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  1. Please not, I in no way endorse macroing...I'm just commenting on his suggestion. I understand. They could be training. So how about Jagex creates an event along side with this that gives them a quiz or question (not like The Teacher random event, but on the macro site) If the suspected macro is dull to respond to the event, people can be allowed to kill the "macro". (assuming it is 100% macro and a skiller like you said, because a legitimate player who is skilling should, in theory, be able to respond right? Unless higher programmed macros can bypass this, I see no reason as to why this can't be possible.)
  2. Players could kill them in Tutorial Island, before they substantially gain a combat level. Also, I believe I mentiones Multi-Comba, so other players can join in if a low level is having a hard time killing a suspected autoer. And personally, I'd like if we had more autos banned than having 1 or 2 legit players banned. No system can be abo[bleep]ely perfectm of course, when it comes to something like this, but sometimes it can be as close as we can get. And Jagex dosen't act that much on the Report Abuse System either, because it dosen't potentially hurt the goldfarmes profits if they get banned, they'll just create more macros. If we stop the macros by killing them, which i sfaster,and in Tutorial Island, (read my thread), we should see a feverent decrease in them.
  3. I'm sorry if I like keeping my supplies somewhere besides my inventory...I wasn't aware this made me a suspected macroer. Sorry, just realiazed at last minute where it should be. I don't really post here often, so forgive me if I posted this in the wrong section. Also, even if the macros don't bank their produce (well, I mean it's a given that they would, because their selling the produce in bulk), we should sitll be able to kill them, and we haven't really even discussed the part about how the macros are banned when killed. :lol: Thoughts?
  4. Pking Autos? And I mean not just the suspected green dragon autos in the wilderness, but yew bots and bot miners and what have you. Think about it. Random events do nothing to deter macros, they just run away or they actually do the event, and if one actually "dies", obviously more than one will always take their place. So I begin thinking, "Why not have legitemate players kill macroers?" Seems like a nice idea, right? But hold on: What about legit players that just seem to be be macros but aren't? Well, Jagex can create a Macro Pking system that goes like this: You can only attack players (wheter it be in the wildernes or not) who are suspected of macroing. How can you determine if they are macroing? Macro Determine Guidelines -If they have strange asian sounding names, or random letters and/or numbers in their name -Doing a repetitive task like cutting yews or mining and avoiding random events -Low level (cause this isn't iin the wilderness, where the green dragona utos are) -Have the default clothing (green shirt and pants, bald head) -Banking their produce reptitively. -Repititvely going in a route like running to yew tress, or rune ess mines and back, and going throught the exact same route again -etc. And when the macros/autos/bots get pked by the legit players, they automatically get banne,d so when they get killed, they don't have to come back as the same macro ro have another one replace them (the second one is probably, but at least the autos will be banned). And popular auto areas like the yew trees, fishing spots, and basically any skill/area that gives you profit and money, can be multi-combat areas, so more than one person can gang up ona a macro/macros. Keep in mind you can only attack these players if they follow the guidelines above, which Jagex should be able to put into their programming. You would also be able to get great loot, and it would be fun to get your revenge on autos, and it dosen't have ot be somewhere complicated like the wilderness! And keep in mind that when they are killed by legit players, they are banned. And not only that: When legit players are done the Combat Part of the Tuturial, a message will pop up saying "You can now kill autos/bots/macros) and will run a brief explanantion on what they are and how to distinguish one, so players can kill the bots on Tutorial Island and prevent them from actually coming into the game and destroying the economy and what have you. So, what do you think? Good/Bad suggestion? I personally think it's great, and because tha tuos will be banned when pked, it should really lower the number of autos! :lol:
  5. Sigh...it should be at least 10-20k. I mean 3gp, and you have to have all these requirements? It makes no sense, and the gp reward would be a complete waste of effort. The EXP awards are great, though.
  6. Oy, a friend of mine gave me 5k minds, 5k fires, and 5 airs for FREE! I thought they were 50k for 5k, but is was 300k for all of them...lost 180k profit. If I had known they were 100k for 5k, I would've been RICH by now! :(
  7. Today, I was in lvl 3 of the Stronghold of Security, killing spiders, and a lvl 93 died beside me and he dropped rune scim, full helm, strength ammy, and a couple of salmon! A dream come true! :P Still, if he was skulled, I would've gotten full rune. :P
  8. I was just walking along Port Sarim when this lvl 30 comes and follows me and says "Ur ma slave"? And I'm like "Wtf? No!" and he says "Or Im ur slave?" and I say no. I tell him to go away, and he does. (BTW,he repeated this question 3 times. :shock:
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