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  1. That's interesting! I'll check it out. Thanks for the replies, everyone! :P
  2. I'm getting reports as high as 100K+. I don't believe this is the case, though. Can someone tell me what the average market price for a Rune 2H is in '07? That'd be great. Thanks!
  3. When did SUOMI get 5 billion XP? I thought she quit.
  4. This sounds like an attempt to rationalize clearly excessive behavior. You need to get your problems sorted here. Please speak to a medical professional. I'm serious.
  5. Maybe a mod can merge the two topics, if they find it necessary. -shrug-
  6. Jagex could make third-party (i.e. non-Jagex supported) gambling against the rules for the third option, as well. But I think I see your point. One problem I can see is how 'legalized' gambling might conflict with real world laws on the matter. How could Jagex reduce the link between gambling and real-world trading, for example, where illegitimate income is involved?
  7. QFC: 14-15-729-64501663 The response is ~140 pages long at time of writing. Thought I'd cross-post it here, since I haven't seen a separate discussion thread for this so far. I personally support the third option. It'd be a great potential money-sink, and hopefully if Jagex vets the updates well enough, people won't be hauling inflated billions out of them thanks to some overlooked fault.
  8. Jagex is still working on improving run energy? They might as well release a feature called "sprinting". :P
  9. Well they've surpassed 50k votes a long time ago, so the 2007 servers have been brought back, the extra votes will decide how much jagex will charge for 07sape and how much development will be designated to it. In a clever PR stunt Jagex released free early access servers to anyone who has voted; thereby causing the 'not going to vote as not that interested but might check it out if it's free' camp to become the 'I'll go vote cause I can get on there and check it out' camp thereby injecting fresh life into the poll that was again beginning the flatline. One wonders what Jagex will pull out of the bag in the coming days now the vote seems to be flatlining again short of the 500k benchmark that they so obviously want to hit (what with all the pr moves and pulling most of the 750k tier down to 500k tier when it became apparent it was never gonna get that high) Thank you both for your informative replies! :P @Sy: They'll probably continue to manipulate the vote tiers, by the sounds of it.
  10. I don't understand. People are playing RS2007, but voting hasn't finished? :-?
  11. My thoughts exactly. I'm reminded of the time when F2P was taken off the hiscores. The moderators didn't even believe their own excuses (the responses were very likely scripted). Glad to have quit this game when Jagex was ramping up its assault on F2P.
  12. I won't be gone per se for the next little while. :P Might still get 99 Firemaking. :) Enjoy your inheritance :D
  13. I just started getting 99 firemaking. -.- I'll have to quit earlier than I expected. No big deal, though. I knew this game was in the shitter for good since the time they announced EOC with such zeal.
  14. POP in 2012? OMG :D I'm going to stick around for that!
  15. Sigh... more of "If it ain't broke, try to fix it. If it's broken, break it some more!" :P
  16. Nope. It's just posted in "Other News": Jagex will never stop advertising MT. But it will get somewhat less noticeable. :P
  17. I completed Underground Pass five minutes before the game update. I hope they don't roll back servers if a problem comes up :lol:
  18. It's been dead since late 2007, sans intermittent hiccups of life with occasional festivities which attract players to Varrock Square.
  19. '05 isn't bad at all. Most would still consider you a veteran of RS2. :P
  20. I know someone who was awake for a week with no negative effects. He's fine. Though I should note he rarely sleeps, nor does he need to. I myself was awake once for 40 hours (to see how long I could stay awake), I didn't feel much different from my normal state. Rest for 6-8 hours and I'm back to my normal self :P Anecdotes, but take from that what you will. ^_^
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