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  1. If that were true I would have gotten more than 1.4mil xp from mine, at 95/96 Strength.
  2. Thanks for the link! Around 40mil for the Chins then, and I'll definetely check out the resource dung as that would be a great place, will eventually get 70+ anyway. Thanks for replies...should be all i need for now :)
  3. Cash is of no concern to me really, I can get it as I need it easily enough via flipping/merching once it's back...60 Strength is only until I get to 80 Range/Mage, as that way all my combat levels can/will influence my combat...and as for prayer I'll be using someones altar, probably frost dragon bones (like 200 frost bones from 0-43 prayer, not including any quests) How are the ogres in lathas' cage for cannoning? If no good I'll just go to rock crabs till at least 70, then not sure where I'll go 70-80 (any suggestions? Aviansies with prayer any good?), maybe with or without cannon. If the Walla's are going to be a complete waste I won't do them, for the most part I'll be reading or doing other stuff when cannoning so may just be chilling out with a Gmaul/Dscimmy+Godbook for the accuracy bonus to the cannon. Estimating 80-99 magic at around 55-60mil for runes alone then. Also, is there a max on the dmg % of magic? May end up getting a Dung gear to hybrid with.. Also, any estimation on amount of chins for 80-99 range? Guessing similar price to mage? Or less? Will not have void either so that will affect me a lot. Thanks for replys.
  4. Heya, currently working on a pure and wondering on what/where to train a few things... Stats atm are 47 Atk, 56 Str 67 Mage 42 Range 56 HP 47 Combat 1 Prayer At the moment my goals are 60 Atk/Str, 80 Range/Mage at which point I will Chin/Burst to 99 Range/Mage and get 88-90 Strength. Want to collect charms while leveling for when/if I ever train summoning, and approx how many charms would 80-99 Magic Get Me, and 42-80 Range (If I cannon Wallaskis?) Getting 70 Magic via Crumble Undead with SC Staffs, after that, not sure what to do until 80, vunerability/enfeeble/alch while I cannon? Planning on getting 42-80 Range via Cannon only, just not sure where to go, Rock Crabs? Is there anywhere else I can go that will get my any charms/decent loot? Will eventually be getting prayer up for pking (smite etc), can do that right away if needed for a better cannoning spot...also, what would be the best accuracy bonus for my levels for cannoning? D Scim+God Book? Finally...where should I level melee? At Al-Kharid Warriors atm and seem to be pretty good, anywhere that would be better for me now? And what about once I'm 60 Attack/Str? ::: Using SC Weps atm, purely due to the fact I can afk SC while skyping/reading/watching a movie or gaming, so don't really clasify it as time lost or that could have been spent training. thanks!
  5. What will happen upon death outside of Wilderness? Once grave is gone, gear can be picked up by randoms? Or no graves?
  6. Do Vampire Slayer and Death Plateau for around 7.8k Attack Exp, Waterfall quest gives 13750 Attack and Strength Exp, all of these you can do in an hour or two. Grand Tree, Tree Gnome Village and Fight Arena can also be done, though you would need to kite with range to kill the bosses, so I'd reccomend getting 35+ magic before doing. On my pure, was 20/20 Atk and Str and got 40 Atk and 34 Strength with the first 3 quests and Tree Gnome Village (35 mage + kiting the boss). As for Slayer Gear, posters previous got it all, try and make enough money for a slayer mask ASAP, and get magic up to using all teleports.
  7. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ava%27s_alerter#Elite_Clue_Scroll Tells you how to get to each location...Course mine's in Meiyerditch >.< 850k Clue...4/5 Knots, a Puzzle, 3-4 Scanners -.-
  8. How effective would Korasi's Sword be down there? Using a Ring of Vigour for 2 specs could absolutely pwn Dharok...but worth not having specs for Karil? Or would it depend on what you would use on Karil > Specs, C Rapier for instance
  9. 1elitesc is on world 70, try them if the other isn't working
  10. Is picking up the Rune Arrows they drop worth it? I've killed around 2.3k Dragons and have 2.1k Rune Arrows (390k) and 13 Rune Longs (247k). Averaging 160 Kills p/hour at the moment picking them up, no extremes/overloads, 96 Atk, 95 Str, 71 Pray, using tanking equipment, Dharoks Chest, V Skirt, DFS, Glory, SW cape, Neit, Dboots, Barrows and Lumby Ring (4)(Don't ask). Also...any ideas on when the Bones will stop dropping in price? Wanting to wait till I have 10k to sell, but if they drop too low I can lose a lot of profit..
  11. Buy Hunter Kits and Open them.
  12. Helmet: Void Ranger Helmet AND Void Melee Helmet Necklace: Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory > Amulet of Power Cape: Soul Wars Cape / Ardy 3 Quiver: Ruby bolts(e), Diamond bolts(e) > Broad bolts > Emerald bolts(e) Chest: Elite Void Knight Torso > Void Knight Top AND Armadyl Chestplate > Karil's Top > Black D'hide Top Legs: Elite Void Knight Legs > Void Knight Bottom Ranged Weapon: Rune Crossbow > Zanik's Crossbow Melee Weapon: Rapier > CLS > Godsword > Hally Shield: Void Knight Deflector Gloves: Barrows Gloves Boots: Dragon Boots > Ranger Boots > Snakeskin Boots Ring: Berserker > Archer Ring > Explorer's Ring Try that
  13. Sorry, but I have to agree with xpx. Yep, first off, how many items are you switching inbetween prayer switches? You'll be switching too much to kill effeciently, and halberd < Godsword < Chaotic Weapons, unless you're very low level and fail at prayer switching, in which case you'd be better off somewhere else. Also, Ava's back = useless as if you're safe spotting it will not collect the bolts for you.
  14. Also can't do overloads at that level. Check out Grimys spreadsheet in AOW, Super Restores are 20ish gp/xp, and 100-150k xp/hr.
  15. First off Square, if I could afford a fury, I would be using one. Second, thanks speeder, and I'll definately do some herb runs, have a stockpile of decent seeds already thanks to MTK + Demons. And yeah I'll probably look into the BA horn for both agility and firemaking to see how worth it it is. Any advice on a different ring to take then? Haven't played in almost a year =/
  16. Alright so my final goal is to eventually complete all the elite diaries, currently doing Tormented Demons till i have 100mil or so then will start, first off, would duoing TDs be worth it in regards to faster cash? Amount killed etc is moot as I only want the cash, set-up is below with Ele Titan, currently killing 16 an hour, repotting every 2 demons in South West spot, any advice for faster solo kills? Such as spot, invent etc. Stats in Sig. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Second, the stats I need, have a few brawling gloves to get me going on some, but in terms of some skills, I have no idea what would be the fastest way to go about it. Have an idea.. 93 Slayer, after I get the 100m this will be the first level achieved, mainly for the cash. 95 summoning, probably have the charms after slayer, will level as cash is avaliable. 92 firemaking, will be using yews or magics, as I hate this skill :) 95 prayer, will be doing Frost Bones at a Guilded Altar. 75 farming, trees only 91 smithing, 1 pair gloves, then mith/addy plates with SC Hammers 95 cooking, monkfish until I can do sharks effectively 85 crafting, either green or blue Dhide Chests, depending on prices Unsure / No clue.. 92(96) herb, Super Restores / Extremes? 80 Mining, have 2 pairs of Brawling Gloves to get me going, but after those are gone, no idea. :( 96 fishing, Salmon/Trout? Monkfish? 91 runecraft, no idea the fastest way to go about this. :( 82 thieving, 1 pair gloves, then no idea. :( 80 woodcutting, 1 pair gloves, then Ivy? 90 Agility, No idea, Wildy Course all the way? Any advice on leveling or suggestions will be appriciated thanks.
  17. Alright, so I'm around 15k points off of being able to get my first chaotic weapon (and possibly only for a long time...), I was wondering which would be best, I know W00x16 or w/e did a test that found CLS>Rapier>CM at Maxed Stats + Ovs + Turm. I however don't have either of the 3 :( Rapier I'm thinking would be too inaccurate for me, Maul potentially too slow, but best accuracy + strength, Long Sword mid range on all, I'm going to be down there for a long time (At least 10+ Claws) and wondering which you guys think would be best for me? Also, if maul, how is the Magic Longbow (Sighted) (best accuracy at +50 over Crossbow and +20 over Chaotic) down there? - Only with maul as with CLS would have to switch out Defender too. I will be using a Void Setup and using Elemental Titans until I have the charms for 88 Summoning. Stats in sig. Thanks in advance :)
  18. Anyone know if you can boost to get the Craft Req? Working on 60-70 Con now, loving this quest already as it's making me actually level some skills :D
  19. Undead Tiger - my main, was around 12 when I made it :thumbsup: Pkermurderer - my first pker Demonic Whim - another pker (Whim :arrow: Desire) Fearful Whim - another pker (Fearful :arrow: frightening)
  20. By giving you an advantage if you gather your own materials? Instead of just going to the GE and buying it in 5 seconds? Where did you obtain that logical reasoning? :wall: OT: I support, would actually give me a reason not to buy materials :thumbsup: .
  21. Just wondering how many sharks per hour I'd be able to get with 76/80/85+ Fishing, thanks.
  22. Get a Dspear and annoy the piss out of dclaw / void pjers...funny when they call you a nerd for pjing : .
  23. Wrong, they did used to be 1k each, and bloods were 2k each (before charge was nerfed :wall: ). Don't post if you don't know what you're talking about. And pretty much been answered already, just had to say that -.- .
  24. Wouldn't work as that would mean people would have to have multiple targets :wall: And if you want this to be taken seriously at all I'd suggest tidying it up. A wall of text is never a fun read and will discourage a lot of readers.
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