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  1. Ok thank you guys for the help, time to get to work!
  2. I forgot to show my armour set-up Slayer helm Glory Black dhide top Black dhide bottom Barrow gloves zammy book DDP++ Saradomin arrow Soulwars cape Dragon boots Ring of Wealth I use the Chaotic Longsword and Dragon Defender when I enter the boss room, DDP++ and book are for KC
  3. Hi there i recently got a greater demons task for slayer and heard that the Zammy GWD boss is affected by the slayer helm. I've looked at the guide but it seems pretty outdated. I've tried to kill myself but only seem to get 3-4 kills a trip which seems low for my level compared to others. I just need some help getting a great set-up for soloing it better. My current stats Attack = 99 Strength = 99 Defence = 99 Prayer = 99 Ranged = 96 Magic = 99 Summoning = 94 HP = 99 Herb = 85 I don't know how to upload photos well on here so this will be very texted base This is my current set-up for soloing which I want to improve if possible (all potions are (4)) 1 super set 1 super antiposion Elite Falador Shield (to recharge prayer from crossing river, two trips) or prayer potion after charges are used 2 prayer potions tiny elf crystal Chaotic Longsword Dragon Defender Rocktails X16 Wartorstie Inv 1 prayer potion rest is rocktails If anyone could help me out I would much appreacite it =)
  4. ok thank you, guess i will start trying to get a rapier
  5. I want to start doing more boss fighting and I'm wondering if I should invest the time to get a CLS. I only have 2k tokens atm and I really don't like training this skill. So i'm wondering do I really need this item and does it make that much of a difference? PS: I can use turmoil but I do not have a high enough herb level for extreme potions
  6. Good luck with your goal, it's always nice to see someone become DIY. Also if you want some advice you can pm me or go to the "diy chat" clan chat. My username is WillsSkittle
  7. I hope they don't move them, thats one of the reasons i love clues aswell, the risk of going into the wild. Plus you can always do what i've done before, bring dds spade and clue or if its coord clue drop spade and watch and use protection item. My question is what will happen to personalized shops and the tzzarh shops?
  8. I'm not sure if this old or not but there is a hidden trapdoor by the Fishing Guild and where the fishing tournment quest was. It can not be opened Sorry I don't have a picture I'm not sure how to load them onto here
  9. So the stone is smashed into what looks like a rune essence mining spot. Could we get new types of essence stones for runecrafting?
  10. I just got one from my first kingly catch, was wondering if they still have high vaule in junk trading?
  11. 90+ all stats 99 range and possibly 99 summoning and get 1 of each rare drop soloed, besides sigils
  12. Nice 800 tasks completed and this shouldn't be on the second page
  13. ahh ok but at least they do work with doubling runes below the required level
  14. I hear these cloths can raise you runecrafting level while playing the game, i was wondering if the inivisible boost can help with doubling your runes say for nats if it goes past 91? If so that can help to be able to do kamajar diary for the double nats task
  15. I have a question about the herb gloves you get from Fist of Guthix. I looked ingame and it said they dissappear after 100 drops but is that from that herb that it drops or all herb drops?
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