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  1. New scam email i guess, just got this i don't know what you guys think but i couldn't tell the difference from the real thing until i followed the link it redirected me to something and i noticed it was spelled runescaepe in the URL bar so i saw it was a fake should i be afraid of anything because i clicked the link but i didn't fill anything in? not sure if i should black out the link and re-upload the picture
  2. Erm...why would you take 120k fires to iron dragons :?
  3. Got a few lvl 70's here [hide=][/hide] [hide=][/hide] [hide=][/hide] [hide=][/hide] [hide=][/hide] Only rc left now -.-
  4. When i saw a lvl 3 skiller fighting with a bear and he died. After a couple seconds i saw a huge pile of money, so i picked it up. it turned out to be 1million gp that the skiller dropped on death :lol: . though this was back in 2004 :(
  5. 1. combat level. 126 2. total level. 2k+ 3. level in a skill. 90 4. Amount of Quest points. 250+
  6. Witchhaven. there is seriously no point on going there unless you're going to do one of the slug quests
  7. i think you guys forgot the zombie orc, which was in the icey area
  8. here are some of my pics :D 98 attack 98 strenght combat stats 255 max hit with whip :P
  9. here are a few :) chessy018 xxphatmagexx defil3d empror1 gertjaars lady elenasg paulrat3 i hope i helped ;)
  10. I actually think the spirit beast (level 717) from spirit of summer might be the boss of this huge quest. Since at the end of the quest you got kicked out of the spirit world because they didnt want you to get hurt. a stronger monster than jad :ohnoes:
  11. what about taking a ex-ex parrot? its a dead summoning pet right.. maybe it helps \
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