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  1. i dont think it is that good because it takes like 3-5 seconds to do 1 hit and if u hit a 0 then ur screwed because if the other guy is using a whip, which is more accurate and quicker, then he could have hit like 2 or 3 20's before u can hit again.
  2. it could be jealousy because they r too lazy to get the 99
  3. summoning may not be a new skill it could be a feature. -.- it annoys me how people are getting all worked up about summoning. its probably going to be really bad cause of the lag
  4. nice but really there is no need for such a high kc u can do like loads more trips in the amount of time u have done getting ur kc up and more barrow drops.
  5. #-o #-o :cry: :cry: i h8 hackers :evil: very well done on getting back ur p hat :thumbsup: but still a long way to go to u get ur full stuff back :( Gratz on ur p hat if u keep this up u will be twice as rick in no time :D
  6. That is plain mean -.- i spent about a day at the metal drags killed tons and no drops and u get 2 d legs :cry: :cry: :cry: o well very nice dropps, ur lucky u sold ur brassy :wink: GOOD LUCK! :XD:
  7. Never! :twisted: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: he dosent want to get members he likes f2p, too many choices in member. In my opinion members is great but f2p have little space too go around,not many monsters to train against but there are little things to do so u can focus on them and get them to 99 :mrgreen: :mrgreen:. But like u know zuper is a NOOB! :lol: :lol: :twisted: :twisted JOKE OR AM I???
  8. it is probably going to take the stakers mind off duel arena but if they want to be a tank ranger, and the new summoning skill does raise the cb lvl then they will forget about it and still rant on about Duel Arena. i dont like this summoning idea i think it will cause a lot of lag and the servers will crash. :thumbdown: anyway i bet there is going to be a rant for this update there always is :lol: :thumbdown:
  9. wow, very nice trip, best i have ever seen :mrgreen: =D> :XD: thats too good :lol:
  10. thanks for the guide jordan! :mrgreen: i am 86 range and 70 pray and i get bout 280+ addy bars per trip good or bad?
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