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  1. Yeah, we have bigger things to worry about than your mental state, so either help kill the virus/bacteria, or go and hide in a corner somewhere.
  2. Honestly, I don't think a cure would be all that useful. We'd be better off developing a countervirus to kill the bacteria.
  3. Earth, construction robots are a lot more expensive than human workers due to the huge startup cost. Retech already worked it out. Retech, I would advise you plan for contingencies in the future. You are excellent at setting out plans and crunching numbers, but you don't account for events/when things don't go according to plan. Jon, I would love to come, but I am currently on Astare 3, so I imagine I would need to be scanned for the bacteria before I can leave.
  4. Hey, kobolds are awesome. I am good to play more or less anything, though Pathfinder is ideal.
  5. I would be up for starting at level 4 in a new phase of the campaign. I always found the lower levels rather tedious anyway. I am ever so tempted to make Chuck the Ruby Knight Vindicator though...
  6. Just throwing an idea out here... Why not have the research area attached to the regular colony? It would reduce transport costs, and if security was tight, would allow them to retain their autonomy while making material transfer much easier. It also means the military does not have to dilute it's efforts. (Also, the above couple of posts are exactly the reason Retech makes a good manager: Number crunching to the extreme.)
  7. So we have a report from Jonathan, my own testimony, the 8 ion cannons and GH cannon in your possession, and the broken locks in the armoury, not to mention the attempted theft of the decorative sword, as well as Jaques vouching for me... And in your defence, you have a story about building a turret to fight the Kalinka. The evidence is weighing heavily in my favour. However. I am willing to compromise. If we both get placed under heavy surviellance, then we are both given fair treatment. I have nothing to hide, so I am fine with the security... I am not so sure about you.
  8. The route from the med bay to the bridge was clear, as was the armoury to the bridge. I had made sure of that earlier, and there was nothing stopping you from finding a superior officer on the bridge instead of sitting on a bed in the med bay, so that excuse is null and void.
  9. I believe he is thinking of photoelectricity, so the electrons lose energy in the form of photon emmission. Doesn't change the fact that there would likely be a net loss of energy.
  10. Like I said, you have no way to prove that you are not lying, and I am not the one on trial here, so I will stick with my initial conclusion: You are guilty.
  11. Sounds to me like you are grasping at straws. I have a few reasons for saying this. Firstly, you were not heading towards the Kalinka, because you did not know where the Kalinka were. None of us did. Secondly, you were in the med bay, sitting on a bed. Thirdly, you tried to steal a ceremonial sword after looking around for valuables. You knew it was ceremonial, because it was labelled as so... So why did you try to take it? Because it was valuable and you wanted to loot the ship... I do not know whether or not you are lying, so I am sticking with my initial conclusion that you are a hazard to the ship.
  12. No, you didn't 'apprehend' me because that implys that you took me into your custody to stop be commiting a crime. You simply murdered me without any information about the situation, I was going to use my skill in item creation to create a turret to attack the Kalinki but I instead got murdered. You can't say I was stealing, the only information you had at the time was that I was carrying weapons. You were carrying a fairly rare weapon of high power, and had just used it to kill 3 people. What do you think I was going to do? I then checked your bag and found 8 ion cannons... Which I could guess you did not buy. For all I know, your turret story is an afterthought designed to defend your case, and I am not buying it, especially since I saw you try to steal a decorative sword earlier that same day, so I already had assumptions that you were a theif. I simply did what any logical person would do in the situation and assumed that you were, in fact, a hazard to the crew and removed that hazard from the equation. Advising whoever is Yeltsin's superior to put him under high security guard.
  13. What did he do after I left?
  14. Theoriatically sound, but the energy required to supercool the thing, along with the other processes, would probably outweigh the energy produced, so you would have a net loss.
  15. It was helped by you guys being totally oblivious.
  16. Vasiliy's Ship spawn. I think I did pretty well until I was knocked unconcious by bodies falling on me. Still not entirely sure why they fell on me, but on well. I also apprehended Docter Yeltsin, who was stealing 8 ion cannons and a graviton hellbore. Should probably look into that. Did we get any merits for that initial scenario?
  17. [hide]1) Your captain makes a comment 'Isha are dirty swine.', and looks at you, what do you do? Roll eyes and get back to work 2) You have been drinking, and you are called to the transporter for an emergency away mission, what do you do? Politely refuse 3) A Terran Imperator's private shuttle hails you and requests docking clearance, what do you do? Let them dock and go to meet with them in the docking bay 4) There is a glass of 1 litre in volume. The glass contains 35.502 militers of water, 43.24 militers of vodka, 9.42 militers of orange juice, a stick of Thorium with volume of 40 cubic centimeters and an average density of 11.7, two ice cubes of normal density and total volume of 30 Cubic Centimeters, a minature umbrella, made of wood, with normal density and 0.2 Cubic Centimeters in volume, and five berries, with average density of 0.2 and volume of 8 Cubic Centimeters. How would you describe the glass? Ordinary, except for the stick of thorium. Possibly dangerous. 5) If you have 2 beans, and you add 2 more beans, what do you have? 4 beans. 6) You are a doctor. There are six people in a room, not including yourself. All are middle aged, and other than their noted issue, are in good health. The first is entirely healthy. The second needs a new heart in 5 hours, the second needs a new pair lung in 3 hours, the third will die in 5 days regardless of what you do, but his lungs and kidneys will be unusable, the forth has a cold, the fifth is overweight and your nurse. What do you do? Tell them I am not actually a docter and then locate a real docter. 7) You have some downtime, what leisure activity do you partake in? Reading and psionic practise 8) You are the pilot on a transport vessel which has been hit by an asteroid. The Captain has shot the sensor officer for not warning you about it, but the truth is you just messed up, and you suspect the Captain knows, but also knows you are the only person capable of flying the vessel, so cannot shoot you. The vessel is on course for another vessel, but the other vessel is filled with the hated Andians, and if you crashed into the vessel, by accident, then everyone would die, and be cloned back at base with no memory of the incident. However the Andian vessel is a medical ship. What do you do? That would just waste a ship. I'll do better from now on and *not* crash into the enemy. Having the ship will probably be more useful to us in the end anyway. 9) If Admiral Dusty fought God, who would win? Depends which god. Probably Dusty. 10) Your captain seems to be deranged, what do you do? Reqesition a new captain. [/hide]
  18. Getting better, Stork. The more defined body shape improves it dramatically. Still need to work on clothing creases and bends. Also, I like the shading.
  19. Rapier was never really designed to be a weapon of war. It was designed to be a weapon poncy rich folk in funny hats used to settle fueds.
  20. True, but imageshack now requires an account to get the direct link of an image, and I assume Lynx does not have one.
  21. Anatomy is a tad off there, Res. May want to get your hands on one of those wooden doll things, since they are actually pretty helpful.
  22. Yes. This works fine for me. 3 pieces which synergise their efforts to advance the empire as a whole. For the record, I am going with Nero's ship to be a battle psion.
  23. I usually mod aquifers out because they are annoying. The one time I accidentily made duplicate raws, all stone tiles were flashing between every possible type of ore, stone and gem.
  24. But they wouldn't really have much reason to do so. The research team is providing them with tech, and the colonial team is providing soldiers. Why break the system when it works? Can we settle on the scheme suggested above? Does it suit everyone?
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