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  1. It's the classic Jagex response to suggestions. I remember one time, shortly after the Boss Grouping system was released that I pointed out to Mod Ryan that there were various problems with it, it wasn't functioning as intended, there were oversights, and practically no one was using it. To which he replied "There are no plans to change it at the moment." They don't take much pride in many of their updates and often don't want to hear on any suggestions to improve them. Yeah, I was in the clan chat at that moment. :p He also kept ignoring all my remarks. -.- Glad he is gone.
  2. Yey, so we're stuck with arrowheads, flax, lobsters and so on... A real improvement. It's as if Timbo just wants to mess with the players, all his nerfs, changes to monsters, droptables, and the fact that he killed of Zanik, one of the best written character ingame.
  3. Because KBD and KQ are these days not even worthy of the name boss, lack any specials and do little damage. Corp however...
  4. I always take the PoP one, as I have gotten everything I want from dungeoneering. I really love the graphics of that isle though.
  5. There was way too much 'trying' to be cool with BHTB, it was like that 13 year old on school that tried to hang out with the popular boys, but failed miserably.
  6. Arrow shafts are SLOOOOWWWWWW. You better stick with leather shields.
  7. What Jagex must also realise is this: not ALL quests have to be this huge plotrevealing quests with lots of new instances we only get to see during the quest itself. That's a trend that started about 2 years ago, when they tried to adopt the WGS-esque feel to most new quests. This pushed the budget needed for quests way up, which made us get less quests year after year. But before that, we had a lot damn fine quests which involved more trekking around the world, doing deliveries, solving puzzles all together for a more simple story. Those are missing these days, but would give us a lot of pleasure too. DoD proved that this week, most people loved these altered old quests and the puns they provided. Jagex doesn't need a large budget to make a quest fun. As long as it provides a good story, with some humour, a good polish (and some nice rewards possibly), I'm more than happy. These can easily be medium projects, don't cause that much strain on the graphics department (which eats away most of the budget) and needs less development time. So I propose we get a mix of both the quests we get these days, and old style quests.
  8. Well, I feel they are doing this already for at least the last year. Most months get only one meaty kind of update. So I really hope that IF they reduce the amount of smaller content, we do get indeed bigger headline updates with a better polish than what we get now. I think it'd be best to have one big update, with a smaller one a month and then more 'fodder' like Ninja or QoL improvements throughout the month. And, I hope that they won't slack after some time, causing us to have no worthwhile content once a month.
  9. Oh god, I love the references in this topic. XD The upgrading of weapons to a higher tier by using multiple from a tier below is already done with transmution in Divination, so it seems feasable to do, in my opinion. :)
  10. I'm terrified of spiders. So few months ago at night, I want to place my bike in the underground parking place, I suddenly walk into a cobweb larger than my head, with the freaking spider (about 5cm body) glued in between the web and my face. Screams filled the city that night.
  11. I still call it the Al Kharid Chasm. :p Didn't know it changed names. Like how "Karamja" suddenly became Musa Point.
  12. Yeah, it's not my plan to get it out this month, I just came up with it last day, when someone in my clan chat was having a giggle about a POP update. This made me wonder where the hell those messages where for me, since I haven't seem them in more than a year. :p
  13. https://[LikelyScam]/m=player-proposal/view-idea?idea=30029 Made a small update idea, I hope you guys like it or support it. :D
  14. Wow, indeed, I just saw it. Oo I'm still figuring out the placement of all letters on my new phone.
  15. Well, I don't even bother anymore with that kind of crap they're throwing at us. The only ones that win this title are high levelled players that never bothered with lore or quests and are now rushing through them for the title. That's not what quests are for. Quests are there to entertain you, tell a story, immerse yourself in the world, none of this Questival nonsense. EDITED TO NORMAL ENGLISH
  16. I actually am surprised the Elemental Workshop or Underground Pass don't take the longest to complete.
  17. Sadly still haven't gotten those voyages, 1 in 100 chance is quite okay though.
  18. So anyone figured that Shadow Delver reward out yet? No one seems to know what it is.
  19. I really fear for the worst with that Seren quest, as there are only rewards listed and no quest, people are only looking at those shiny stuffsies they can get by doing it. No regards towards the nonsensical lore and overall stupidity of the idea. But knowing the community, we'll probably get that one...
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