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  1. Well, giving us a choice in the masterquest would lead to too many development. If Lucien for example wins because we *suddenly* become loyal to him, then the whole world will change I think, races as elves, gnomes, humans etc will be slaves and so every scenery should be changed. :P
  2. Oh no, it's him again! Cops, get him! Get the gypsy! Ontopic: well, not that usefull I think, but nonethless some nice graphics it seems. :P
  3. Ok, those Dutch people has gotten their forum, but now... Flemish forums plox?
  4. With the latest quest's release, I'm more and more thinking that for the defeat of Lucien, we won't need entirely good chaps like we used in WGS. We are, according to the prophecy of Hazelmere, followers of Guthix, this leads me to the belief that we also need soms "bad guys" in Crux Equal to defeat Lucien. Look at the Ritual: one of the Mahjarrat will be killed, I'm pretty sure some will unite to stop a slaughter on their side (AKA Zarosian side, Zamorakian side or maybe a Lucien side). Jhallan for exemple is someone who could fit for this, as he owes us his new place to undergo the Rejuvinating Ritual. But also think of Azzandra, he's (kind of) friendly towards us and he hates Lucien and Zamorakian Mahjarrats. Hazeel might help some of us too, because some of use helped reviving him. Finaly, there is Enakthos (I think), who also seems to appreciate us. This all makes me really think that some nice quests are still to be seen. :P
  5. Well, I didn't try with a summon, but with widescreen I don't see a ritual stone, just snow and a few trees. Sad enough.
  6. After speaking with Ali the Wise, I really think that thanks to this quest all Mahjarrat-quests will be tied together. Cannot wait to see the Ritual for the Juvinate Ritual. Would be cool to see Zarosian and Zamorakian Mahjarrats fighting each other to get a victim to start the Ritual. Dragonkin anyone? Or maybe.... [hide=biggest spoiler ever]SAILING (look how we get to the Ritual Stone)[/hide]
  7. I feel your pain... If I see how most people of Lunagang Tipforum (one of the biggest RS communities in the Benelux) are, well, I'm really afraid of the amount of "OMFG I SPOTTED ZEZIMA" Threads...
  8. Ok, Zanik was not at SC when I checked it, seems like she travels around the world like the Drunken Dwarf does now.
  9. Oh sorry, must have been because of the "new messages added"-thingy. I'll check her soon. ^^
  10. Does someone know where Zanik goes after the quest, I can't seem to find her in the city. I'd really like her to go together on an adventure.
  11. Well, the cooking requirement is atm bugged so you cannot boost it with other things, but it will get fixed when a next update is released. :P I'm now also training cooking for that last task, GL with the diary!
  12. For the people who ask where I got this info from, I got everything just from what I read in RuneScape, everything was said either by NPC's, or out of books. About the "deity" when burning a vyrewatch, it's the soul of the Iycine that is freed from the corrupted body.
  13. About the Vyrewatch, they are people (mayority Iycines) who lived in Hallowvale (AKA Sanguinesti modern day) that couldn't escape from the Zamorakian forces led by Lord Drakan. Most of them were forced by him to become a kind of slave, AKA a vyrewatch, some of them did it because they thought they would be granted by Drakan. However, they all turned into Vyrewatch, probably by a kind of blood-process, but that's unsure. Those who were enslaved by Drakan, made an agreement with Saradomin, he would save their souls, so they wouldn't get corrupted, what did happened with their body and mind. The Iycines and humans that got across the Salve, made a Columbarium in Silverea, the place where now Paterdomus stands. It was (and still is) a place where the souls of the enslaved Iycines could be freed. As a thank, the soul would grant an adventurer who slays his corrupted body a key, to open a lock which contained their belongings, as a gift. To me, the theory of Vyrewatch copying Dragonkin is like saying that the Gnomes are copying the Dwarves, because they are both small.
  14. I also found something about Duradel, during the WGS-quest, all the 8 heroes gather in White Knight's Castle and you can talk to them. Some said normal things like Turael was going on retirement and his daughter would be taking his place in keeping track who's been swapping tasks over and over. When talking to Duradel however, he said that he didn't became Slayer Master just because of his slaying, but that he also did things he doesn't want to be reminded off. Looks like he has something to hide from us. Unfortunatly, now he is dead, we'll propably never know. But maybe there is more to know about this with a ring of Charos. So, could someone who hasn't done WGS look if we can charm him?
  15. Also, is it normal that Juna now tells 3 stories? I've always read the one about the godwars, but I can't remember the one about the origin of the light creatures and the Dorgesh-tribe.
  16. Mithril bars with one proto-tool: 645, so an easy 64,5K exp by making mithril plates for 742.3K coins. But hey, you can alch them afterwards. ^^
  17. Seems like our beloved thread is moving a bit to close to the end of page two. :P Well, today I was searching Jack Frost and came across The Oracle, a valiable source for our Stone of Jas. And after some chatting, I found this: Hmm, wakening up, pretty relevant after the quest While Guthix Sleeps, isn't it? :P
  18. Hi, you may not know me (except Behind Y0u and some others Belgian/Dutch people), but I do know a lot of you all, already reading these forums for several years etc, but never had the urge to create an account. :P But I have something to say about the FoG relation with the Stone of Jas. The place where you collect those tears, was a Saradomin Church/Sanctuary/... and was the place where the last battle of the Third Age was fought between the forces of Saradomin and Zamorak. Then Guthix awoke, and crushed his fist in the ground, thus stopping all the fighting and creating the Guthixian Edicts. His punch on the floor created a figure which is a sample of his fist and thanks to the power of the punch the whole place was filled by the special force that the Druids are now collecting from you when you play the game. This is what I've found on RSOF, various other forums and responses of RS Mods. :P I hope this will help. Also, I do think, that flying thingy is the stone of Jas, however, it's a shame it doesn't look like the stone on the skull of a character, placed in one of the Development Diaries. Would have been so cool to see the Mahjarrat forces having it and your character and 7 other people having to stop them. (Path of Glouphrie reference) P.S.: Sorry if my grammar is horrible, English is not my native language. :P Correct me when you see some faults.
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