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  1. I've gone back to the cherrywood and jade region as I used up all my jade and cherrywood to make statues to attract scroll missions, now I need to change the statues to attract more trade good mission... I've got my 8k cherrywood but now I have to collect 12k jade... Then I'll have to concentrate on terracotta to buy the ship upgrades in less than 40% until I unlock shield region.
  2. Was this on a low respawn world or high respawn?
  3. I'm 30% toward shield, but i keep failing the terracotta missions, I only managed to buy the rudder, terracotta merchant and a loop morale... If this carries ont he way it does I will reach shield region before getting all the ship upgrades without any more crews.... I also keep failing the trade goods and scroll voyages... which still add to my distance travelled, which is rather annoying...
  4. DOUBLE XP PL0X.. DAT DIVINATION EXP WOO!... ahem.. might have been driven slightly insane by doing divination...
  5. Don't forget to use hati gloves, you'll get a bonus of about 600k in magic... Will help to get it to lvl 99 a little bit quicker.
  6. Hey, have you unlocked all the other lodestones, you have to physically go there and unlock lodestones before you can teleport there with lodestones.
  7. Are you kidding me? I just wasted 4 weeks for nothing. You can't just change it in the middle of an event. Now it's useless. Should have been changed the first week, or not at all. 25 tiers better than every other f2p armor set is a little OP though. Definitely worth changing. It's a hybdrid armour, so the -15 tier penalty is in effect. So? So now it's useless, instead of being a tier 60, which is not a big jump at all. I don't get how the best f2p armor is useless *NINJA'D* It's not the best f2p armour anymore as when it reverts back to lvl 50 gear, the defense values of the armour is the equivalent of a lvl 35 armour which is rubbish hence why it becomes useless armour..
  8. Hey, I just recently got onto to tumblr, I wasn’t sure where to post this but if you want to waste some time whilst mining or fishing etc, go and read my tumblr, I’ll be undating it daily with GIFs and music. I hope you enjoy it! http://holy-empire-of-heaven-and-hell.tumblr.com/
  9. I just like to use an electronic meter as it's quicker and easier, let me know how you get on with it, I'm a bit wary of that as I think that is best left to the medical professionals to use calipers.
  10. Schyler, what are you aiming for in terms of body fat percentage? I'm have similar body fat percentage to you, currently 22-23% was previously around 30+%), we could compare progress if you like? Try and use an electronic body fat monitor to help measure body fat. I'm aiming for the 10-12% body fat and I can envisage myself getting that in about 12-15 months through gradual progress this at the longest that i will allow myself to get into that body fat percentage, ideally 9 months would be better but I'm allowing for any unforseeable events etc. Recently I've been very lax with my diet as I've gone home and hadn't had time to prepare my meals and been eating with work friends leaving party etc... need to get myself back on form. I would certainly be interested in a 'blog' of your progression. Whatever you do, don't weigh yourself, or if you do weigh yourself once before you start and never again until you reach your body fat percentage as muscle weighs heavier than fat, so you may even see your weight increase, most people take this as a sign of failure when in fact it can be a sign of progress.. Do not pay any interest to Body Mass Index(BMI) as it's a really loose generalisation. Rugby players or American Footballers have a BMI of morbidly obese even though they are very muscular. Body fat percentage is a much better way of monitoring your progress. If you do measure your body fat, only do it every 4 weeks at most same as for pictures of your progression. You will alway have time to work out, you can easily make time as well. I'm currently a University student on placement in Industry. I wake up 6am to commute to work, get back home from work at 6pm. I head straight to the gym as i find if i hesitate i tend to try and avoid the gym. Spend an hour or 2 in the gym, making sure I complete all my exercises, head back home then I have to do my university work. I also have to cook my food for the next day and do my chores around the student house. I alway make sure I get a good night sleep as 8 hours of sleep is very beneficial to helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  11. Yes but i meant at the kiosk you can make offers etc as well...
  12. I suspect the portable g.e will be like kiosk in each town etc and you'll be able to monitor how your trades are doing at any time, but you'll need to be at the kiosks to get to your items. Otherwise you could put an offer in for 100k pray pots and 100k rocktails and camp at bandos while the stuff buy and sell the drops at the same time hence reducing your risk of dying and losing your loot.
  13. May i suggest something to your workout routine. You have four different exercises for each main muscle groups on each day. The only problem is that eventually your muscles will get used to the motions and you'll see less and less improvement, you'll stagnate in term of strength and muscle size. What I suggest you do is choose 2 of the 4 exercises and do that for the week, the following week do 2 different exercises, this will help to stimulate your muscles more and keeps it stimulated longer. You may want to add some compound movements as they work multiple muscle groups which means more muscles are working together so more energy is expended. Compound exercises such as squats also helps to release more testosterone which helps to build muscle. I'm aware that I've given you a lot of information in 2 posts. Try and add the information i've given you slowly over time so you can incorporate it into your daily routine and it becomes second nature.
  14. Put some active rest in there between sets, the active rest should be working muscles that you are not using weights on, for example if you are doing chest and shoulder on monday do a minute of bench step ups between sets. Thsi just helps you to expend even more energy in the gym with no extra time wasted. Another excersise you can do for active rest is kettlebell swings... very underated but make sure you use the correct technique. As for protein take a scoop of whey protein before a workout, and immediately after a workout take 2 scoops of whey protein. Before going to bed i would recommend having 2 scoops of casein protein, it's a type of protein that breaks down slowly, which is perfect for your body to break down overnight, expending energy in doing so. If you want to boost your metabolism, to help burn a bit more energy(fat) try adding cinnamon to post workout shakes and cayenne pepper to your food. Caffeine tablets also works to this effect. I also can't stress that form is VERY VERY important. Good form with lower weight is much more effective than heavy weights and poor form!
  15. You have to type the colour and animation before the main body of the text.... It's not a button you turn on and off.
  16. I've been able to get onto rs for a couple of hours a day, I've unlocked 2 cosmetic so far and got 500 frags to a third one. The drop rate increase, linked with increase spawn and more instanced world has made it much easier to accumulate fragments. One way that is quite good is to sit at the entrance ofyour own base and tag any opposing npcs that enters your base as they get 1 hit K.O. by the sentries. Each day i've comfortably getting 300-400 frgas in the time it takes me to get 2.5-2.8k tears(I've never capped..) This helps to save spamming abilties and time for me and it is a more relaxing way of accumulating tears and fragments than camping at the opposing npcs base.
  17. How havew you managed to get so many fragments, I've been murdering everything that mvoes, using ranged to get the first hit in and i only have 100 fragments, I can't seem to get any fragment drops, and yet some people have 2k fragments already!!
  18. :? It's embarassing that the company is still called Jagex. So they're not Java Gaming Experts anymore? They are working on making rs a HTML5 game, so you're correct :) They changed from 'Java Gaming Experts' to 'Just about the Gaming Experience' a while ago...
  19. Hey Ibe, welcome to TIF. I see the lunatics of TIFs have greeted you... You've lasted this long, the rest of your stay will be easier.. =)
  20. Hey, Welcome to TIF. We do have a world that we use, i believe it's world 99. A friend chat for tipiters is Serpent_Eye. It's just a general friend chat. You may want to ask your blog question in the friendchat: codguy It's a general chat for people who hang out in blogscape a lot =)
  21. Welcome Jack, Hopefully you'll enjoy TIF, a good place to check out would be 'Help and Advice' lots of questions in there that needs to be answered by people in the know how!
  22. Hey, Welcome to TIFs, hope you enjoy your time here!
  23. Wasn't there a prediction on the size of Gielinor based on the coordinates ? I didn't see ithe, but I took a look to see how big it could be. The far left side of the map is about 8 degrees west. The far right is about 40 degrees east. That makes it 48 degrees across. The far north of the map is about 20 degrees. The far south is 17 degrees. That makes it 37 degrees up and down. A single square in the game is 1 minuet. There are 60 minuets in a degree. So, if the land mass were completely land, you would have 106,560 square tiles to visit. This means that the entire possible map is 7,776,000 square tiles. The known land only occupies about 25% of the total map. Putting this in perspective: Compared to the real world, it would be slightly smaller than Asia with the middle east (30%). And slightly larger than Africa(20%) I'm confused by one point - you seem to be saying 106,560 is 25% of 7,776,000 but its only 1.4% of it. Also i'm confused by your numbers as well. You say there is 48 degrees with 60 squares per degree across. That makes 2880 squares across the map. 37 degrees with 60 minutes per degree up the map. That makes 2220 squares up the map. Sure the area is height times base? 2880 x 2220 = 6,393,600 squares. That's the area of Gielinor at the moment, or am i missing something? This includes the sea and the land mass i'm assuming?
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