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  1. I am pretty sure you are thinking of anti-matter, though I could be mistaken.
  2. I autocorrected ALOT of things into pirate talks, for example the word "people" would change into "me harties" and "yes" into "yaaaar!". T'was more fun than a scurvy sea dog mauling a landlubber!
  3. Our planet is in space so therefore we are to, and astrological sciences and such (forgive my lack of knowledge on this sort of stuff) are relatively new so there is a major chance there are forces that are undiscovered that work Everywhere within the entire universe, based off human knowlege so far I understand your point but I wouldnt rule it out until we knew more about physics within space and time. After all at the rate technology is developing (as well as our minds) prehaps we will find out how small things can really get in the future. My theory on infinity is that the only reason things may be infinite (like time and space as we currently know it.) is because non existance is impossible, even if you go out into space and hold your hands out although there is nothing, not even air, is in between your hands, it is still a place and therefore a part of existance. Even if god isnt/wasnt real he/she exists within peoples minds - If people imagine there is a god (forgive me I couldnt think of another way to word it...) that god shall exist as a finctional being in there imagination. (that was an example to people who might argue about gods existance, I am in no way trying to be against religion.)
  4. I enjoy it and find it funny, but not something to make me laugh out loud (If prehaps it did make me laugh out loud my name would be contradictory). As for the maths textbook comment, who doesnt laugh in the face of the number pi, I mean it sounds like a food.
  5. My confession - I often wish a zombie invasion would happen just to make life more interesting... Everyone knows I would survive because in the films the main character always survives... Besides the only way zombies could kill me is if they had kryptonite...
  6. holy sniping mutant horse faced swordsish batman me sigs been coppied.... lawls. :lol: On topic - I had a funny looking teacher, his face kinda resembled a horse, so in the middle of a sentace when I was talking to him I said horse... the people around me burst out laughing... amazingly I didnt... :-#
  7. I am going to take your question futher and ask something has been on my mind for a while now, Why is it that violent films are sometimes rated for 15+ years when violence hurts and kills, yet films that involve the natural act of sexual intercourse for pleasure or for people making is rated 18+? I have never understood how people think that sex is evil, or that violence is the lesser of the two, the religouse ways or so called "moral" ways of thinking confuse me.
  8. Well I'd take the baby to the elders who would examine them to see if they were strong if they were strong by day I would raise them as a spartan warrior and by night I would teach them stuff such as maths, literature, philosophy and business ect. If the elders did not think they were stong we would dump them on mountins.
  9. Aaaaw what a cute puppy.... I actually didnt get scared seeing the dog, just sad really at the amount of people who would be mean to it becuase it looks like a zombie-dog... If that dog has puppies with another ugly zombie-dog then i would love to buy a puppy, and another ugly puppy so when they get older they may reproduce and give me an army of cute zombie-like dogs. My confession is that I think that dog is uberness. 8-)
  10. Im cynical becuase of the way i have been treated all my life, And because I see things from such a realistic point that instead of seeing things as either living or not living I see whether they are a useful pile of atoms that I might call a friend until day we argue or not.
  11. I had a frightening nightmare before in which someone stumbled on to a map leading to treasure near my school, when we found this treasure it was in a box which read do not open, I warned the other people in this nightmare not to, but they opened it, and ate all the brownies that were in it (such humour in a dark nightmare?) but after the brownies were eaten we saw writing on the inside of the box saying you shall suffer. After this people died in all sorts of creepy ways, the only one that I witnessed in the nightmare was on where I was sitting with my head inside the box to find a reason why I wasnt killed yet in the nightmare, someone was behind me and screamed run when I looked at them, I turned around and saw that the writing in the box dissapearred, but instead an evil undead girl stood outside of the box laughed, I turned around to run and saw the guy behind me dead, i jumped out of a nearby window and woke up. I think the scariest part about the nightmare was the realism and detial, such as weather, lighting and detail.
  12. This thread hasnt affected me much becuase I start thinking of these all the time ( Darn my overthinking brain...) The only way the thread affected my was the annoying losing the game - I wonder how long i havnt thought of it.. i think i lost count...
  13. personally, I dont find any sport intresting to watch, I get bored of it too quickly and think to myself I'd be better off getting the exercise playing the sport rather than watching it. The by far I'd say the most fun sport to take part is football/soccer, as it requires teamwork and tactics, I myself am a reletivly good defender (apart from that 1 own goal I accidentally scored friday...). I think the least entertaining sport is prehaps cricket, you have to be quite as it is considered a "gentlemans sport", as a player you'll spend the majority of the time waiting to play than actually playing, overall its like watching paint dry, except worse becuase you have to be quite whilst doing so. Edit: Actually, I do like watching and playing 1 sport, Its fun and im good at it too, its grifball (halo 3 players with live will understand...)
  14. I feel it all the time, the pointlessness in knowing that life is a waste when we just end up six feet under... Whats worse is I could be enjoying life and freedom, if freedom actually existed anymore due to the large amounts of work at school,homework,time to eat,wash up,stay tidy ect. its like we never have any free time anymore, to sum up life is wasted and is pointless. Sorry for my depressingness too, Im not emo btw, I simply see the world for what it is.
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