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  1. The influence of IVP is even affecting the language on the workplace!
  2. That's just mean of Jagex... Instead of communicating with you about it, they just close it... Now your idea will never get in the top 5. :/ Supported again though. :)
  3. You mean the dark cores I suppose? :p I remember some years ago Corp kept spawning dark cores, filling the whole room with a black blob of death.
  4. The second update also had no building upgrades, all the graphics budget went to the moustache of the trapper.
  5. Good news too, mod Raven joins the team of the developers for this RuneLabs competition if ROP wins.
  6. Well, some people didn't log in that day to prevent the raven reroll as the progress only got wiped out when logging in. Also, Mod Raven said on his twitter that people didn't need to bother with the raven of monday, because if they did a reroll, it would override the 1/13, putting them back on the score they had on sunday.
  7. Yes... That's not what I'm saying, I lost all my progress too monday. I just say that Mod Raven has returned all the progress. And will add an extra raven this friday for the people who didn't spot the raven on monday out of fear.
  8. Yeah, the original POP looks large or a tad larger, but the expansions (especially the first one) didn't add that much to the game. All the assets were already available in the programming of the originial update, they just had to plug a few new items, voyages and adventurers in.
  9. Well, all the progress has been returned and there's probably an extra raven this friday for those who didn't dare to spot monday.
  10. I voted on it, it's getting quite some likes. :D
  11. Log in to do dailies before going to bed. Notice an odd message ingame. So there goes 13*13 days of working towards Ravensworn title...
  12. So when will we get a poll that's actually important, or just even a piece content?
  13. Yey power tot the Players! At least they'll make some skilling additions tot the lake if chosen.
  14. That's Godless for ya. Vorago is actually only fighting because he is the protector of Gielinors Anima Mundi. I guess he joined Godless because they cause the least harm (they do however cause harm as they steal energy through divination, but that's a drop in a bucket compared to gods).
  15. Essiw, was one of the founder who hated cabbages, I don't remember if it were Andrew or his Brother.
  16. Yeah, there's one central shop now where you van buy all gear and overrides, even all the stuff and abilities from WE1 and 2.
  17. Me thinks the mods themselves really want the quest to happen. :p
  18. I'm really intrigued in the Goobies project, I want one!
  19. But this time, everything smaller than large will be closed. :D So I have hope! I hope Armadyn and his fellow Aviansie team really promote their suggestion across the game and media to give it the chance it deserves. ^^
  20. go [bleep]ing [bleep] yourself [bleep] [bleep] :( [bleep] [bleep] shit [bleep] [wagon] grats i hate you You know that's actually not particularly special since you can only fail (assuming efficient porting) the 12 scrolls (those are 82-88% missions at best), 1 clue mission(that i used boosters for) and the last trio mission (which i managed the first time with 66%). So yeah, my luck was pretty average overall, it's just consistency that matters. How do you guarantee a random event every day? I'm sending away 8 voyages a day and only getting a random every 2-3 days Other than adventurer and TG voyages i mostly did shield missions that i got 100% success with (120 or 160 azure). For those missions, the chance to get a random event is around 1/3 to 1/4. Most days i started with 4 completed missions to open. You use the map tables for Gift of Gu and that island from the Exile clues I guess? While the other stuff is to get more bones. Mind you: in the 5 times I've gotten Gift of Gu, I only got untradeable scrimshaws (and initially cosmetic Gu gear), so I don't know if Gift of Gu is the preferred route to take. :)
  21. WoW put in a way to buy almost max level boosts but it works better for them because the game is more about the last levels and maxed content then the journey there. It would absolutely kill runescape to have that level of buyables That's my question: what kind of content does it consist of?
  22. As I am unfamiliar with other MMO's, what kind of endgame do other games have?
  23. Yeah, saw it a few hours ago. As they are wording it, it seems it's a struggle between Jagex and IVP. Jagex wants to use this poll as a method to prove IVP they really shouldn't push this kind of stuff into the game.
  24. Well, as Big Chinchompa hours were changed based on a straw poll and the design of skillcapes (like those tassels) were decided by a straw poll, I say they are something to be aware of. :) Also, everyone who can access Fairy Rings can go to Kethsi, so maybe ROTM won't even be required.
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