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  1. Retech, I was told you were permadead because I opened a portal into the void and sent the blue box through. That's a ton of guilt off my mind if you aren't.
  2. I have it all done, though I may be a tad late.
  3. Isn't it just accellerating the process, and causing an arms race so that the person who is in first place right now can do exactly that?
  4. Why not just make a bunch of level 20 characters and do that, then, instead of using the same character with some minor changes?
  5. I'm going to have to agree with Wyvern. My main quarral is with these duels. I don't care about your "They stop us doing it in game" excuse, because did you ever happen to think of the GM? The one who has to balance the encounters, the one who has to keep the game fun and challenging for everyone? The more you powergame, the farther you push the level of modification needed to still be a challenge, which just means that Grim has to do more work to put up with your minmaxing. These duels are encouraging you to powergame purely so that you can beat the other players. WHY? D&D is a game about TEAMWORK! The party should not be fighting each other to the death! Do you really need to have the most powerful character to find the game fun?
  6. I'm playing a warforged. It has a net -2, and a +2 to con, which is a useless stat to me. I think you'll live with having a +2 to wisdom instead of dex.
  7. Don't you take a pretty hefty negative modifier if you aren't proficient with weapons. Also, for gods sake stop dueling. It encourages you to powergame so that you can wave your.... character at other people.
  8. Well, I have a +10 or so modifier to diplomacy, but bugger all in the way of bluff and intimidate. Are warforged subject to gratituous racism as well?
  9. /tg/ is the only good board.
  10. Have fun joining the ranks.
  11. Is anyone going to answer this? And my last post? Also, would anyone object to a Chaotic Neutral character? Depends how you are going to play chaotic neutral. For instance, chaotic neutral doesn't mean TOTALLY RANDUM LUL, but many people seem to think it does ("I pull down my trousers and whizz on the king") Anyway, I am going to be playing Relic the Warforged Artificer, who basically only uses magic missile in various different ways.
  12. I may have trouble attending, but I will be here if I am able.
  13. I mean in game. When Grim says "Here are some bandits", we tend to start going a little too in depth about it and end up arguing for an hour.
  14. Okay, can we agree to not overanalyse the situation for the sake of having fun this time around? I'm sure it was a pain for both Grim and those who were playing.
  15. It was a joke. I'm pretty sure that Grim would laugh for 5 minutes straight and then kick me from the server if I actually showed up with a build which can run around the Earth 6 times a second and throw people into the sun for somthing around 1.5 trillion damage. I'm going to be playing an artificer again, since artificers are basically generic up till later levels so I didn't get a chance to do much.
  16. Actually, we are going to be using bore mines. They produce resources efficiently.
  17. When you admit to wanting to use it for neferious purposes, it kind of sets off warning lights. Also, putting it under quarantine would prevent regular inspections from taking place... Anything you would like to tell us about your planned projects?
  18. Astare 3 must be purged. 100% fatality rate on a bacteria which can survive well above boiling point. Either a cure/countertoxin must be developed, or we must glass the planet and purify the remains of the colonists with fire. We can state that there was an atmospheric explosion and that the loss of those 50,000 people was a tragic misunderstanding.
  19. I would love to go on Jon's mission, even if just to test the chem suit. But I am stuck in quarantine. Joy of joys.
  20. Right, no bioweapons. Surely the scenario that we are in RIGHT NOW is enough to dissuade you from developing them.
  21. So why didn't we just build the research colony on Astare 4?
  22. So the disease is headed back to Terra? Wow, we really screwed up this time, guys. Goddamnit. Why was there not a scouting mission to find out whether it was a suitable planet first? 320 degrees kind of seems like it would make it unsuitable.
  23. I'm second in command, so yes, you do, assuming you are in the jurisdiction of the military. My orders are to stop drawing emo artwork when you have 50,000 colonists to save.
  24. Quit being emo and be the medic you are supposed to be. No time for moping in the march of progress!
  25. >Implying you would get close >Implying you would not be seperated into halves the second you tried. AAAAANYWAY. Retech, I figure it is a bacteria because it is similar to necrotizing fasciitis, but on a faster scale. We could always try basic antibiotics on it, but that is at best a temporary solution. The best idea would be to develop a virus/toxin to kill it without harming humans, and then putting it into the air circulation.
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