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  1. Apologies for the few mishaps DG, I wasn't there so I can't really comment well on it, but I hope there aren't too hard feelings. Thanks for the fight, couldn't get there as I was fighting TT with RSD, haha. :(
  2. Hi Ninane! <3: Great vid Bazz, thanks, added to first post :P
  3. After CR had beaten us in allstyles before, (they only lost because I wasn't there to lead >:3) we challenged them to a rematch and they accepted with the rules - Allstyles Matched opts Rings allowed Tko attacks (some other stuff that I can't think of) Tko/CR startings - 20 We piled Frenchfry first, while CR piled Kenshn and he beasted it all around. With my self-proclaimed awesome leading :cool: , we got a good amount of KOs afterwards, and our edge in the beginning was too much to come back to for CR. Nice job to Fast, Ganja(Lucid) and Kenshn when being piled ;) And thanks for the fight, CR! Tko ending - 17 Random pics - Video by Da Bazz - And random off-topic - Am I able to get a clan official rank on these boards, any tipit mod? :P
  4. Was such a waste of time waiting for them to step out of single, who knows what they were thinking. <_< Thanks for the fight though, I guess.
  5. Congrats on the win, you deserved it. Took me out early and I didn't do very well, never got to lead. Might've been a bit closer if it hadn't happened. Either way, good luck in the second round. ;-)
  6. Dec. topic - http://forum.tip.it/topic/250040-crimson-raiders-declares-on-team-tko-blitz/ Memberlists - * Crimson Raiders: http://runehead.com/...lan=crimraiders * Tko Blitz: http://www.runehead....clan=tkotourney We haven't had a fight for a bit, but CR were nice enough to accept one, for TWR rankings. Rules were set as followed - * Matched options * Melee/Binds + Purples Allowed aka [Curses/Confuse/Weaken] * Rings Allowed * NO Corrupt Items * Centre Bounds * Tko Blitz Attack TKO starting - CR starting - N/A TKO ending - Thanks for the fun, clean fight, CR. First time I've led in a while, enjoyed it. :-P Looking forward to next time. Fight pictures - (All we have, yes we suck at taking pictures :XD:)
  7. And do I know you? $:

    Nvm-- 242 friends, you're probably adding loads of random people you don't know.

  8. Hi, who is this?

  9. Apologizes if this is in the wrong section, please move if it is xD I'll let the vid speak it all, thanks for the fight ;) http://www.filefront.com/14442957/Tko-vs-LND-2.wmv/ Edit - here are starting pics (ending can be found on vid, no actual pic) and MLs, ty Dan ;D Tko Blitz ML - http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=tko_blitz LND ML - http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=team_lnd Tko Starting - 30 LND starting - 26 Ending kills - Tko - 69 LND - 35 Join Tko Blitz, active elite clan wars team @@ :)
  10. Beybladex90 - the man who used to get dropped by 2 people in a war somehow.
  11. Bad idea piling me :lol: Was fun MoD, thanks for the fight. Got a kill too, gained rune XD Was my last war with TDM, glad we won.
  12. Really lets talk about your IQ Since by the looks it doesn't look like you got any higher then the previews posters. SAME IP ON 2 COMPUTERS FROM 1 INTERNET CONNECTION hello? I think 3 year old knows that to ;) Your post made next to no sense, I'm sorry to say. If you knew decent english you'd know having X/Y would mean I'm referring to the same person in two different names, if I was talking about two different people I would've said X and Y. Well done. :roll: /facepalm
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