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  1. How many tickets can you have at once? Can you only have 250 stored at once or could I get upto 10-20k stored?
  2. Depends on your level really, at lvl 98 both were easy but DT was extremely more annoying.
  3. You do realize that not one barrows weapon is fast right?
  4. Mithril are three times more, might be a little more xp per hour but overall i'd get less xp
  5. If you pick them up, then 133k arrows will get you to 99 If you do not pick them up, then 200k arrows will get you to almost 89. Otherwise, 530k arrows will get you to 99. Also, cast a Curse on the monster first to pull it over to your safe spot. Hope this helps Eh? 133k arrows to 99 or 530k? I might be able to sell some arrows and buy some better range gear :P
  6. :P Awesome thanks..and steel how do you figure out 10 xp per arrow? I can hit more than 2-3 each time..
  7. :shock: 300k xp a day thats nuts! And thanks :P
  8. i'm currently 74 Ranged, can anyone give me an estimate on what my range level will be once I've used them all? I'll be training at fire giants
  9. lol thanks..can anyone tell me where granite is now :oops:
  10. What lvl would be the best to start powermining granite over iron ores at? Thanks
  11. kk, thanks so 100+ ores per day would be reasonable? and thanks again :P
  12. Hmm, k thanks..could you help me then? how much ore do you think I could get in 7-8 months..doing nothing else, except maybe i little ranging here and there.
  13. In wild you're farther away from bank and run the risk of being pked..and i doubt it would take several hours to mine 100 ore..14 worlds is a full invent if no1 else is on
  14. Bump, thanks i checked it out, not too sure I want to do that, I'm planning on mining 80k rune ore(85-99 mining) and trying to find out how long it would take me and if it would be worth it(i'd end up with 1bil+ cash)
  15. Nice guide, how many ore and xp can you get per ore using both the methods?
  16. Yes, you can buy from the dwarf for 750k. Or, you could save yourself a few 100k an buy from another player. But if you buy from another player you don't get a warranty, so i usally buy from the dwarf..i read forums while i'm playing and cannons decayed a few times on me.
  17. 1. How long does a full invent take to mine on good(no other miners) and bad days(2+ miners)..this is in heroes guild and with world hopping. 2. Also doing this, how many ores can you get in an hour? 3. How long does a full invent take to mine on good(no other miners) and bad days(2+ miners)..this is in f2p wildy and with world hopping. 4. Doing this, how many ores can you get in an hour? Thanks a ton!
  18. Which do you think will be worth more in a year? Asking because i'm buying one then going to mine for a loooong time.. and want to know which one would be the best to buy. Thanks
  19. Might want to add something like suggested stats to train at certain places.
  20. You have no idea what he's talking about... And yes they do, they peak 1-2 days before the holiday then drop right after it..will get the most on the holiday but rare to find a buyer.
  21. Evil Dave won't let me past! i'm using dark silverlight, black desert top and bottom but he says I don't look evil enough! Do I need a black helmet or what?
  22. The level lvl 42 flesh crawlers..go out of the reward place on the second level. Go west then south, awesome xp and not bad loot :P I can stay there from 100 down to 75% on torags with 20 Salmon :P
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