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  1. Absolutely. 07 is already a community in a small niche of self-styled "retro" games. It's difficult to find other, friendly active players to talk to. My friendslist is like a graveyard.
  2. I just found out that a friend of mine has been banned from 2007RS. His name doesn't show up on the hi-scores. When I last spoke to him, he was aiming for 99 woodcutting. Now that I think about it, I suppose he used a bot to gain the levels...that's the only reason I can think he was banned. I went with him on a trip where he was cutting yews, though. Funny, 'cause he complained about the bots there. Pot calling the kettle black, much? He also told me that he got 99 wc on three other accounts. This didn't raise an alarm in my head. But he never complained about the work...so I suppose he used a bot, for those too. I was wondering where he was for the past two weeks...now I know. It's a shame. :( He was fun to talk to.
  3. We were all spinning at the same time. Just like old school :wub:
  4. It says posts all RuneScape related media. It's RuneScape 2007...
  5. We were all spinning at the same time. Just like old school :wub:
  6. The PvP community has recently been split into two general groups. The original does PvP on World 302, in Edge and outskirts of Varrock mostly. This is no different from original 2007. The second group plays on the recently released PvP worlds, which are Worlds 325 and 337 IIRC, identifiable as red badges on the world select screen. You can usually expect to find many players in w302 Edge at peak times, but partly because of the PvP split, there aren't many left after like 7pm EDT. Rushing is worse here than in original 2007, in my experience. I once had to fight off 5 different PJers in the course of a minute. Maybe it's better now. I find that PJing happens more to lower levels (40-60 combat) than say, 75+. Looters are everywhere, too. There are F2P-themed PK worlds that place restrictions on usable PK equipment and world map area. It's exactly like an F2P server, except you have to be a member to access them. They're dead content now. They're identifiable as silver-badges on the world selection screen. They're good for low-level skilling, though. I haven't seen more than 10 people on F2P-themed severs lately. Prices for PKing supplies can vary wildly within a week. This isn't unusual, but you should take advantage when you find cheap supplies, because people love to gouge. In short, the PvP situation is worse than 07. but not unbearable. That's my brief run down of the PvP situation. If you aren't a member, Amazon is selling 30-day membership at $3.95 from November 28th until December 5th. This is only for American customers. Good luck!
  7. Old but awesome. A friend found a video of me PKing a couple months ago. I didn't know the guy I fought was recording it. YouTube Video My fight starts at 0:50. I was 1-iteming. :P Here's an imgur album of some moments from my RS career.
  8. [spoiler=Warning, image contains profanity.] I lol'd at the rage. Some guy lost his loot, and this was the result. :D
  9. Of course RuneScape is dying. It always has been dying; it just hasn't been obvious 'till the last couple of years. In fact, we're all dying right now. Just very very slowly.
  10. I really like this explanation. I may not agree with all of it, but damn if it isn't well thought out.
  11. Some have cited the community as a reason. I remember people blaming Miniclip when it started to sour :lol: That was around 2006 too.
  12. The alleged "customer" reviews read like a bad joke. What marketing genius thought up this scheme?
  13. I'm a bit confused. 2006 was the start of Jagex catering to newer players. Lumbridge Tutors and Home Teleport were introduced, which people felt made the game too easy. I can understand early 2006, but not mid-late 2006. I prefer 2005 myself.
  14. Two in a row! :P ... On second thought, he might not have been replying to me. >_<
  15. Err...okay. Few large updates: Grand Exchange was added 26-Nov-2007 PKing and Wilderness was heavily modified 10-Dec-2007 Free Trade removed 1-Jan-2008 The above two were re-installed 1-Feb-2011 Evolution of Combat installed on 15-Nov-2012 Crap-ton of quests. Few new skills (Construction, Hunter, Summoning, Dungeoneering) and one or two more coming this summer. Special attacks were removed. Armor updates made armor all ugly. Moving around is awkward. Tons of new items were released. You missed out on a lot. Like someone else here said, you should just play 2007Scape. You'll be most familiar with it: oldschool.runescape.com The changes since you've gone are so many and massive that you wouldn't recognize the game. At all. :P It's much closer to League of Legends than '07 RS.
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