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  1. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  2. Congratz Ph. We didn't do so well.
  3. Gratz Ce, unexpected that you would be gladz by that much, even though you outpulled them by lots.
  4. Gratz coll. Our starting was 102 opts and ending was 102 with a couple people around the fall in. Our performance today was terrible.
  5. b]What is your clan? :Downfall[/b] How old is it? : 2 Years Birthday (If you know it) : September 5th I think
  6. Disc and Bears are in our clan, they just changed their names.... Our fault for not changing their names. John is a random that no one knows. We only had like 46 ppl in ts. But anyways Goodfight Solace. I was expecting to get piled lots more than what I did lol... and I expected a bigger pull from you guys, seeing as you were begging us for a pvp fight a month or two ago.
  7. Goodfight Solace, it was pretty close.
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