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  1. Runescape like many other games uses a FSAA(full scene anti aliasing) system which works by rendering the game window at you chosen resolution times by a aliasing power. This being two or four in Runescape's case. It then scales this image down to make the final image. This process leads to a smoother gradient between edges. When cutting out images it should really matter the aliasing setting you have selected as you can always cut slightly inside the images and put a feather on the selection but yeah using the highest anti-aliasing setting will help greatly.
  2. 110+ combat recommend at least 80,80,80 70 prayer a highish magic level 70-80 and at least 52 summoning.
  3. Surfa7

    Going F2p

    Ty, see the thing is I have never been f2p so I wouldn't have known.
  4. Surfa7

    Going F2p

    I am going f2p because well I don't have much time to play anymore. Basically what do I need to stockpile, I already brought 2 sets of amour and weapons. Also I have 2 lobster pots some lobsters and fly-fishing rods etc. What else do I need and what would be a good place for me to train my melee skills whilst f2p?
  5. 1.) War tortoise 2.)Personal preference although people say whip plus defender is better at maxed melee but give both a try I would say. 3.) Your defense is quite low for soloing so maybe 2-3 kills (don't take my word for it).
  6. Dam it I want 99 construction banked. Oh well at least I have 80 banked.
  7. CONSTRUCTION (oh yeah I like construction) I think it is a lot more useful than smithing and the cape is quite rare, in my experience. I have seen more people with 99 smithing capes than construction.
  8. I would recommend you alternate between some of the good money making techniques. Example: Runecraft until bored Then do some barrows untill bored Then do some avs until bored Throw some gwd and boss killing in on the side. Rinse and repeat. They are just some examples.
  9. Basically my calculations on the price was just the amount of planks needed brought off the GE, the butlers price Is negligible mainly because you are only going up a few levels, although it properly would equate to 20k-30k more than I quoted.
  10. First of all you only need 69 for gilded altar (if you use teak selves 2 and crystal saw) and you get around 50k xp from each hammer. To find out how much money you need use tip.it skill calculator and the ge to find out (remember to divide number of planks needed by 2). edit: Screw it to get to 69 it will cost you 1,477,062gp and you will need around 7-8 hammers. Also oak larders are the best until 74 when you get oak doors. edit2: Been an idiot you will need 8 hammers.
  11. Sorry for the double post but I went and try it and well it was easy. I only got two kills though because I only took 1 prayer pot. loot \
  12. The tip.it guide is a bit out-dated (doesn't include summoning) and I am having trouble finding the AOW guide. edit: Found a lot of different guides and I have decided to try it later.
  13. Stats are in sig but in-case you can't see: Attack = 76 Strength = 76 Defense = 77 Range = 74 Prayer = 70 Magic = 76 If I can, should I melee or range and what would be the best set-up for me to use? Thanks
  14. Hmh, Thanks. Is the loot on the FFA portals good? or is there still that gay 75k limit and all that pvp has? or is it just the full loot? No loot
  15. Got the same message to be honest it was a rubbish scam just hover over the link to see that it isn't runescape.com.
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