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  1. Oh well, 125 free torstols and about 30 runite ores a day, I'm not complaining. :D
  2. Yeah, didn't knew where to put it, it isn't a RuneLabs suggestion and it's more a post to convince mods to not make Menaphos "random city #18", so I thought this might be the best place.
  3. Even worse, a lot of people did play test it in the beta and it didn't get fixed.
  4. http://[Use Quick Find Code]/c=9jjuLpbzb4A/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?16,17,214,65620850 I finally got around to get my Menaphos idea on RSOF. As last Q&A informed us about Menaphos probably being much smaller than Prifddinas, I wanted to share my vision, in the hope Jmods will realise the potential of the area.
  5. Yeah, seems most plausible to me too. :p Hopefully it will get released next month. We could use a month with ACTUAL content. XD
  6. Yeah, tried that, didn't work. I put on the suit and suddenly it worked again. Oh well, it's solved now. :p
  7. Do you have ghost buster gear? Coudl you try put it in? I can't be the only one with this problem. :s
  8. Everyone I hear speaking about Rune Dragons talks about them dropping 5 rune bars (well, most do), but as we've seen with Mithrils, those only drop 3 bars. I wouldn't be surprised if we only got one bar a dragon actually.
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manneken_Pis How odd it might sound, he's one of our most important things in the country. XD Next to that and fries, chocolate, beer and waffels. Ontopic: I fear Jagex will still try to shoehorn in one of the remaining dragon items, but I hope they'll be given other special drops too. We all show how popular those Chaos Giants were...
  10. Draconic Visage, dropped by all metalic dragons! :D For Miss, maybe this is more impressive, our national pride: [hide]PISS MAN [/hide]
  11. I have indeed, all 4 pieces, and yes, I've opened the armour case. It just won't take them. The store button is also greyed out for some reason.
  12. So they teased us with a picture of the costume room with the ghost hunter gear addable to the armour case. I went to my POH, it won't take the gear. -.-
  13. Too bad they're almost worthless. :p I hope for some Kethsian/Dragonkin themed armour drops.
  14. I'm quite dissapointed though, as it was the only real piece of content this month. :/
  15. Welll, guess what, mine and those of all Belgians start early June. -.- There goes my chance to play it.
  16. The thing about the 4 attacks: is it 4 attacks of the spider or 4 you do yourself? Never found that one out in guides.
  17. Well, I proposed some kind of Smithing rework where you'd be able to do this. :P Levels for smithing rune stuff and so on would be brought to wielding levels and new ores would get introduced for higher levels. For making armour and swords: you don't just bring 5 bars, use them on an anvil and you got a generic platebody in your inventory. No, you make the various subparts of an armour: things like rings for chainmail, lammelated small plates and so on. These all cost certain bars and procedures (not just anvils, but metallurgic workshops and so on) giving you these subparts. Now, you want to make a platebody for example: you need 5 subparts to create one platebody. The beauty of it: you can mix and match different types of subparts for different cosmetics, effects, armour value and so on. Want a light armour: mix leather with chainmail, want a heavy tank armour: use heavy reinforced plates, want an armour imbued with effects (prayer/health regeneration boost): one of your subparts has an enchantment on it, a ring/gem welded on it, divination energy woven into it. Maybe even add rare items into it, like those plates from POP, rare drops (dwarven mecha parts, elvish armour crystals, Kethsian technology,...) for more effects. This all gives armour with different effects, stats and so on, but they stay within a weapon tier range of a few levels. The same can be done with weapons: creating different (imbued hilts), using folding techniques like for katanas and so on. People voted with the divination poll for more customisation and 'level up stuff', this gives that kind of opportunity. Given the fact that we have customisable capes, SOS outfits and they talked about weapons that can be upgraded gradually, I think this kind of rework could be very possible for the Smithing skill. By making these resource-heavy armours we'll get far less mass dumped smithed items and it might give people a way to make useful armours instead of depending on PvM.
  18. They died when people found out how you can get said exp.
  19. Nobody. People used to play minigames and stuff because they were fun (and still are). Killing thousands of chompies is not really that fun and never has been. Well, I had almost all stuff for trimmed comp done before thode capes were released, bar that CW req, so yeah, I had done Champ Scrolls, as I wanted to engage in every piece of content except for PvP.
  20. Tried to get into W6 at 1AM, crashed about 15 times just to get into the world, took me 40 minutes. And then I needed to enter the crater... Eventually I reached the crater at 1.56, where I heard the clone despawned after the first crash of that world. Then the world DCed again and since then my account is 'still logged in'. -.-
  21. Well, time to bring out the maths for the most efficient thalers. :p
  22. Well, some kind of interface depicting a short scene or something. Right click on it, and you can choose cutscenes from quests that play on your game screen. That's something I'd choose. :p
  23. And then a sudden bug unfolds itself and all our costume rooms are void of stuff we put into it.
  24. I'd vote for the museum thing, if we got a floor in Varrock Museum instead of a POH room. Just one room leaves too few space to be used. With an entire floor we can have crafted statues, magical holograms depicting memorable moments, ornate displays, a research room where we could get new lore from. With a POH room, we get 6 buildable hotspots, yey. That literally the only thing I have against the museum, it's way too small this way, we need to go bigger!
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