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  1. I don't think you understand how this works. You delete what I have under blue and fill in your own; what I have under blue is not recommended buy and sell prices. None of the spreadsheet is based on GE prices, so I don't know what you mean by "the G.E graph is delayed by 1-3 days." It's showing 3 days of data, if that's what you mean, which it should be doing. I did make a spreadsheet a while ago that is supposed to help you come up with buy and sell prices for items, though. If you're interested, here's the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvcoIS071M0MdGZQMERMYkUtRHY0WmxtN0tLQWN3aEE#gid=0
  2. This spreadsheet is for merchanters/flippers to use to track trades and see what items are working best. The "Statistics by Item" and "Statistics by Date" tabs give you the most useful information. This spreadsheet is made to handle an unlimited amount of data without being edited i.e. you will never come to a point where you have to paste formulas down or across to continue adding data. Instructions for use: Fill in everything under blue (Item Name Quantity Buy Price Sell Price Date); the rest is automatic. I have some of the under-blue filled out so you can see how the spreadsheet works. You should of course delete these data when you download it for yourself. Make sure you only delete what's under blue. Download instructions: Open the spreadsheet by clicking the link, then hit "File" and "make a copy." You must be logged into Google Docs to be able to do this. The spreadsheet only works on Google docs because it uses functions that only Google Docs understands. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvcoIS071M0MdGZZVkFNcF9tVXpWYTFaWEx0WXhGV3c&usp=sharing
  3. So I don't have to manually copy and paste the shipping info onto my CSV file (for uploading to Paypal Multiorder Shipping)? If so, how can I do it? Edit: Nevermind. I found out myself.
  4. How to Fill Your Penance Horn Fast Table of Contents # 1.0 Introduction # 2.0 Suiciding # 3.0 Getting a Pro Team # 4.0 The Rest __________________________________________________________________________ 1.0 Introduction In case you havent realized it already, master penance horns are awesome. Once full, they give you double xp while training some of the most tedious skills agility, mining and fire making. You fill it by playing Barbarian Assault. If you can fill it quickly enough, youll actually end up making significantly more xp/hour than training without it. But filling it can be difficult and frustrating when you first begin, so here are a few basic steps to succeeding. __________________________________________________________________________ 2.0 Suiciding Suiciding is a must. Its so important and so few people know about it that you should always be the one to make sure it happens. In order to fill your horn the quickest, the Healer needs to heal 528 Life Points each round, but in the first five rounds theyre usually unable because players do not take enough damage. There are two ways to remedy this: 1. Be a suicide collector. If you pick up the wrong colored egg, you take 50 damage. So pick up 11 eggs or less (less are needed depending on how much damage you and other players take) and then have the healer heal you. 2. Be a suicide Attacker. If you drink a dose of a Zamorak Brew, youll take 10% + 2 damage. So keep at least 6 Zamorak Brews (4) in your inventory and then, at the beginning of each round, drinking two doses. Then, have the healer heal you. Repeat 3 times or until 528 life points is reached. Furthermore, Zamorak brews lower your defense level so youll be able to take damage more. Wearing weak armor will help too, of course. Its a little better to be a suicide Attacker than a suicide Collector for several reasons. (1) You dont lose points like you do if you pick up the wrong colored eggs as a collector. (2) Because teams are usually made up of two attackers, having one attacker being delayed for a short amount of time during the beginning rounds shouldnt be a big deal. (3) If Collectors dont do the suiciding, theyll have time to stock up the cannons to shoot the penance runners. (4) It takes less time for the healer to heal the attacker since he can do it at the beginning of the round next to the pool. __________________________________________________________________________ 3.0 - Getting a Pro Team If you play Barbarian Assault without a pro team, you will get very frustrated. Having all level 5 team members will make filling your horn quicker and more peaceful. Never go to the auto-pairing lobby because youll almost always get paired with unprofessional players if you go there. Only go there if youre not level 5 in any of the Barbarian Assault roles. There are three basic ways to get a pro team. 1. Apply for a Pro Barbarian Assault clan on a Runescape Forum. 2. Tell people you will only join pro teams. 3. Make your own team and only accept people that are level 5 in their role. Ive found that #3 usually gets you the best team members, since you are the one who decides who can join and who cant. However, it is definitely a job to be a team leader, especially if you plan to do quick starting at the beginning of each round (quick starting is when one person leaves the room after the end of the wave then comes back in and rejoins so you can start the game immediately instead of having to wait 30 seconds). __________________________________________________________________________ 4.0 The Rest Since there are so many other guides out there I see no point in making a completely thorough guide going over every role, how to get there, how much double xp to each skill the Master Penance horn will give you, etc. Try these three links from Runescape Wiki for this Barbarian Assault General Guide, Strategy Guide and the Master Penance Horn. Note: This post was copy and pasted from my blog.
  5. I'm having a hard time understanding how what you said related to anything on this thread. Who demanded negative proof and what was the negative proof?
  6. Extraordinary claims could be defined simply as any claim that carries great implications if someone chooses to believe it. Do I have proof for that definition? No. But I'm not claiming to accept the claim "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". If someone wishes to prove the claim true, they must be the ones to prove that the claim itself is not extraordinary. The reason why it's 'extraordinary claims' is because it would be ridiculous to try to live realistically always trying to find evidence for the smallest. For instance, if I told you that 'I ate Wheaties for breakfast this morning', are you really not going to rest until you find enough evidence that my claim is true? There'd be no point in doing so. Let's look at another way of disproving this claim. Say i make the claim that "No claims require evidence. Believe whatever you want." This claim does not offer evidence for itself but does not require evidence by it's own grounds. I can make any claims I want and not need to provide evidence as long as you cannot prove that my claim is illogical. So i can say that the ECREE claim is incorrect and there'd be no way to prove me wrong unless you can prove my claim wrong.
  7. I'm sure you've heard it said before that claim "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" is illogical or incoherent because the claim itself is extraordinary but does not provide any extraordinary evidence. I.E. if it's true, then it should not be accepted because it doesn't meet it's own requirement. So sometimes people change the claim to "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence except for the claim that 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence'" But this has it's own problem since even though it provides for the claim that 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence' it doesn't provide evidence for itself ("Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence except for the claim that 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence'"). But what if the claim is changed to "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence except for this one"? Does that fix the problem or is there still some logical error? This question has been driving me nuts the past couple weeks so I hope you guys can give me some input.
  8. haha that's pretty good I might consider that :D. O but the name is already taken by some noob who only ever posted once lol.
  9. Thanks but I was planning just to host it on blogspot. One idea I had for a name was something like ViableScrutiny. I just want something that makes it clear that it's a blog about looking rationally at different philosophical and religious issues and debates.
  10. I need a short but catchy name for my Philosophy blog (i.e. Name.Domain.com). Any ideas?
  11. How about if I use Paypal Labels and what if the package is bigger - like 13x15? I found this part on the USPS site, should I fill this out only for packages I can't fit in the mailbox? https://carrierpickup.usps.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/CarrierPickup.woa
  12. I need to send a 2oz, 6x9 envelope. According to USPS (http://www.usps.com/prices/first-class-mail-prices.htm) this qualifies as a "Large Envelope" and should cost $1.05 to ship via First Class Mail. So can I just put on stamps adding up to $1.05, put the flag up and count on it being gone tomorrow? If I use Paypal Labels it's about $1.50. Do I have to bring it to a USPS drop off, though, or will they pick it up from my house/mail box?
  13. I want to get my task (diary) armor upgraded to elite but I don't want to get the xp lamps yet because I want to use those on runecrafting (and currently my lvl isn't high enough). So i was wondering if i can just upgrade the armor without getting the lamps by filling my invo with stuff (i.e. so there's no space for the lamps). Will that work?
  14. Why do you think it does or does not? What effects will it have if they are removed? Do you personally want the buy limits? Why or why not? Edit: By 'Buy Limits' I'm talking about 4 hour buy limits on the GE (e.g. you can only buy 10k dragon hides and 25k coal per 4 hours and you can't sell back an item until 4 hours has passed.) Edit #2: Just thought of this - If Jagex does not remove the buy limits, people will most likely use multiple accounts to buy stuff over the GE and then trade to each other, thus avoiding the buy limits (with disregard to the rules).
  15. Think they'll take away the buy limits on the GE (i.e. you can only buy 25k logs per 4 hours)? It seems like that would be included in "free trade". If so, I'll be so rich so fast that i'll be sorry I wasted my time merchanting without them.
  16. And by best, I mean cheapest. I know this can be done using an xbox or some of the new dvd players (which I don't have), so I'm trying to find what would be the cheapest thing that would do the job.
  17. Currently there's a good balance among all the high leveled shields. Dfs has good defence bonus and highest str bonus (and fire defence, obviously). Elysian, divine and both have extra high defence bonuses and cks has a high defence bonus for a cheaper price. Then there's the rune defender that has it's little strength bonus and high attack bonus. There's no obvious universal choice right now because they all have their ups and downs. Won't the Dragon Defender disrupt this balance? Especially if it has an increased attack bonus over rune defender which is very likely? Won't the dragon defenders cause the demand (and thus the price) for the other shields to go down drastically? My hope is that the dragon defender only gives a defence bonus but I doubt it'll be that way. Edit: As some of you have mentioned, it will most likely also cause an imbalance between one-handed swords and two handed - the one handed swords having the upper hand (no pun intended). Edit: Okay, well it turns out they're barely any better... so yea. I guess this topic can be forgotten :P. Dragonfire Shields are going back up in price, too.
  18. That's not true at all. It's more convenient to carry around a small flash drive than a bunch of discs, flash drives don't break or get scratched like cds and if the files get corrupted somehow do you can always recopy the files onto it. The main reason I want to do it is because my Battlefront 2 cd broke so I want to download it online (which is completely legal since I bought the game) and play it through my flash drive.
  19. Meaning can I copy games to my flash drive on my computer and then plug it into the xbox 360 and play the games (i.e. use flash drive instead of cd)? If you can link me to an article about this that would be great.
  20. Is there a list of buy limits anywhere? If not, what you're actually asking for is that the crew create and then maintain an active list of buy limits for every GE item, which I imagine would be a large task. The buy limits almost never change, though, so it's a once and done kind of deal. Runescape Wiki has a good list of the buy limits which i think covers all items: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Grand_Exchange#Buying_.26_selling_rates.28Grand_Exchange_Limitations.29
  21. Speaking of effigies, I just got another one from Gargoyles. According to my personal log I just started, I've gotten 1 effigy per 224 Gargoyles lol. That's a lot better than 1 per 1,109 Gargoyles on this post but I'm sure I'm just getting lucky. Here's the link to my log (it's a google doc spreadsheet): https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AvcoIS071M0MdFlqVkl5NWZiTTFYVzFQdlc5NkI2eUE&hl=en I could make it make it editable so people could add in their own stuff maybe. @jettrider Your plan sounds really complicated. I like it lol.
  22. Like for instance maybe it'll say that 500 out of 200,000 dark beasts killed so far have dropped effigies which means an average of 1 in 400 dark beasts drop an effigy.
  23. I'm sure most of you know about the buy limits on the GE. Many items are not good for merchanting because of this. For example, tree seeds used to be great to merch because you could buy 1k per 4 hours. Because they're so high priced (even up to and over 200k each for mage seeds) you could buy tens of millions and even hundreds of millions worth every 4 hours. Now that Jagex changed their buy limit to 100 instead of 1k they're not so great for merchanting anymore because now you can only get millions per hour (except for palm tree seeds and mage seeds). The point I'm trying to make here is that it's very useful for Merchanters to know how much gp worth of an item they can buy every 4 hours, especially to be able to quickly tell which items you can put a lot of money into every 4 hours. So I propose that Tip.It add a section to their GE Centre that multiplies the buy limit times the price of the item and then lets you sort descending or ascending. What it would take to do this is that every individual item would need to have the buy limit figured out. This wouldn't be all that difficult, though, because items of the same sort usually have the same buy limits (i.e. herbs have 10k, logs have 25k, ores have 25k, etc.). Who's with me? Why or why not? Is there a slight change or addition you'd like to make to my suggestion? If so, please explain.
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