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  1. The dwarf is just a placeholder item while the game loads data for the specific item in your inventory (the icon, etc.). In cases of severe lag, there's a delay in gathering data and this happens. Hence why the dwarf head is called "null". [spoiler=Profanity] :D
  2. Three cockatrice heads and med clue in one trip. :o
  3. I got a hard clue from Cyclops before my bronze defender... lol :wub:
  4. Tim M8 is the guy who sold 3a wand for 180m, right?
  5. EDIT: Double post. See above post for edit.
  6. I switched to cockatrices and still no drop. :( EDIT: I broke my 250+ kills dry streak. I'm so happy :wub:
  7. I checked my bank. No clue scrolls. >_<
  8. Hey, Usually, when I camp Varrock guards for medium clues, I get one in 10 to 20 minutes. Sometimes it drops in under 10 kills. I've done 6 medium clues today, which together took me about 3 hours to get. and I wonder if there's a daily limit, because I've been having a dry streak with clue drops. I've killed 100+ guards on my last trip, and no clue. I know you can't get another clue drop if you already have a clue banked/in inventory, but I finished my clues before hunting for others. Just bad luck? :P
  9. I didn't like my last medium clue, so I swapped it out for another one. Only took me a few minutes to get. I'm very lucky with clue drops today :wacko:
  10. The removal of free trade and wilderness were necessary. It was a lesser of two evils scenario. Either you stopped the botters to the best of your ability now, or you shut down your entire business thanks to credit card fraud and money laundering. Did no one read the dev blog they released? The "destruction" of PKing (which never happened, and arguably never even went into decline) is far preferable to the destruction of the game itself. EoC was simply the last major update in a slew of updates that turned it from a unique gaming experience into another poorly-designed, bloated LoL-clone with micro-transactions to boot. Now, did EoC cause the decline of RuneScape? No. But it was one of many factors that did. RuneScape by and large had a dedicated player-base used to the old combat system. You couldn't get these people to adjust--after all, different gaming styles attract different sorts of people. It probably caused PvP to decline because the mechanics are simply horrible for that situation, but it's better/on par with pre-EoC for PvM combat. What the wilderness removal did do though, is force angsty PKers to move on to other games, since the removal of the wilderness was indefinite. There was still a 180k+ average population post-2007. If we want to talk about decline in objective terms, then the great decrease in player count following the announcement of the EoC beta, from July to December 2012 (400k+ active subscriptions cancelled, removed or stopped), was a major contributor to that decline. Micro-transactions too. By the late 2000s, there was a host of MMOs that could compete with RS: LoL, WoW, Dota2, Minecraft, Skyrim, and others, which was shortly before RS started to peak. Not to mention the games on Steam. The competition was largely console-based (or had/soon will have console versions), and had more to offer in graphics and gameplay than a Java-based browser MMO could. RuneScape is pretty much confined to the desktop. It's possible, but very difficult to play RuneScape on tablets. If you want to look at RuneScape's decline, it's much more recent. Not 2007. Bottom line: EoC didn't cause RuneScape's downfall alone, but it definitely didn't help. It was released on a very strict deadline with little quality assurance, and how beta-testers reacted to it wasn't representative of the playerbase attitude. If you read the reviews of former Jagex employees about the company, you can see that many of EoC's flaws are reflections of Jagex's development culture as of late (which many employees also commented on).
  11. That info saved some people a few million, huh :P
  12. I misread xpx's comment. I thought he said RS wasn't super popular at all. Being a free browser MMO certainly helped fuel its success. I simply see the graphics as a plus. But, I think there are other reasons why its success endured, and not simply why it found success to start. Being the most updated MMO probably helped. And of course, many games, companies, etc. can owe their success to being in the right place at the right time. It's a meaningless statement. What myths were those? I'd love to read a bit about them, if possible.
  13. lolwut? The peak period of RS was 2004-7, right? That's as popular as it ever got. ...It was super popular in 07 because it was just about the only free/cheap MMO out there. The graphics in particular were considered a joke even within the community, those outside of it were outright hostile toward them. Please remove the rose-tinted lenses. The only ones who thought the graphics mattered were MMO elitists. It's true the graphics were primitive, but that being a deterrent to game-play is simply a myth. In fact, it helped define the game, and made it attractive to others like myself. Graphics are literally a superficial way of judging quality. By any measure, RuneScape had a huge player base. WoW's playerbase for comparison was about 8 million total at that time (March 2007). That's composed entirely of subscriptions. RuneScape's playerbase was 18 million including members, according to some estimates. That's 15 million active free players, 3 million subscriptions. But 9 million total seems to be the agreed upon estimate for 2007. That's larger than WoW, and the largest MMO at the time. Period.
  14. lolwut? The peak period of RS was 2004-7, right? That's as popular as it ever got.
  15. The poll results on NMZ and the bug fix are likely unrelated. I believe Jagex when it says it overlooked the bug. Look at any Patch Notes in BTS...you'll see some that have went un-noticed for months. EDIT: Double post sorry
  16. My first foray into the Wilderness post-rejuvenation. :)
  17. It turns out my friend wasn't banned after all. He just took a break from RS.
  18. Too little, too late. The player base evaporated when EOC was released. RuneScape was never meant to be anything outside a point and click game; this is obvious from the failiure of the current combat mechanics. So I'm afraid those telling 2007Scapers to "adapt" don't understand the problem. Even those familiar with LoL-like mechanics admit EOC is poorly implemented. There are plenty of competing games that have the mechanics the EOC-elitists harp on about...go play those if you want to brag about your button-pressing skills. I don't see why non-EOCers should have to adapt. They make up a considerable portion of current base, so they certainly have a say. Jagex realizes this, that's why they've offered a poll. But it's unsalvageable now.
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