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  1. 75 attack, 70 Strength, 90+ Defence/Ranged, 94 Magic for Venge and 44 Prayer for Ranged Tanks
  2. When I get 3-4 on me usually logging out for 10-20 seconds will get them to leave and you can go back to killing one. Also just be careful when you step out to darklight you demon as the far spawn might see you as it patrols.
  3. You can kill 3 every 30 minutes and 5 every hour and it will not negatively affect your drops, anymore than that and your drops will get worse, and fast. As far as I know there is no penalty for killing the same person though, seeing as people often ask for rematches.
  4. Great Guide for using Brawling Gloves. viewtopic.php?f=113&t=780792
  5. You will be able to get around 1300-1400 kills with that set-up before Torag's fully degrades. Granite Shield > Zammy book btw, only 40-50k and gives a decent range defence. Take excalibur for the special instead of super defence potions as they will be gone in no time at all. If you have Void it's much better in my opinion to use, also if you're 68 summoning bunyips are awesome. Can take summoning pot and 5 Bunyip pouches + 5-10 range pots and get 400+ kills before you're out of either. Will speed everything up a lot, and at 84 range, 90 defence I only used about 5 BtP tabs getting to 300ish kills with Void. Full Void, Arma Pendant, Ranger Boots, Zammy Shield, Archer Ring, Accumulator. Also hit up the Oo'glog pools before you go, the energy boost will keep you running through the cold that usually drains it to 0. And if you dislike the idea of running to the Eeyrie without a Sara item, take the Sara Godcape and drop it once you get into the Eeyrie. Sorry for bad grammar, 4:30am here :? :wall: .
  6. 2 months ago, just got from a 18 month break. Came back to find my account perm banned and incorrect pass -.- . Took around 3-4 days before I could get the pass changed, then another 2 or so to get it unbanned, (luckily the hacker only appealed one of the two offences). All I did was state how bad the grammar in the appeal and the evidence was and how I'd never talked like that in 6-7 years of playing and explained what happened : .
  7. Take a sara cape with you when you go, then after you get into the Eyrie (much better to kill here), then you can drop it and equip accumulator again.
  8. Also, for the SC, time how long the helms last you, if 3 helms will last you an hour or more it is worth it. If not though, just stick to full void. Try this set-up for Void, it is the only truly viable option, could change ranger boots for snakeskin, everything else is pretty much a must. Head - Void Cape - Accumulator Neck - Arma Ammy Arrows - Broad Wep - Rune C'bow / Excalibur for spec Chest - Void Legs - Void Shield - Zamorak Shield Gloves - Void Boots - Ranger Ring - Archer
  9. ah right forgot about that :oops: Would Zammy kite and Arma ammy be the best options then? Also I'll be taking Sara Mage Cape and dropping it once I get to the Eyrie.
  10. I've tanked them before in the basic set-up of torags till around 1.4k kills, but I want to get 90 range there (2 max KCs and 25milish - use on Chins : ). Just wondering if this would be a good set-up. I am currently 30k from 84 Ranged and will be 90 defence when I go. Will this be effective or would I be better off without Void? Head - Void Cape - Accumulator Neck - Arma Ammy Arrows - Broad Wep - Rune C'bow / Excalibur for spec Chest - Void Legs - Void Shield - Zamorak Shield Gloves - Void Boots - Ranger Ring - Archer Thanks!
  11. Melee training in a non-hotzone doesn't seem worth it to me. I camped 15+ hours at Ankous (Guthans from new to 0%) and then did pvp trick, garbage everytime, killed people 5 times an hour for 2 hours.
  12. I'd suggest getting 68 summoning and 70 prayer and going to zombies, don't protect from melee, just use piety. I can stay there without using any food whatsoever with bunyips, take 1 pure set per bunyip if you re-pot every 2 full special bars. I got around 60-70k an hour there last night using a BGs training defence (lent out whip for 24hrs to sell dclaws for mid price \ ). Will get way more once I get my whip, theres a great guide on them in general guides.
  13. Thanks for replys : . And I agree with the special thing on the mini-map, but saw it has been suggested before, both on RSOF and here.
  14. Add a special bar to weapons that do not have a special. Thus, when using a Rune C'bow, Crystal Bow you are able to see when to switch weapons to spec. Instead of switching and being one tick off. Not that big of a deal but would not be hard to implement I would assume. Short and sweet : . Supporters will_holmes iamthechamp sees_all1 Jenove s1reatalot blakdragon39
  15. Still sold for mid GE, went to duelling world and sold where people are less aware they're crashing : . Funny when I went to W2 like 5-10 people there selling for either 15m+junk and a couple even for pure junk :roll: .
  16. Glad TDs dropped them for me today then : . Laughing at the fools selling in W2 and on forums for 15m+junk or pure junk. I went to duelling worlds and pking worlds were people weren't aware they had crashed. Sold for 19m, Tassets, Fury, Berserker ring and a bunch of sellable small stuff \ . Most likey they will drop for a week or so then go back up and stabalize, seeing as they are the best spec weapon (debatable). Hope that jagex increases the alch value of them though so they protect over other weapons.
  17. Starting playing again 53 days ago, came back with 104 Combat, 180(ish) Questpoints, 1400(ish) total, 1 Con, Hunt, Summoning and 19 farming...planning on getting all my stats 70+ after I do 10 or so trips at TD's. Going to attempt solo first and see how I do. 7th Trip, just learning so only 3-4 kills a trip atm \
  18. Great guide, definately going to use it once I get good internet tomorrow. :thumbsup: Also, why no ring of wealth and whats with the Tyra's Helm?
  19. Xp rates and money gained/lost would be great. :)
  20. Can use granite shield instead of Obby, has same stats and is around 250k+ cheaper. Try using this set-up, I have a KC of 1263 atm with only 31 B2P tabs used. Also be sure to take excalibur for the special and a mith grapple if you can to get into the eyrie, much less crowded.
  21. Multiple trips by dozens of people have proven RoW decreases your addy bars, late at the moment so not gonna post proof but I'm sure you could google it with ease.
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