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  1. I might play SW that weekend, provided I find som time. Still have to finish those hybrid pieces.
  2. Wait... Can't you just resummon it? :s
  4. A medical worker should call in to anyone who gets that warning, just to remind them of their poor life choices.
  5. It was this or Scrooge McDuck's storehouse. Now I think of it, the spring cleaner DOES look like his storehouse.
  6. Hmm, I understand why you'd prefer to have more quests released then. I have the same problem, I basically play for lore, so besides that kind of content there's a lot of mindless grinding exp and these updates that aren't quite interesting.
  7. Wel, there's bonds now, so you can play members by playing GP? :p
  8. Two weeks later: it's considered OP and it will be nerfed by adding a loadout delay of 20 seconds per item.
  9. God, if Jagex were a space company, they would be able to send a working robot to the surface of Mars, then after 10 minutes decide to hit the selfdestruct button. -.-
  10. Also, the aquarium doesn't offer anything new, it just gives us an added grind. No new training method. To me it is just a comp requirement where they slapped some content on, not the other way round.
  11. Do you unlock the perks without adding the fish even? :s
  12. Yeah, I don't know what got them thinking that this is the update we wanted, I think most wanted a room to use with bright fish to look at and a way to get some fishing exp in your room. Instead we get an overcomplicated mess where you have to fish for hours for one fish, hugely dependant on the most hated mechanism ever (apart from fascism): RNG. Now rinse and repear for 13 more eggs. OH but there's more, do all of it twice more and you get a freaking plug! A plug with a stone on it! It's as if they are actively are looking for comp requirements and slap an update around that fact, instead of working on an update and thinking 'hey, we could put element Z of this update on the completionist requirement list'.
  13. I'd be so mad if the fury shark outfit consumes those fishes. oO
  14. Great, there's no option to see which fish you already have in your aquarium. :/ Now I need to guess what's a leaping salmon and what's a normal one, and so on.
  15. Yeah, I also don't think of the people of Menaphos or Sophanem very "into" killing monsters. I just thought because the quest storyline is largely about Amascut's involvement with slayer, death and the underworld, some terryfiying soul devouring demon in the catacombs could be a fun reward. :p The citizens would probably not even know what dangers lurk beneath their feet, same as the people of Polivneach have no idea there a whole dungeon filled with slayer monsters in their well.
  16. Indeed, all you've said is basically I wanted to express in my ideas! :D Great to see likeminded fellows. Especially on the glass and pottery, I really wanted those as a main focus when crafting, and I wanted to throw some Eastern themed stuff as they traded heavily with the Eastern parts of the world, creating some funky fusion art styles. Basically a city like what Alexandria was before the Romans took control over it.
  17. The slaying part is because of the connection with Sumona/Amascut, and Thieving because all the rest of the theme fits into Egyptian/old Middle Eastern culture, the hanging Gardens of Babylon seemed like a good idea to me, especially as it could be the garden of the elitist part of the city. :p Also, Menaphos is the capital of the desert, the crown jewel of the area, it deserves some nice extra features, partly because they, as a city can operate totally independant. Of course, it are just ideas I got, but as I said: there's a lot of potential with the area.
  18. Oh yeah, keep churning out those overpowered updates with better graphics nowhere else found in the game.
  19. If you have a young brother, bribe him to stay up all night?
  20. Well, it has a lot of potential, given the info we already have about it, I even made a small list of things the city could include somewhere on RSOF and most people loved it. If the city would get released somewhere in the future, Jagex would certainly want to give the place some potential as it's too a city locked behind a long quest series and they don't want to waste all their resources on a city that won't get used. Found it!
  21. Indeed, I did the same to finally get myself some tumbleweed. :D
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