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  1. 90 attack!!! got a shield left half drop!! :thumbsup: My first lvl 90+ skill, and i've been playing since 2002!
  2. Guide is amazing :thumbsup: do you have private chat on?
  3. The ring idea is a good idea, although I think it shouldn't be connected naturally (but a bridge could be okay) on the bottom of the ring, that way the middle of runescape isn't a giant lake, but rather an ocean.
  4. Way back in '02! :thumbsup: 7 years, but i quit for a good 4 of those from '04-'08
  5. So is it a matter of guthan's OR bunyip, only one of the two is neccessary? or is guthan's neccesary and a bunyip just an additional luxury? I have about 12 million in items atm, and I suppose I am willing to spend around 10 million or so (1.5 million of the 2 million difference is my whip, which I obviously am going to need so, and the rest is just emergency cash i guess). As for my quest status, it is rather poor. I have 166 quest points right now. What quests are important for Duradel's tasks? Thank you :thumbsup:
  6. Hey all. So I was wondering what melee stats are required to use Duradel fairly efficiently? with and without 68 summoning. Also is a cannon required for using Duradel efficiently? and if so, what kind of ranged level would I need? Is guthan's neccessary? Finally, is there anything else (stats or items wise) that I would need to use Duradel efficiently? Thanks! :thumbsup: Edit: After reading a reply, I want to update my original post with additional facts. I am willing and able to spend up to 10 million (I'd prefer not to blow all 10 million if it's not needed though). As for my quest status, I have 166 quest points. What quest are important to use Duradel efficiently? Thanks all!
  7. named myself after a combination of Joe Montana, my favorite QB at the time, and 93010, my zip code lol! :thumbsup:
  8. So as i'm (very slowly) approaching 85 slayer, i've been talking to a lot of people about both 83 slayer (spiritual mages and d-boots) and 85 slayer (abby demons and abby whip). I've heard lots of mixed messages, which is why i'm posting here. So what is it? which is more money? which is more exp? I've heard many variations, that spiritual mages are better for money and exp, or just exp. And that abby demons are better money than spiritual mages because it has good other drops besides the whip. I've heard drop rates for boots and whips vary wildy, so I was wondering if someone can provide a definitive answer to this too. So hopefully someone can straighten this whole situation up for me, thanks!
  9. Needless to say, I feel honored that the author of the definitive summoning guide, as well as one of the best slayer guides, has replied to my question! :thumbsup: I think I didn't ask part of my question clearly. If I was to distraction and diversion and tears of guthix my summoning up, what is a good point to switch to the conventional leveling method? (actually paying for it) I was kind of thinking maybe D&D and ToG up to 52 and then switch to the normal way, but I am not sure. Thank you very much!
  10. Updated my original post to add in another question that I need some advice in! :thumbsup:
  11. Grats on your 100th straight slayer task! way to go! :thumbsup:
  12. Hey thanks a lot! :thumbsup: thanks for the encouragement! :thumbsup: thank you! :thumbsup: I'm still using the fairy lady mainly because I'm just so used to it, kinda in a routine, and I know all the tasks really well, and also i've blocked her worst tasks. But i'm still planning on switching to duradel at some point!
  13. 99 Prayer that's a crazy goal!! but you can do it :thumbsup: Grats on 76! Good luck on the fishing too! One of my favorite skills!
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