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  1. All your "complaint" is, is that the skills are "too slow", make little money or "impossible" for you (not us, training it is easy) to level.
  2. The extra "aaaaaaaaaaaa" probably means the sound people make during those funfair events *screaming*
  3. Zarfot changed his name. He's still rank 3 and living (not banned)
  4. I bet the top 10 were reeeeeeally [censored] when they found out they got permed :thumbsup: Good on ya Jagex! and for the temp's I say clear out some of their banks as punishment *Evil Face goes here*
  5. My first account was created about 1-2 days before RuneScape 2 was announced so I'd say early 2004. Not sure about my current account though :-P Judging by the fact It doesn't have a Yo-Yo i'd imagine shortly after Christmas... Still good though :thumbsup:
  6. I think it's stupid! Jagex need to learn to say NO! to these whiners. The new "compromise" is a waste IMO. they should've made it require something like making people only allowed to cast Fire Wave (75) or Fire Surge (95) to cause any damage and thse with Fire Cape can use anything they like (well the drop IS for Mages!). Again another good update falls victim to the whiners of the RSOF :(
  7. Why waste 957.7k on Dragon legs when you can waste 172.9k on Dragon skirt instead? The Skirt has the exact same bonuses, looks better (IMO) and is about 785K cheaper? Smart men wear skirts. Looks good, cheaper and we're not afraid to show a bit of flesh :thumbsup:
  8. Truthfully I don't like the idea of bringing the King Black Dragon or the Dragon Med to F2P. I would rather them create a brand new boss for F2P then bring a former P2P boss to F2P. F2P should have a brand new boss that requires a team to take down with new loot (not just Melee but Ranged and Magic aswell). So No for KBD in F2P but yes for a brand new Boss for F2P :thumbsup:
  9. The bigger the goal the more rewarding the acheivement. Just keep at it and you'll get there :thumbsup:
  10. I would say just give F2P magic Snare (50Magic) because thats all they really need to stand a chance against a Meleer. Splitbark (or Mystic) and Snare would do perfectly I don't think Magic in F2P need much more to balance it perfectly in PVP. All they need is some better armour so they have SOME defence (even if it's a little),and a decent bind to help keep Melee at bay (Melee own when up close so a Mage must be able to keep them away if they are to win against Melee. But even without armour just giving them Snare will increase the Mages chances of winning a fight.
  11. I've read on a RSOF thread once about "Melee being overpowered" and a Jagex Mod said they were looking at trying to balance the combat triangle soon. (No source sadly as it was a RSOF thread and all RSOF threads get deleted :mellow: ) If it ever happens next year could have: Loads of Grandmaster Quests (well, 2 or 3) More High Levelled Updates New Skill Combat Triangle Re-balanced (again yet to see if they do re-balance it this year but they did say they have been looking at it because Melee were getting rediculously powerful even though they still gave melee more weapons :razz: ) Stellar Dawn (If fixed fast enough and made "Awesome") War of Legends being published in Spring Seasonal Events Particle Effects for things like the Magic spells I would say some of them alone would make next year pretty big =D> Can't wait for next year now :thumbsup:
  12. I prefer the current method of paying £5.00 for access to both RuneScape AND RSClassic over paying seperate.
  13. I just say "Gotta go, cya" then turn all my chats to Friends and switch worlds. It may be impolite but it does the job :thumbup: (sometimes it's better to be impolite and get it done then to be polite and end up with a 30 sentance of excuses why you can't add them)
  14. This is a bit like the Lady at Yanille's Pet Shop. When she came out it was a bit random then Summoning Arrived and she stayed permanantly. So could Kuradal have something to do with a big upcoming update? Because I can't imagine her being here suddenly and only taking part in a tiny update. She might've heard about what has taken place during the WGS quest and wants to help :thumbsup: With Armour like that I wouldn't turn her down :twisted:
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