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  1. What's your 9 year old doing playing RuneScape?
  2. [hide=Contains Offensive Language] [/hide]
  3. You honestly think a Gold farming company would bring that argument to a court? "Hey, well they did it then so can we!" - buddy, they own the company. The wrote the rules. The property gold farmers sell belongs to Jagex. If they want to offer you free SoF spins for $, they can...and did. They're not breaking any rules by selling their own products.
  4. To be perfectly honest, I don't care about this update. It doesn't effect me, people are still going to complain like they do every other update. What's new?
  5. Hey you big sexy man you

  6. Don't go into the light!

  7. So it's only older players that are complaining about the grind, despite the fact it wouldn't have been any bother several years before on their own account. It's the older players trying to make it easier on their own newer accounts, the real new players would enjoy the grind. That's part of the adventure.
  8. They're not going to show the actual tasks or the rewards.
  9. "Instant Gratification" really only applies to people who have been playing a fair amount of time. I know for myself, and I'm sure nearly every other person here, your first few months playing RuneScape was great. There was no "Grind", you played because you wanted to play. You wanted to explore, do quests, train your skills. I can remember killing Cow's in Lumbridge, and hoping that at some point I'd be able to kill them in one hit as other people were doing. That applied to everything. I didn't want 99 in a stat, or the best gear going. New players would quit before botting, because if they have to resort to automating it, they don't know what they're doing it for. They don't know what's at the end of that tunnel. Stop pushing the idea that this game is just a grind to everyone.
  10. 66-72 RC, something like 370k RC XP in total. Bad weekend.
  11. You're not alone with your thoughts! :)
  12. Completely agree. Just useless things to acquire more money by throwing in some ridiculous flashy update. Yeah what kind of business deliberately makes updates with the intention of making money from it?! Oh... Wait... All of them. Logical flawed premise. It assumes, and as such precludes, the possibility that a better update could not do the same thing. As some people have stated, this is more a gimmick, to draw in customers (Think PT Barnum) rather then cosmetic appeal or enjoyable gameplay (Think graphic reworks and updated fight caves/kiln etc). Regardless if it's new content or not, people are still going to [bleep] about it. A Graphical Rework or an update like the new Fight Kiln is only going to attract older players, not the new ones. The SoF sort of caters for everyone.
  13. Carl

    KONY 2012

    It's nice to play things off like that, isn't it? This is a normal person that began this campaign, through social networking it has spread wide-and-far. It's 10 years of effort to get this far, not something that was thought up over night to try get some "Fad" going. People are supporting this for the right reasons. Perhaps one issue can be tackled at a time? And just because the person who made the video is American, and is trying to get Americans to back him, doesn't mean it's only appealing to Americans. Hopefully governments around the world will cop on and try and do something about it.
  14. Carl

    KONY 2012

    I really don't see that being the case, Gabe.
  15. [hide=Long Image, contains profanity][/hide]
  16. http://puu.sh/iKPw IDK how to show the full image here, but I think the fact it shows friends achievements that are on other worlds is rather nifty.
  17. Do you have an invent picture & equipment pic handy?
  18. You need it for the Trimmed Completionist Cape. I said, 'useful'. Immediate use for anyone who hasn't already maxed & that? No. But it's useful if you need it to obtain the Comp cape. But w/e.
  19. For the record, I live in the UK. So that is a possibility I guess. :) After I signed up I was sent an email immediately to activate the free trial, and now every time I sign in I'm asked whether I would like to upgrade to a member's account or continue with the trial. Thankew! :D <3 Wow, a new player to RuneScape? I can honestly say, I haven't personally seen one in a long, long time. Being a member and rarely frequenting F2P, only using certain chats, means it's normally only experience players I meet. So it's nice to see a new face!
  20. There's literally no benefit to using a Dragonkin Lamp on a new skill. At level 1 in a new skill, you will obtain 4 Xp from it. The people stockpiling them are doing so for XP records. They're most likely already maxed, and going after 200M stats. Not planning on using 300 Effigies on a brand new skill.
  21. Watched the stream, a huge congratulations to him. But I must say...The cape looks terrible.
  22. 1) I'm not sure if it was necessary. Yes, people were using them as an alternative to training the actual skill itself. But they aren't obtained easily at all. The skills should be improved, not alternative methods ruined. 2) Yes, I see no problem with them. 3) Not at all, it's a farce. A year later, to add in an update so big to the "In Other News..." section, is awfl. To add a cap of 5, and with each one they become less-and-less common? Rubbish. It's punishing lower-level players who get one, as they can't hold onto them untl later without their chances of obtaining another suffering.
  23. Sure, I see what you mean Cheefoo. That's something that should have been realised days after they were released. Not over a year later. There's pictures & videos of Jmods visiting maxed players while they are hunting effigies. Did it suddenly click "Oh lets nerf it". Yeah, it was incredibly stupid for them to just suddenly nerf effigies like that. But I suppose it's better late than never, right? They really could have handled this better... It would have been a lot better if, weeks ago, they said... "Hey guys, in a few weeks we wil be changing how effigies work, because they providing what we had intended to the game" Adding it as an "In other news:"... just takes the piss.
  24. Sure, I see what you mean Cheefoo. That's something that should have been realised days after they were released. Not over a year later. There's pictures & videos of Jmods visiting maxed players while they are hunting effigies. Did it suddenly click "Oh lets nerf it".
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