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  1. My maple leave guys aren't working :( When i save it or anything it just shows up as a blank screen
  2. Genie lamps till 25 then mini games till 60 --> One small favour quest when you get to lvl 30 def(20k xp) Thats the only way unless you kill things with your 1 atk and str
  3. If you want advice on pking stats don't look here lol... With the stats in your first post you would own
  4. Drag 2hs are around 2.5 mil atm, whips most expensive weapon at 3mil
  5. Holy dude thats awesome!
  6. Just confirmed it was only a lucky streak, just did 1000 without getting one(though i did get drill sargent :D )
  7. On the same one please Helmet/hat: Ahrims Hair colour: White Torso: Ahrims Legs: Ahrims Ammy: Fury(or glory) Weapon: Whip Shield: Zammy book Gloves: Chaos Gauntlets Boots: Black Mystic Cape: Obsidian Helmet/hat: Torags Hair colour: White Torso: Torags Legs: Torags Ammy: Fury(or glory) Weapon: Whip Shield: Drag Sq Gloves: Chaos Gauntlets Boots: Rune Boots Cape: Obsidian Thanks
  8. I think i was just on a lucky streak lol, got 7 in 2000 now, so i'm guessing i was just on a roll
  9. Thanks, and all you get from it is extra laws and airs I think my streak has ended, just went 200 without a random event :shock:
  10. Not sure if its just me or not, but it's wierd, approx every 200 teles i've got one, done around 800 so far and 4 events I'd appreciate if someone else could come test this out to see if its just me or not. thanks
  11. I'm starting to think the random teleport event isn't so random. Just got back from a 3 month break and decided to get magic up. So far every 200 teleports i've got the lost and found random event. Not sure if this is completely true, i've only done 600 teleports and got 3 so far, i'll keep teleing and try and find out. Edit: Just got another one on my 800 th tele - 4 so far. and another on my 900 th tele - 5 so far On my 1000 th tele i got another - 6 so far :shock:
  12. Yep. But most online games aren't much better, theres always go to be arrogant people that don't know sh*t.
  13. Lol, unfortunately thats too true :lol: Especially since all my soccer team supports France :evil: Live in Canada btw, Moved here 5 years ago. GO ENGLAND! Awesome looking ball for the cup as well :D
  14. Hmm, I deserve the 10 mil because i always help out my friends and other random newbies[even though i'm only lvl 44], giving them free full irons, food, sometimes money. i have free giveaways on f2p server quite often just going to a low populated worlds and trading people and give them free mith or addy weps and armour. Even though i only have around 3.5mil, and if i get it i'd probably be able to help more newbies. I close enough too always, buy more than what people ask. Helping people find there way around(people new to members or just people that are lost in f2p). I would most likely spend around 2 mil of it buying free stuff for newbies and could have more giveaways, also i'd like to level up some skills. Therefore i think i deserve the 10mil. RSN: Undead Liger P.S. If you need proof, i have pics of me giving stuff away(i know how a lot of people say the same thing "no pic no proof") so just pm me on tip.it if you do.
  15. all of the above[except the public schools :? ] 'The feeling of winning when all the odds are against you.'
  16. Hey guys, well i play on a U14 soccer team(The Cougars) in Manitoba(Canada), and in august we won the provincials championship! Next monday(5 days) we fly out to Moncton, New Brunswick for nationals! Wish us luck...we play N.B. second team first, and then B.C. Wish us Luck!
  17. ~The Final Battle~ Elazar was an old man, well over a millennia, yet he still stood tall and strong. As was the way of most powerful mages, yet his tale is different and the losses and rewards were much, much greater. Elazar was scared. For the first time in a millennia, he was truly scared. ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ãâ¦Ã¢â¬ÅLuthor, Mike, Braer, get up here. IÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢m in the crystal tower,ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬ÃâÃ
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