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  1. Could someone give the loaction of each beacon?
  2. Does anyone know if their is a limit on the amount of points that you can obtain? (before spending them)
  3. Any chance of being able to choose if we can go back to the original skin that was created for the new updated forums, right after the data loss.
  4. gold bar ,enchanted gem(normall slayer gem) and ring mould. Interesting how much xp?
  5. Anyone know what is necessary to make the slayer ring once you've obtained enough points to buy the ability to craft it
  6. Yes, all the accounts that were created in the rollback period no longer exist.
  7. I suppose it does have the desired affect of making me burthope less, as i have been able to cancel 1 of my 3 consecutive dark beast tasks after finding them repetitive, and then being able to block/remove warped terrorbirds. On about task 17 atm, been sticking to duradel all throughout.
  8. You get penguin eggs from talking to the penguin keeper at ardougne zoo.
  9. Shards are 50gp ea And talk to the penguin keeper for a penguin egg.
  10. Could not agree more, it is a good compliment to training slayer as a few slayer monsters are very good droppers of charms, as well as some of the frequent tasks.
  11. With the soon to be update of summoning, do you reckon it would be possible to monster examine a familiar as in theory they should be able to assist you in combat.
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