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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. So today I finally got to 60 dungeoneering really badly. Leveled up my DGing from 54-59 through rushing floors getting some pretty decent exp but teams kept leaving so it was pretty slow and i wasn't able to get very good exp per hour so the best exp/hr i got was 67k, then did my first large today in 37 minutes :D, jk it was terrible, so heres some leveling pictures. Didn't get a good capture, but this will do for now I hope. Dungy Tokens ftw 57.... and last but not least, 56. now working on magic, if any one has anything good to alch just tell me (:
  3. hey, btw how do i make it so if i press a little button, everything else comes out. [spoiler=Do you mean like this] If so use spoiler or hide in the same way you use img tag [hide] stuff go here[/hide] yep thanks!
  4. Hello guys, my name skildmexican, an f2p skiller of sorts, well not really a skiller, I still work on cb skills but I've been doing a f2p progress log so yeah just click the link the link in the signature! :D
  5. Nice levels man, your doing really good! Sorry to sound ignorant and I know I am, but what is that staff you were wielding? BTW when are you going to update this? I want to see that 99 (:
  6. June 12th, 2013 Today I went to practice at 7 in the morning, very very early, some thing mexican don't like :sad:.....then mexican had to do a 25 minute run at 6:10 pace....something mexican doesn't like either ! :evil: After that, worked on DGing a bit more and got two levels so far today! Something mexican does like, and it's only 2 where i live right now and still gonna be working on it some more. I plan on getting DGing to 60 or past that if I like it more, so if you wanna do some rushing, just add me and pm me. Heres a screenie: Excuse my crappy scribbling haha, well i'll keep you guys updated. :grin:
  7. June 11th, 2013 Worked on Dungeoneering A LOT yesterday and got from 39 all the way up to 52 but I got to lazy and to involved in my dging since I had a good team and didn't want them to leave. I ended up getting the hang of dungeoneering yesterday and wouldn't consider my self a noob any more so I think thats pretty cool for me, maybe not for you though :razz:. If you want to do some dging with me just add and pm me, I'm in desperate need of people to DG with right now!
  8. hey, btw how do i make it so if i press a little button, everything else comes out.
  9. quite alot, if you look on RS wiki through the years it should tell you everything month by month.
  10. holy crap man, great work and great skills. you might be the best f2p skiller i've ever seen but that is just awesome, how do you train prayer?
  11. no [bleep]ing way........ hehehe, will i get muted now? :shock:
  12. Thanks a lot! I just get parties in the friends chat "85flyingcat", most of the time they're very good dgers in there. Groups are set up with 2 cbers and 3 skillers. My experience really depends on if other people are dging, I can normally get in a party very easily if a lot of people are on. With dging, if you get your name out there as a good cber and/or skiller, it's not hard finding parties. ok thx, so any one can join?
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