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  1. Hex is being Hex. And the world keeps on spinning. Why have you got to be so steadfast in your opinions? Keep an open mind, and you may just learn something interesting.
  2. Phew. Long time no see. Interesting last few dozen pages. And by "interesting" I mean "Oh god what am I reading". Been a tad busy lately... Mostly due to raiding on Rift. I swear, this is the sort of thing I was born to do. Also part of the reason I quit being a mod. Didn't really have the time or motivation for it. Didn't know how addictive WoW-esque MMOs could be when you get to the endgame raid content. The tactics, the dps, the laughs as the main tank realises that the dragon, unsurprisingly, and to the chorus of the healers yelling, has a breath attack and the entire raid gets instagibbed. It's all pretty fun. Don't suppose anyone in the tavern is into that though, right? Might as well throw a link to one of my "favorite" fights. Really, this boss is nightmareish. Probably the hardest boss in the instance. So, speaking of other MMOs, I recently checked the prices on the grand exchange, and my character has over 1 billion gp, but I was also told by a real life friend that inflation has basically devoured the economy in it's entirety. Funny how things work out. I also had a thought about Runescape's top down point and click style being combined with a WoW-esque. I think it would be an interesting experiment to be honest. Mainly talking about boss fights here, because of the movement aspect of WoW-esques and perhaps skillbars combined with runescapes point based system and inventory. It would probably end up being a bloated abomination, but it would be innovative at the least. Anyway, that's all from me for the moment.
  3. Seraphi


    Mine isn't the best, the core is there, but a lot of members don't turn up to 20 man raids. Need more dedication from members if we want to beat Johlen. the second Gilded Prophecy boss is fun as hell. It's basically a game of Simon Says where the penalty for failure is wiping the entire raid.
  4. It ceased due to the forumites having the same mentality as the author (Ala "DROW ARE BETTER THAN YOUR STUPID RACE IN EVERY REGARD AND YOU JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT")
  5. Drowtales is a terrible mess of mary sue characters and backstory which takes the original canon and breaks it over it's knee. Furthermore, the author is a deluded manchild who will not accept criticism about his comic in any form. In no particular order. Subnormality, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Darths and Droids, DM of the Rings, Boxer Hockey, Awkward Zombie... I used to keep up with a lot more, but most of them got boring. Aside from Subnormality, which was always boring, but in a good way. Kinda.
  6. Seraphi


    Just noticed there was a RIFT thread here. Does anybody here still play? I got a mage to 50 a few weeks ago and we just got the people in our guild ready to start raiding. Currently stuck on the second Greenscale boss, which is an awareness check. Some people eviently need to be more aware. Gilded Prophecy is going a lot better though, since we can be more selective about our dps.
  7. Preset characters are a horrible idea. I'm fine with generating any number of characters as long as they get used. Still saving my warforged fighter for the next campaign we do.
  8. I'd prefer to play as Zeitark again. Perhaps slightly less power mad.
  9. Wait, are we talking about the first space here? If so, I could build an entire storage wing and fill it with incident reports labelled "Chi #1" to "Chi #9000013"
  10. I nominate myself as a puppet leader for the SUP so that Mather stops whining. I make no decisions, but since I would technically be leader, it is a valid party. Happy?
  11. Regardless, building your own computer is almost always cheaper... And the end result is usually more efficient for your intended purpose. It also makes it easier to maintain, cleaning out the heatsinks and fans and such. As long as you don't do anything stupid like dismantling the power supply, it isn't dangerous, and as long as you use an anti static band, you wont break anything. Oh, and don't try to build a laptop. They almost always have really silly designs. You usually have to actually take the entire motherboard out to get to the graphic card.
  12. Right, okay, I think I am about to throw up. Really, people? REALLY?
  13. Or everyone can get a knightmare psionic support frame and we can all play ping pong with the sun and dance on the edge of the warp. Just kidding. Maybe.
  14. If TFed finds me I'm basically kill on sight anyway, so just ask if you need a hand with something.
  15. If it were that easy we would already be able to do it. We cannot. This is because we are still a long way away from really understanding how our brain works on a fundamental level. It's all well and good to say that your brain cannot store a .avi file, but can a computer store your personality? It cannot, because we do not have the knowledge to convert information from the human brain into something recognisable by a machine and vice versa. Due to this fact, any estimate you give on the amount of converted data in a human mind is going to be extremely dubious at best, flat out stupid at worst, simply because we cannot actually convert directly between the two yet. Those technology examples do very little to convince me of your point, because those are fairly simple in terms of the science behind it, and it wasn't merely theory; You could perform actual tests with different designs to gather data. Superconductors, thus far, have been lackluster in terms of efficiency. Room temperature superconductors remain a pipe dream in the eyes of the world scientific community, because there is so little evidence that it is possible. The best superconductor we have found thus far is an incredibly poisonous material... Interestingly, there seems to be a correlation between toxicity and ability to superconduct, but that is for another time. Even this deadly material only superconducted in the negative 100s... Which is far too cold to be commercially or practically viable in any way. To sum up my point here, we are nowhere near to gaining the knowledge to create room temperature superconductors, or even reasonable temperature superconductors anytime soon.
  16. Would I be able to get a +2 strength on the warforged to make them have a +0 net ability boost instead of -2?
  17. I'll admit that I am having a little trouble grasping the concept. Why are we supposed to play a character which is like who we are in real life? Doesn't that sort of go directly against the point of role playing games? And what sort of setting/level of fantasy? From your original post, it sort of makes it seem like we are playing a modern rpg, but then you specify we are using D&D rules, and it sort of threw me off a bit. Are we going to be wizards throwing fire across the countryside, rogues stealthing and using poison and paladins smiting evil, or is it going to be a group of bald warriors in generic armour and swords? Just making sure of a few things before I invest time into this.
  18. Again - Implying they would ever even see me. I'm staying hidden until TFed leaves.
  19. Implying anybody can stop me. Also implying I'm not helping the TFed.
  20. Perfection is a myth. There is no such thing as flawless software.
  22. I was busy setting up planters in the garden. I think my arms are permenantly dead.
  23. I may be late, and worst case scenario, unable to attend. I am hoping that is not the case though.
  24. I'm staying hidden until TFed leaves. Even if it means finding a calm spot deep in a gas giant and teleporting the Knightmare into it for a few months.
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