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  1. Well, the last time I played Runescape I was 15 in 2008. I was most active when I was 14. Hours of nostalgia involved getting that rune armor, mining iron all day for 100g each, getting that whip, doing crazy stuff like running nature runes and charging orbs for money, exploring the god wars dungeon when it came out. Yeah... Well, I subscribed again because I have nothing better to do this summer, and wanted a mmo doesn't feel like WoW and run by a reputable company. Runescape was the only one that came to mind... So.. about my equips. All I have right now is: Full rune, rune defender, whip, glory amulet, and obsidian cape. I remember back when I was a member I had a torag set, with dragon boots, I think, and some kind of viking helm. Anyway, what's the flavor of the month for equips nowadays? All my combat stats are between 70 and 80. And how old is the community on this forum? Is everyone a veteran or do we have a lot of new players too?
  2. I only report idiots, period. =P Why should I care if I hear someone talk about another website? or people who I see asking for personal information? That shouldn't matter to me, so I don't report them. So I think it'll be better if people only report people who are being jerks. :thumbsup:
  3. The bank's kind of hard to navigate around. D: Like when I move an item right after moving another item, there's a lag and a different item gets moved instead. AWESOME that jagex did the bank search! WOOT! That completely made up for all the flaws of the bank update ^_^ Now all we need is the lock option! >_<
  4. By the way, if you talk to Sir Vant on your main, he'll give you the 2 exp lamps even though your main didn't do the new tutorial. ^_^ Just offer to slay the dragon for him and he'll give them to you. I used my lamps from Sir Vant and the Lumbridge diaries to get summoning from 12 to 22. =D Saves a lot of charms and shards that could be used for better familiars to get more experience per charm =p
  5. Yep! Happened to me alot! I never gave anything away though, I got reported for telling everyone that it was a scam. =P
  6. Not really anything's fault. Runescpae is a game easily playable by younger people. They don't have to download/install anything, pay anything (Unless they beg their parents :/) or buy anything.
  7. You can block them, but I dunno if Jagex can ban you for that or not...
  8. 330k, the same as all other sets ^^ But it takes 15 hours of straight combat to degrade to 0%, so you'll have enough money by then =D
  9. Alright D: I'll level all my other stats first then. lol
  10. Because all my friends are aiming for 99's and most of them got it =p
  11. Stats are in signature: Cooking is 61, fishing is 60, Prayer is 52 (Incase they don't show up) I have about 1.7 mil and I can make atleast 300k a day... I'm looking for a skill that's easy to level and cheap too, maybe like 55% easy 45% cheap ^^
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