metal dragon dungeon When we are killing a steel dragon we dont need the drunken dwarf to come. You cant run away to do a puzzle box because the dragons fire can reach you... and the black demons and dogs stop you from even gettin away from steels... im sure there is other places but I cant think of any at the minute...
  15. a good idea for this guide would be too put stuff like... wc- woodcutting fm- firemaking and other words like that, it would help alot of people out and everyone might learn something new :mrgreen:
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