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  1. I believe that online contact is more convenient. ;)
  2. Skipping school to play a game for a limited amount of time is very bad in the long run, so therefore the player must realize it is not an option if they wish to continue playing. Now, if a player does not realize this because they are really into a game so much they cannot see anything else, that would be one of the few times a computer may start causing negative effects. I think that one must remember that though a computer could be a world in itself, it is still a world inside the "real world" and if the real world is eliminated then all other worlds within the real world (computers included of course) would also be eliminated. If some people are "sucked in" too much then perhaps they need a wake-up call like a power outage or computer failure (especially in the middle of a game, maybe causing a death) to show that there are still necessary requirements which need to be sustained to play. I could think of electricity as the energy source for a portal which opens the path to the gaming world, but that energy must be sustained through work in the real world to keep the portal open. I don't think I ever put any game above the "requirements" for the computer to work. I think that the point is to figure out what keeps the game going and sustaining that something. I might think differently from other people, but I do believe it would do many people good if they think things over more often. The computer/ game is never to be blamed. If more people think logically more often then we might be able to live on the moon or something after someone thinks of a very simple way to allow survival in space. (To avoid being "sucked in" too much, perhaps try working for your computer and electricity, even if you do not have a "real" job. It might be good practice to do a few jobs and then play, in preparation for the real jobs which give real money which buys the electricity. Plan your own life) <--- just something I thought of. (Note: math is a good subject) (Another note: online contact is really not that bad, its good.)
  3. I've still yet to understand what makes computers dangerous and why..One reason I don't think the game can have any serious negative effects is if a player truly likes the game and want to play it, they might just realize that they actually have to be alive and be able to afford an actual computer + electricity to play, therefore they realize they must get off the computer sometime and get a job to keep playing. I might have read the article wrong the first time, and I may try reading it again in a different view.
  4. The first article was good and some of the things on the list was pretty funny. Never read something like that before. I thought that it was very creative. The second article was well written, though I disagree with some of the points. Long version of comments about 2nd article, plus some random thoughts, notes, etc.: The 2nd article had some good points, but I rather disagree with it. I personally do not think an "addiction" is a bad thing, unless somehow it can kill you (like drugs or something) and if a person is indeed "addicted" to a computer and plays a lot it shouldn't seem like a bad thing. I have played RS for a long time and I do not see anything bad happening to me. I probably would never drop school grades because of computers. There is no regret from playing computers because life would be much more boring without the Internet and computer games. I felt that the article might have been suggesting that playing on the computer (RS included) kills a person's "social life", as if it's a bad thing if played too much. I have heard too many things about "computers are for no lifers" and this article seems to me is trying to prove that point (that was how I saw it, though it may not have been the main message). The description in the article made me think a bit (well written, though I don't agree with it), but I am certain that I have no regrets about playing RS, or any other game. I do not think that computers waste or take away the player's time, because I believe that there must be at least some time used for any type of fun or activity which must be done just so a person can live life. Life would really be boring if there was nothing to do. Sure, there are other non computer activities, but I think that the Internet is somewhat special, because it's: 1) Convenient, a player can have fun in their own home. 2) Less risks, because in the real world making friends with the wrong people can have consequences, while disconnecting the internet is much simpler. If used properly, the Internet is a very useful tool. A person can still have a "social life" on the computer. The Internet also allows access to people all around the world. 3) More interesting, on the computer, things that are not possible (yet) in the real world can happen on the computer. Not only that, I think the computer can be good stress relief. Yes, I believe playing RS can relieve stress. Doing certain activities can be an escape from stress in the real world. Beating other people up in PVP can vent anger without actually hurting anyone. There is a different world on the computer, and as long as the computer and the real world can be balanced, life can be easier, and more interesting. Even if it is true that people who play "excessively" on computers are "no-lifers", then I think I will rather be "no life" than to be extremely social (I had past experiences). The title of "no life" doesn't have negative effects, anyway. Note(s): I am not trying to insult the article or anything, it is just my viewpoint, and it is possible to understand that different people have different views. I do agree that stopping RS because of dropping school grades was a good move, because without getting a good job no one can afford a computer and electricity to run RS at all. I personally refuse to get membership just to limit playing ability during school years. The above was just random thoughts and arguments I had in my head while reading the article. It kind of felt like it was insulting my own viewpoints of gaming, though it probably wasn't the intention of the article. I just had to rant the thoughts somewhere. I can't stand it when people think computers are bad and no life -.- Sorry if I hurt anyone's own viewpoints.
  5. I tried it and it works, although I can't go as fast as in the video (either my keyboard fails or I just fail), so I will just stick with regular item dropping. Nice guide though. Just that I somehow can't get used to the idea of Mousekeys :oops:
  6. I completely agree with the thing about RuneScape's weak combat systems. It is simply too boring to just watch your RS character randomly hit some other person for numbers. It should be more interesting than that. Sure, your combat skills increase hit chances and damage, but there should be weak points and critical hits to make fighting more intense. Maybe the "combat style" panel should be updated so you choose which part of your target you want to hit, and if certain parts are hit the character decreases in combat ability. An example might be if you get hit on the foot or something your run drain faster, or if you get hit in head you get extra damage on you. If RS combat was better then I don't think anyone will be saying "rs sucks" again. (And I sometimes wonder what the heck would happen if RS was turned into the 1st person's view, combat would be just about epic. And so will everything else probably.)
  7. I did the event the moment I saw it on the news. It was okay, but I somehow got a kick out of how many people were following others asking about wtf they are supposed to do. The reward was interesting, my first "fun" weapon, and I noticed a new emote though there wasn't a message saying I got one :? I also hoped the cabbages would still be wield-able but they removed it :(
  8. I like it that F2P can now post, but I don't have the 12.5mil XP :oops: , and I don't mind that it might be a "low" requirement but I am going to be going to the forums sometime in the near/or not near future..
  9. I see/hear a bunch of confusion for these new updates... I should go on RS and test some things out. And I miss the Gnomecopters, why did they get taken out? They were a good way to see member stuff. I tried some of the prayers, for Eagle Eye and Mystic Might they give a message saying you have to be on a member server to use, but still works and drains prayer. For the Retribution and some other one doesn't say you have to be member, but refuses to activate on F2P server. Hope the glitches will be completely fixed soon...
  10. Almost always the XP Lamp (95%?) , except when there is a new Emote or Costume that I don't have. I could always get coins and items elsewhere.
  11. It would probably be suicide for me if I go, as my combat level is really fail, and even though I have the money to waste on Rune Sets I wouldn't be able to make it :oops: I do hope you people win by piling all of them with your great numbers \
  12. I usually don't mine much, but if I do go to a coal mine theres usually people there. I don't think there's many spots without people in F2P, so I would have to stay in same spot trying to get ore, since switching worlds will not help.
  13. I do agree it is rather stupid to have restrictions on Air RuneCrafting Gloves, because they only do last for 1000 essesnces, which go really fast. I do not see how letting a player have, say, 10 pairs can be bad in any way, unless getting double RuneCrafting XP nonstop is a bad thing.
  14. Yeah, Jagex does care, why else would they make F2P so epic even by itself, and they did help me recover a lost password in 1 hour. Very fast, considering they have to plough through like thousands a day or something due to the huge amounts of people playing RS. :thumbsup:
  15. If it works for them and they prefer not to spam "buying " all day, I think this is great, although it may not be good for people who prefer talking, but that's why manual trading is still on :)
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