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  1. so im back to f2p and i'd like to know what is good to alch in f2p?? ty for your answers ~mustang gt~
  2. im doing eadgar's ruse right now , btw, ty for your help , after the quests ill be closer to 38 herblore
  3. how can u get 45 herblore from 30 ( almost 31) without losing too many money and getting there fast i have a method but its hard to get the unicorn horns and limpwurt roots killing chaos druis, pick up all herbs exept guam , then get the ingredients and u lvl up. but getting loads of unicorn horns and limpwurt roots , thats very hard , i could also noly pick up harralanders and ranarr weeds , but then it will be very very slow ... plz help
  4. crystal bow is good , at 70 range , against blue dragons , when your bow is 10/10 u can still hit 17 or 18 on blue dragons , also , tblue dragons drop clue scrolls and good stuff ( d spears)
  5. possible a message appears , im not 77 runecraft but i never saw a bloood altar somewhere , and no-one drops/give blood tally
  6. pking wouldn't bring a lot of money because the players hold their best items ( exept if they are skulled ) , they will only drop gloves , boots , ammy ( lucky if its fury ) rings....
  7. i fish my sharks and sell them all going to 99 fish, only fishing because raws are worth alot more then cooked
  8. skilling , i just want skillcapes :thumbsup: \
  9. abyssal demons have the same color as whips in a trade but the whip hasn't the same color if u wield it :XD:
  10. crystal bows are really worth it!! i was range 70 and hitted 18 against a blue drgon with its 10/10 , u can still hit 17 at 8/10
  11. zombie monkeys?ape atoll dungeon and where u can craft the ammy, i hears its better xp at lvl 142 skeletons , that is in the dungeon where zooknock is , keep prayer always on if u train here or u will die with loads of money
  12. are u going to fish them yourself or not?
  13. u make an amulet and u try to talk with your cat :lol: u say u must logout when u need to sleep
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