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  1. As of 10minutes ago you don't actually need to kill Hati to recharge your gloves fyi. Logged in on pure, put on gloves to go kill and they had 100% charge without so much as seeing Hati.
  2. OP would be better off killing them in CT, which is why I said that void helm is no good. Not much reason to kill them in AC. And his stats are more than sufficient: I was able to get a great kill rate with flat 90 melees. OP was also asking a question about both, not asking which is better. @OP, CT will generally be better than AC unless you fail somehow, or want to pay less attention. If you're just looking mainly for gear, etc, to use: http://tip.it/runescape/?page=waterfiends.htm#chaostunnels
  3. Void not having helm scrolls will have no effect whatsoever in AC wfs, and he didn't ask about black demons or charms in general.. Not sure about the first question as have never done CT wfs But for the second, void is a great option. And SS flashing is a great way to stay indefinitely (although for maximum killing speed, piety is better), and Goliath gloves are awesome for wfs.
  4. Mod Edit: Quote of rule-breaking post removed. Also, void>pernix, for the fact that the difference lost from cannonball accuracy will be more than made up for by chin accuracy and damage.
  5. Take some nature+fire runes to alch all the rune weapons and helms
  6. I've tried it and honestly, rapier destroys PPS there. Only 94 magic but yeah I'd suggest trying both ways out and see which one you like best. If you're going for fastest, I'd say rapier.
  7. Never been and just got a Greater Demon task so looking to try them out. What would be the best set-up/invent to use? Looked at Runewiki and at the moment my set-up is: Slayer helm, Gano top+bottom, ardy cape, fury, dfs, CR, barrows gloves, dragon boots and row. Darklight for spec or EEE (not sure which I should use), Zammy arrow for protection getting kc. Would that be a viable set-up? Or should I switch cape/shield/gano out? Not concerned with up-keep cost of Gano either. What invent should I use? Have OVLs and probably switching from war tort to unicorn. thanks!
  8. in after elitism and inb4 "you need overloads now otherwise you suck" you do not *need* a rapier as soon as possible. you can do perfectly fine with a whip until you decide you need a rapier. However, the rest of above peoples comments ring true. farming, slayer, questing, herblore are the ones to work on now youre a member. summoning too when you decide to do so He never said you *need* a rapier. He said it's worth getting asap, big difference. On topic: Look at your quest list, make sure filter is checked off and start on quests, a lot give good exp and are relatively easy and quick to do at your level.
  9. Like mage w/o the base exp
  10. Aside from the exp difference, rune saving and certain npcs that are weak to fire spells, PPS is better in all other situations in terms of dps (after SOA of course), plus it is the cheapest by far.
  11. PPS is much better than Fire Surge Math (ctrl-f -> polypore) http://forums.zybez.net/user/344272-grimy-bunyip/page__tab__topics Graph https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdDAzQVRQS0Z0eHpwalpUM0YtZjBQbGc#gid=0
  12. I've fought him with Void and with Karils, no difference. The only thing that does make a noticeable difference is defense level. Not armor, which is why you go for max offensive bonuses. And no, you really cannot compare the two, maybe give them both the same weapons and have everything minus the armor the same. Even then like I said, one example means nothing. I destroyed a guy with a Cmaul while I used Goliath Gloves and had more than half food left, therefore, by the logic of comparing one item, Goliath Gloves must be twice as good.
  13. You don't know what you're talking about at all. No. You don't. You're an idiot. Compare brews used on this... You're an idiot. Because we all know one fight means everything. I destroyed a guy with a Cmaul while I used Goliath Gloves, with more than half my food left. Guess that means Goliath gloves are twice as good as Cmaul using your logic. Actually watched the video...how can you can compare a rapier fight with a "spork" fight? Also, the second one used a full inventory from the Yak, and he was using armour. Get some valid videos next time?
  14. You don't know what you're talking about at all. No. You don't.
  15. Protect melee works on last stages. Melee void is shit here without ovls and turm. How is melee void shit without them? Considering your defense doesn't affect his attacks in the slightest until his berserker mode.
  16. Overall exp, so similar to Cmaul? Pretty good imo, and saves me going out and getting another 2mil dung exp :D
  17. Trying out the gloves at Waterfiends, with ovls, turmoil (only the initial 15% boost) - Orange splat of 502 with 98 Strength. 40 minutes in and around 70k exp with 81 Crimsons, anyone know rates for SS/Cmaul? For an hour I got around 102k exp, 124 Crimsons.
  18. I think they need to up the rate....I'm at around 450ish bosses now and only 3 pages >.<
  19. From someone on RS forums: "After 852 bosses, I finally completed all the achievements, and was excited to see what was at the top... A place with a number of bosses that can be killed, for 0 exp, 0 Dominion Factor, 0 count toward bosses, 0 reward, and just respawns after 3 seconds... I'll mildly say, I'm really disappointed! " Wow. Disappointing =/
  20. Endurance Mode is actually fun/difficult now! :D Floor 9 held the 3 Monkeys, Floor 16 had Nomad :D Floor 23? Nomad. And a dead me. Btw, anyone doing endurance, I'd definitely recommend taking a Dom sword with you and just hold onto it...very effective against Nomad. Also, take as many help horns as you can. I've used all 5 of mine so far and only on floor 20 (didn't help I had to Overdose twice and heal up) Can all the Class A bosses show up in Endurance? Need 3 more Class A bosses for achieve
  21. Started getting back into my old pure, my main stat goals at the moment are 84 Ranged and 84 Magic (currently 66 and 70). I managed to get 55 Slayer thanks to the 3x slayer day, so I have access to broad bolts for training. Magic I'm pretty sure I'll just be bursting from 70-84 and may train summoning eventually. I'm just unsure about where to train ranged, planning on cannons Wala's with auto-retaliate on currently, for charms + I've heard it's good exp (Not bothered about spending money for quicker xp). As eventually I will be going for 99 ranged and cannon probably won't be worth it at that time. Where's a good place for a pure to train ranged without a cannon? <-- Not interested in Chins @ Ape Atoll (tried it on my main...) Are chaos Tunnels a viable option? Also, for Waterbirth is there a standard CC or world to use at all? Just started playing again and don't know many people.
  22. Definitely use Void > Karils, have to switch one more thing but definitely worth it. Also try switching out the Karils Xbow for Rune Cbow w/ Diamond or Broad Bolts.
  23. This. Still debating whether or not to come back, don't know how much free time I'll have that I can't do anything else...
  24. Training strength at armoured zombies. 1.4mil (well 1.392mil) total exp from 100% to 0%. 700k normal, 700k bonus. Reset xp counter when I started using them, only time I unequipped them was to kill Bork once, like 500xp? That doesnt explain your first psot at all. You said that if 10k*ur lvl were true you would of gotten MORE THAN 1.4mil xp from yours at 95/96 strength. If we take 95, it works out to 950k. 950k is clearly not more than 1.4mil, so how does your statement of if 10k*lvl was true you would of got more than 1.4mil work? I'm not disputing you got that much xp, with 97 hp and the level gain it sound about right. Merely that your post made no sense, since you claimed the formula would of given you more than 1.4mil xp; yet the formula clear works out to you getting 950k xp I was responding to Aeil's post, stating that the xp is 10xthe level, the way he worded it was that it was that much bonus exp, not total exp.
  25. Training strength at armoured zombies. 1.4mil (well 1.392mil) total exp from 100% to 0%. 700k normal, 700k bonus. Reset xp counter when I started using them, only time I unequipped them was to kill Bork once, like 500xp?
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