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  1. Time to give it a rest, it's just a poor April Fool's day thread. Unfortunately we've given him exactly the attention and responses he was looking for. Although how somebody so stupid managed to be so successful in this game is still up for discussion.
  2. Krazi


    I don't think that the issue is purely that the content is temporary or that somebody doesn't like it, but a combination of both. And the fact that it is consistent year to year, the holiday events never seem to get better and I don't think I've done one for around 3 years now. If Hati came back for Christmas this year, it'd be the best holiday event thus far. There's nothing inherently wrong with temporary content, but most of the temporary content we get is holiday events and it just gets old. Give us something akin to the Hati Wolf update earlier this year for a holiday event. A short quest or series of puzzles leading up to a decent xp reward would be great.
  3. Since somebody already bothered to bring up an old post.... What about quests? You'd have people with Ancient Magic at 1 prayer, barrows gloves at 1 defense, etc. We already have people with fire capes at low levels from when Jagex resets botters' stats. When a player "zeros" their stats, would you take away every quest reward and diary/task reward that they got as a result of having the skill at their original level? If you want to zero your stats, start a new account and trade over your money and items now that we have free trade back. Problem solved.
  4. I'm laughing so hard at Tourette's Guy right now. And the only reason that Charlie Sheen is winning is that Chuck Norris isn't playing. :thumbup:
  5. If people want to spend so much time on a game, then let them. If it's what makes them happy then who cares? It's all about perspective. I could view somebody's guitar playing as being just as worthless as Runescape. Both are about setting goals and trying to accomplish them, and practicing to get better at something. If I remember right (longtime lurker here), Muggi made a similar comparison between Runescape and working out/lifting weights awhile back (or I could be making things up). I think if you worked on managing your time better, you could find the time to play Runescape AND have a social life, as far-out as that sounds.
  6. Didn't it used to be against Tip It rules to have topics about individual players? In any case, like most people, I fail to see how this is a big deal. Another one bites the dust, oh well. I do envy him for being able to quit the addiction though, because I have had zero success with it myself.
  7. Anybody find a Vecna Skull yet? I've heard Fire Giants, metal dragons (not bronze), and dark beasts drop it so far. Anything else?
  8. I have yet to read the articles but noticed a mistake in the description of the new articles on the main page: "Effected" should be "affected." Sorry, I'm a stickler for mistakes like that. Just trying to help out.
  9. I'll be keeping an eye on this, you've managed to catch my interest. Whatever it takes to win, right?
  10. Elite Void works great down there, I'm wearing it with my Blue Cape (SW) to make up for the lack of prayer bonus compared to proselyte. It doesn't seem like this spot ever really "caught on" though, because I've NEVER had to compete for a spot. Not that I'm complaining, I love being the only one down there, it just feels more relaxed than other spots. Great guide!
  11. Gilded altar, ectofungus, killing ghasts, shade burning, and now ashes... I think the skill is fine the way it is, sorry. And like Fourside said, xp for using the prayers doesn't really make sense. Should we get HP/Constitution XP when we take damage?
  12. Oh wow, I had completely forgotten about that. And I just spent 300 points on xp when I could have gotten the Deflector... :wall:
  13. I like the idea, I can't wait to see what other ways of killing him you and others come up with. I have 2 fire capes myself and might try to go for a 3rd with Elite Void. Will_holmes, no Void Gloves? :lol:
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