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  1. Well, I really hope Menaphos will become a second high level hub with the remaining skills there. ^^ It's one of the oldest quest lines now too, with a lot op potential.
  2. I also don't understand why the community wants every skill in the city. We still have Menaphos to fill with awesome skilling stuff. :o
  3. As I really want an Armadylean piece of content this year, I've made a plan for the medium quest slot coming later this year: http://[Use Quick Find Code]/c=GJYCR55ZySY/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?185,186,137,65606481 . I hope this will really gets some votes. :p
  4. This night I also felt I hit a tad less, I get to see a lot less 5-7k hits, but might just be a misconception on my part.
  6. Oh, another thing I forgot: ofcourse prices of Kal'Gerion drops will plummet, because Jagex added 5 insanely rare titles to their drop table. This fact alone pretty much put a nail in the coffin for all the items they drop, regardless from the fact that they are now easier to kill.
  7. Maybe because Edimmu have absurdly low Slayer exp for their level? :p One of the main complaints when they got released was the abominable exp for the effort.
  8. Welk, we do are talking about mod Rowley here, he's quite the passionate chap about his projects.
  9. Well, if DL get changed, guess those Kal'Gerions go back on the block list, the DL made this task finally something worth doing. For most other monsters, it provided a healthy increase in dps, especially with the lower mobs as nechryaels and gargoyles.
  10. There's no more slots this year where a large quest could get chosen, only a med sized quest will be polled later this year. So it seems ROP will get its next chance in 2016. :/
  11. That's why stuff like the whole of Prifddinas, Herblore Habitat and Helrings faction idea are superior content updates, it gets used frequently and gives replayability value.
  12. You do realise the event tools aren't an actual update we get to use - they are purely an upgrade to the tools the jmods have for when they host events. I guess I misread that. So much for my good mood :P. Mod Raven (who developed the updated potato) said some players would receive access to the device, mostly event leaders of bigger communities. But I find this a very sad month, only an Aquarium that will keep us busy and nothing else. As if the ongoing poll for less quantity is already in place. :c
  13. Well, no, the quest was set for a release in the later part of 2014, somewhat later we heard ROP and Dishonour amongst Thieves were pushed a bit back. And then suddenly it was 2015 and neither ROP nor DaT was released yet. We suddenly learned ROP was shelved then. (Timeline might be a bit off, but this is how it happened, it was confirmed to come out.)
  14. Well, Mod Raven is working on it in his offtime, as it was his pet idea. I think he hopes to reduce development time that way, making an extralarge piece of content into a large one, which would have fit this poll. Sadly, now we'll have to wait for 2016 at least for another shot at ROP, as there are no large (quest) runelabs polls this year anymore.
  15. It has new prayers and spells, though. --- Also, I don't see why #4 would win. We already have SH, and a minimal clicking agility course that scales for levels in Priff, what more do we need? Yes and that's the main problem I have with the Seren quest: it's all about the rewards, most people that vote on it don't want the quest, only those spells and prayers. So instead of occupying the only large update slot for this year, spells and prayers could have been a medium update. The maker of the idea doesn't have a story for a quest either, so why make a quest? This [bleep]ed over ROP, Desert series and EW5 for example, quests we now won't be seeing getting polled until 2016. :/
  16. Hey hey, look at what context does! [1] Yeah, I referred to it last page, with article and all. But we all know IVP, and the mess this guy has already left behind at other companies the past ten years. I find it very plausible they'd try his game model if the base income from the game is 'lacking'.
  17. It was in context of DRM, but you know Jagex/IVP, they'll probably want to try it out in the RuneScape model.
  18. He might after he gets his office. He's been a boardmember for years already as an IVP pawn, so I don't expect an opening statement which will make us happy.
  19. - http://www.destructoid.com/codemasters-ceo-s-drm-solution-sell-unfinished-games-179028.phtml The video games industry has to learn to operate in a different way. My answer is for us as publishers is to actually sell unfinished games and to offer the consumer multiple micro-payments to buy elements of the full experience. I'm afraid, very afraid...
  20. Great, the seren Quest that has no content whatsoever is winning... Once again the ugly head of the rewarddriven community shows itself.
  21. Voted again! I have an idea to make Menaphos a new skilling hub that complements other skills than the ones in Prifddinas. But the fact that there's still 2 quests in the Desert storyline that won't come out soon, make my idea irrelevant sadly.
  22. Only on Earth people wear it around Christmas. On Gielinor only people from THAT christmas period wear it. I don't know why you want to compare Gielinor to Earth. And it's not like you'll ever get out of your dragon armour, if I recall correctly.
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