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  1. Give it a little time, it will become popular again once the focus shifts off rushing skills/money and onto pures/pking.
  2. No point in posting my bank, its mostly just small slayer drops (herbs/runes/gems etc) and 32k. Have a stack of 11k cooked lobbies and a D long. Should see me through slayer for a bit. Surprisingly its been super fun slaying inefficiently, compared to rapierscape.
  3. Honestly if they are going to allow this they should've just restored players to what they had at server snapshot. Allowing this to happen just hurts the people who stopped playing in 07+ and have come back for ORS; which should be the target audience for jagex. More importantly though, it opens the floodgates for people who rwt/dice/phish accounts to get an insurmountable lead and turn around and rwt again effictively doubling (easily) the value of their goods.
  4. -Every update or restart I used to rush down the magic guild and buyout deaths/bloods when the update refreshed the stock -Used to train combat on ogres underneath the chaos druid tower with a dlong, thought 60k per hour was amazing -Found out about the axe hut in the wildy being better combat xp so went there instead died many times to pkers -Sat in seers bank for like a week just fletching yew longs then alching them (people were always there to sell yews/strings/nats) -When the team capes came out i bought a bunch of them and started selling them for 50k each in random banks across rs -Used to camp fire giants in the waterfall dungeon ranging them, hoping for a dmed which was 2.2m More that I can't think of, man nostalgia x10
  5. Sub Cancelled. Slayer + Effigies were the only thing I found interesting in the game, Gf 400k from 99 slay.
  6. This. Maxing just got 2x+ longer for those who dont have effigy skills. Should've been fixed soon after it came out, or not at all. But In jagexs eyes, it only effects a SMALL number of people so it's perfectly fine. RoW Corp anyone?
  7. To elaborate: I have 172 effigies banked, update happened ~450k from 99 slayer. Now i cant finish 99 slayer untill: 88/92 agil 64/92 rc 91/92 con 72/87 hunter 90/92 smithing And thats relying on a +5 stew boost for most. When I only really enjoy slayer. Now I can't train the skill I enjoy because Ill be throwing away millions of xp untill im FORCED to train something I don't enjoy. I can't save them for later. Now id imagine theres people who arent even close to reaching opening levels. They're at HUGE disadvantage towards maxing because they decided to play in 2012.
  8. This is entirly the reason they shouldn't of ever changed it.
  9. Thats the biggest issue, having it out there for so long. Then nerfing it without a rollback of sorts to people who got to use the method.
  10. [spoiler=Show] String of Elites, some bad one OK Shorty after 98 Slayer, First Champ Scroll
  11. The worst place for this is Kuradels dungeon (Metal Dragons) with extremes/piety/max att/str I can kill 3 irons or 2-3 steels usually before the first one spawns again. However along come people with whips/broad bolts/fire BOLT and general far sub par equipment, resulting in 1 kill per my 2-3. Sometimes they even have the nerve to tell me to hop. The occasional times I see another player using SoA/high level with rapier I dont bother or try to crash out of respect
  12. Rs client is your only option though, usb sticks/thumb drives are like $2 for 8gb ones here in Aus and everythings overpriced here.
  13. Since the comp cape requires you to max, why does it only give combat bonuses? Why not some form of bonus for every skill when it requires every skill at max to own. Seems odd to me that the "end content" is biased to one area out of many required to obtain it :\ Hopefully they buff the comp cape in another way, instead of just increasing its combat bonuses every time they decide to release a new combat cape.
  14. You'd be surprised... Usually you're not limited by anything but pots and familiars (runes/ammo being stackable). Bank time is 2-8 minutes. You can already last 1 hour at most places no problem with the best gear. With 50% more potion you can perhaps last 1.5-2 times as long (depending on which familiar you use, you'd last 1 extra pouch). You save 1 banking per two hours, that's 1-4 minutes per hour (2-5% kph) but you also lose money buying the flasks and time decanting your overloads etc.. So if the flasks go up too high you'd really be losing money. Thats going to be the case with every applicable use for the flasks. Time to bank from whatever boss/task/camped monster vs price of flask/time to make flask. Surely going allow more mistakes in current fight caves for less experienced players and more then likely REQUIRED for the new fight caves. Id assume would be used most for Nex/Gwd (kill count included in banking trip for gwd) or players with an abundance of cash that would prefer the extra invent spaces.
  15. Dragonkin Lamps also, probably not the easiest method
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