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  1. We have a pretty threatening SOPA in Ireland now too, sadly. Which is picking up speed. Problem we have is we can't tell our representatives to say no, as this site says: http://stopsopaireland.com/ . The European Headquarters for Facebook, E-Bay, Google & soon to be Twitter are based here. Not sure how badly it will effect that!
  2. First Scroll I've ever gotten, was actually quite surprised. Haven't felt like that in years... It's not often I get something nice.
  3. Interesting to see the price per hour, Sydan! And very valid post. I'm at 6,433 hours (268 Days & 1 hour) and probably paid for membership for 5 years. So that's 0.042 per hour? Crazy. I'm still at 4.60 per month so that's 276 for the last 5 years. Money well spent indeed.
  4. Congratz! A very nice 99! But that's not Mod Mark...:P
  5. From a personal experience, if I no longer played RuneScape I wouldn't be interested in the current prices! But that's besides the point. Subscribing to a streaming site doesn't provide the user with the same content that a constantly-evolving MMORPG does. I don't really think Desperate Housewives and a host of other series/movies is comparable to leveling skills and chatting with people all around the world. They have completely different audiences. I myself watch TV online a lot, but I'd pay for both. I won't say "Oh well RuneScape is gone up in price, and the next episode of Hawaii Five-O is available so I'll pay for that instead of getting hundreds of hours in a month of RS!". As we know the audience of RuneScape would be younger than that of Netflix or one of its competitors. I'm still paying the 4.60 rate per month, so this change doesn't affect me. But I'm not at all surprises. Prices for pretty much everything in life have gone up in the last year or two, so it's not a surprise this has too.
  6. Carl


    I'll tip the odd time at at bar or restaurant, but it's not compulsory. I always tip Taxi men here, though. Oh and I tip delivery folks (Pizza/Chinese/Off Licence).
  7. Jac was able to do it in under 2 weeks, mind you, with a lot of help. If the same group banded together and actually put a good deal of time and thought into it... The shoe'd be on the other foot. ;). There are ways to get their clients working again, and few people do know how to do this, it's just time until that information reaches the wrong hands. :P. But didn't Jac hand over his/their work to Jagex? Therefore using that same method wouldn't be possible, as I would presume Jagex have setup a system to prevent it? Or at least will if it becomes a problem?
  8. Wouldn't be the first time then you've said "I bet", "I'm sure" or another variant and were wrong. I hope you don't bet irl.
  9. Only if the developers break the conditions of the court ruling. But they will have to pay for Jagex side of the legal fees plus any damages. I bet its easily wiped out any profit they ever made and probably more. I don't doubt that ;) I just wanted to make sure that this won't be misunderstood There is significant money changing hands, though... enough to justify a lien on the Snellmans house. When you place a lien on real estate, you arent talking about chump change. Looks like they own a very nice house. I was nosey too, Mercifull. :P One website listed it at $866K in November 2011. Bows, the Snellman's house.
  10. I've seen people being banned for it. You've nothing to worry about if it's just you and your brother playing separate accounts. But don't think that means you're safe if you login on two accounts. Also, if you suspect someone of multi-logging (Likely case is them admitting it), they can be reported Under "Encouraging Rule Breaking."
  11. There's a difference (slight, but existent) between complaining for no good reason and nitpicking. As a developer, one would expect that bugs like this don't seep into the game after happening several times before. As a student and future software developer, I take great umbrage when I see bugs like this escape what should be a thorough and integrated test environment. I really don't care about the amulets; I care about how Jagex has tested their code. Sorry I don't see a difference between the two. Both are unnecessary when it comes to something so incredibly minor that members of Tip.It would of course discuss. What are the chances that it's something they didn't test, because, you know... changing the interface colours has nothing to do with in-game items. It's not like it's affecting your gameplay (Not that you play, but anyone elses). I don't believe there were any glitches or issues regarding the update? Therefore one could say they tested it well. After all, they're only human. As are you, and I. Not everything can be spotted. Unrelated to that, I don't like the new XP counter at all. It's too small and hidden away. Also I like the new Fireworks for level-ups.
  12. Sorry Makoto but I don't see any point in complaining over items people barely use. I think it's actually quite typical of the general population to find something every week to complain about, at this point it's just pathetic. It's a [bleep]ing amulet.
  13. I'm not a fan of the new Skill Guide interface when you select a skill. Personally I like being able to see what's going on in-game when I'm using an in-game guide.
  14. Well yes I haven't been to Hati yet and haven't used my gloves, so the 89% must have carried over. I know I never used them to their full potential last year, anyway. Perhaps the charge was simply disabled for the year, not actually depleted.
  15. My gloves have 89% of the charge remaining in them. Meaning that's what's left over from last year. Am I able to use up that 89% and recharge them completely, afterwards?
  16. Weren't the trade restrictions in place when they introduced those things (with the possible exception of the RSC cape, I can't remember exactly when it came out)? Using them to gamble billions of gp probably didn't occur to them at the time. Indeed, and the uses for Dice, etc. was for clans mainly to use among one another.
  17. Yeah I remember hearing of that. A Google search shows it, also. I'm glad Jagex do take suicide seriously when it comes to RuneScape. Even people joking about it can have major consequences. I don't think they would be too pleased when the authorities show up on their doorstep and the parents answer the door after them joking about it.
  18. I've one at the moment but have owned several over the years. I wear it for skilling/lazing about.
  19. Thanks guys! And someone with a story similar? Awesome! A late congratulations to you too, Tiigon. I was 50 for probably the same length of time!
  20. I'd say that they've tried to make various fixes to make your initial foray into Dungeoneering less painful (lower boss monster difficulty, improved XP, etc) but I think the engine they released Dungeoneering under was just too limited to make a truly dynamic environment that would really get you into the skill. My main problem with the skill is the fact doing it alone is awfully slow. You need to do it with a group. We should have the option to train a skill and receive equal amounts of XP as anyone else trianing, solo or in a group.I may have enjoyed that a lot more. I don't like having people depend on me, or playing and being unable to nip out for a few minutes.
  21. Indeed, Will_H. Dungeoneering detracts from my gaming experience because there's so many benefits to be had from training it to a high level...But the skill itself and the method you require is so boring it makes it horrible. I'd rather train Firemaking or Runecrafting over it, any day. Fix DG Jagex!
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