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  1. Using Bone bolts at caged ogres...how long would it take and how many bolts would i use to get to 99 range from 75? And suggestions for training is fine too. But no red chins.... :D Thanks
  2. The best imo are from draynor.net (look at my sig) \
  3. Hey its jojosonofgod :D Nice bandos...Dont see many level 85's with one... keep up the good work
  4. :shame: :shame: :shame: I can see why they think he was hacking - drop trading and hacking looks the same a bit o.O Its a bit sad that your here asking people what to put in your appeal... Thats like saying you shoot some1 - get caught - go 2 jail - and ask other inmates what to say at your parole (witch you dont deserve) You did something wrong and got caught....Hope this is a message to other people that drop trade... :shame: =; Edit: I am being a bit harsh #-o I would be empathetic but this has never happend to me... all i can say is GL
  5. or maybe a bike :lol: I go for bank :thumbsup: Lmao i dont think a bike would work.... Unless they rode bikes in the midevil times(no idea if i spelled that right :wall: ) A horseriding kind of thing would rock though Maybe using some other skills like str to whip it harder so it goes faster. \ Maybe hunting or slaying. For examaple you can catch an animal and tame it... (possibly a dragon :shock: ) I'd be riding a unicorn :oops: :XD:
  6. Woa i got 1 from some guy named blackcherry. Good thing i didnt think anything of it and left it there :mrgreen: Thanks for this anyway - its super helpful :thumbup: :thumbup:
  7. Here are some ways to solve that :arrow: 1) Drop out :arrow: 2) Get a better job :arrow: 3)QUIT RUNESCAPE I suggest you do 1 and 3 :XD: Just playin - I got bored o.O
  8. Umm, economic stability? What economic stability, this is a game. It's not Wall Street. Jagex cares about game play, not economic stability in a made up world. :wall: :shame: :shame: :shame: If i was JaGeX i would worry about the economy - if Whips are 500k and santas were 1m... How many people would quit? I know i would.... :cry: *JaGeX says bye to millons a year...* :ohnoes:
  9. BRONZE ONLY!!!! all levels are fine and this is the set up Bronze full helm Bronze Plate Bronze legs Bronze 2h and bronze scimmy Pm me Ill add you
  10. Very Nice =D> :thumbsup: That'd be really fun.
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