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  1. I own both, but they're falling apart and I need to get another pair, probably a green/black checkerboard pair next
  2. This guide is pretty amazing. All of these images should definitely be added to Tip.It's Bestiary.
  3. :oops: It blows that you got scammed... I hope you recover soonish, but 20M is a ton. At least to me.
  4. Awesome find, but it'll probably get removed soonish. It was a pretty interesting read though.
  5. Seeing as how there's a whole teleportation matrix, why not charge 10 gp per teleport, to anywhere. So every time someone teleports, I get 10 coins.... I think I just won.
  6. I don't think every space has been stepped on. But going along with this, what space has been stepped on the most out of all of them? I personally have no idea...
  7. Very informative guide, I'm actually going to use this one. Thanks for making it.
  8. Gnoes Wakka! Your party is the same time as the TET event... But I'll go to yours, 99 slayer takes precedent.
  9. 90 Attack(Currently 80) 90 Strength(Currently 81) 94 Magic(Currently 91) 99 Ranged(Currently 84) 90 HP(Currently 84) Who knows after that...
  10. My views exactly, don't just use huge paragraphs, and there's also plenty of guides on this subject already. There's a sticky to good guide writing, read it before you make another guide.
  11. That was an ignorant comment, simply pathetic... I cannot wait for the new lunar spells to be released, I hope there's a few nice 90+ spells packed in there. I'm mostly hoping for a moonclan teleport, if they make that I'll be convinced to stay on lunar almost permantly. This new addition goes great with the new sapphire bracelets(easy soft clay = home teletabs), as long as you have a house with 6 teleports and a glory (Like meh :XD: ) I honestly cannot wait for this new update, I hope the quest is extremely difficult and the reward sincerely worth it.
  12. RSN: T3hshabster House Location: Rimmington Timeframe: Next hour or so Server(s): 99 Construction Level: 69 How to Contact: Just show up at house, don't pm/message (unnecessary) Additional info: I have a gilded altar open for the next hour or so
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