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  1. Have a great Birthday!

  2. EdgedThesis


    Today... Today I got into the University of Pennsylvania.
  3. I feel that this should be combined with the 'pictures of hot women' thread, thus creating the ultimate source of mirth for men. It would be titled, simply, 'Mirth for Men'.
  4. [bleep] that. Free speech. If people don't like what you say, fine, they can start talking back. Eventually you'll be shunned, if what you say is such poison. There will be social repercussions. But being executed for speech is [developmentally delayed]ed. If someone says something hurtful, talk to them about it and explain why it's wrong. But if you want to kill them for it, maybe go [bleep] yourself.
  5. It's called division of labor, Joe. It's been a basis of functional civilization for a while, now.
  6. Lonely Souls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__r0gwxzeVE There's no secret to living/ just keep on walking There's no secret to dying/ just keep on flying
  7. MASS EFFECT 2, BABY. [cabbage], I can't wait.
  8. Played out by Freebird. Loved it. His parting message was one of the best: "Don't. Be. Cynical."
  9. Yessir. Romantic love is something meant to keep a couple together long enough to raise a child to maturity, yes? 'Tis an offshoot of lust.
  10. The world works based on self-interest. If something does not benefit us, or does not seem the 'greatest choice' to us at a specific instance of time, we would not do it. There is always some self-serving point. I may die for my child to see my bloodline continue, or I may die for a stranger because I feel my life somehow validated when it is used to save another. In any case, I do something because it is of immediate benefit--regardless of how skewed the logic I use may be. I help people because I genuinely want the human race to advance. This is self-serving. I donate money to charity because I believe it is better used there. This is self-serving. A creature that exists to serve itself is the most economical of all, and so these are the creatures that roam the Earth. We all serve ourselves. Again, this is not a bad thing.
  11. Everything here is physical is because we are listing our favorite things exclusive to the opposite sex. A lot of these are physical. We cant list metaphysical things like personality and whatnot, because that isn't exclusive to gender. At least, it isn't unless you're a dirty, dirty sexist.
  12. Yes, our ability to analyze how the world appears may set us apart. But we are animals, and are defined as such. It's not a bad thing.
  13. Curves. Think 'woman' and you think of these smooth, feminine curves. Draw an impressionistic picture of a 'woman', a few simple brushstrokes just curving, and I'd find that sexy. Just because. The general shape of women is pretty damned appealing. Of course, the breasts, stomach, and arse all play their part-- it's just that they need to be in proportion.
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