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  1. Harr harr, hottie!

  2. Those are some weird bounds indeed. Gj RJ, not much Solace could've done with that number difference though
  3. Look, what you've said is along the lines of clever...but what we were told was corr and dung were off - we even had to persuade some members not bring their g2h....so sorry if we annoyed you by not rming but when we turned up with our scimms and rune and we were met with corrupt and gravite most of us just left straight away.... it's also very hypocritical to tell DV to 'keep your members under control' when many of your members were flaming us before and after the 'war'....Amatuer, Hitman + Jack atack to name a few.... Anyway GF (?) IP Then get the rules right on your side, OR accept a rematch where you know its on, OR accept a rematch where its all off. And feel free to pm me pictures of our members flaming, I will handle that further if I feel punishment is appropriate.
  4. We never cheated ;) We never ragequit, as opposed to you ;) We never begged, you flame-declined ;)
  5. Most epic fight I've ever been in, <3 TKO
  6. Gj guys :wub: had to miss it Better luck next time Eternity :P
  7. Way too easy. Good fight DV. Don't even try crying about Corrupt/dungeoneering - even when we offered a rematch without both, you just flamed us and declined. You lost, and horribly at it. Easy as that.
  8. Sorry for the dungeoneering gear, we were told it was allowed so took it. Doubt it'd have changed the outcome considering ending opts though. Good fight Flawless.
  9. Thats one nice performance for those numbers especially.
  10. Fight TRWF # nah just kidding, wouldn't be very fair (no offense) Good luck finding a war yo
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