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  1. Tip it died... that is all

  2. Who honestly cares? Grats TKO on your momentous CWA victory over SE. Have fun in the next round.
  3. Tip It Died.... My Activity Message killed it.

  4. Join Downfall 75+

  5. Goodfight Solace, Bears Beyach= Kingaturo Disco= NMP Vammy, Just changed their names on the ml as I was writing this :) As for that John kid he was sniping us L Anyways, I told you we would target you as soon as you got to the fight Kim <3:
  6. Justin Bieber obviously, he is young (and probably plays runescape already in secrecy) He has what it takes, and could call all day long, not to mention is voice is that of an angles... OO BABY BABY OOOOO YEA GET ON *NAME* OOO BABY BABY BABYYY WOAHHHHHHHHH Plus he does that hawt hair flip that drives them girls wild. His clan would obviously steal the Clan Community's female unit.
  7. I swear you need to stop posting when you're drunk. #-o
  8. Two years ago on September 6th 2008, Amateurnoob along with Darkpyro1632/Ralphy, Uffan5, and Buzzirox broke off from a clan to start what today is known as Downfall. Throughout this past year we have had many ups and downs, including one of the biggest slumps we have ever been in, as well as some of the best wars we have participated in. We have made numerous accomplishments this year, and to name them all would give me carpel tunnel, so I will go onto name a few. -Our Combat Requirements grew from 105-110 for Full Member, and 105 for Trial Applicant. Which is a long way considering we started our clan at 75+ Combat, gradually increasing the requirement by 5 combat levels by-monthly. -Our biggest improvement has by far been our transition from CWA into PVP, which included many wars with: MMA Poison TBK Aces of War Exodus Collision Just to name a few. We also gained some new ranks within Downfall: Our Warlord for the year- Thehitman324 Our New Leader- Oatlad Our New Council- A Tinkerbel, Gisell106, Godly Cesar Our New App Managers- Souled Titan, Kaytastrophe All these ranks have been doing a wonderful job keeping Downfall's thriving community, and warring status alive. Our goals for the future are to continue to grow, and practice, and become recognized in the top 20, as our member-base grows and our experience heightens we will continue on doing what we're doing and try to be the Cinderella Story of that "141" Clan that made the transition. Over this past war we have made many friends, and many enemies. I would like to thank our friends from: True Ownage- For all of the fun events and allied CWA Wars. Crimson Raiders- For all of the AC's and practice wars that we have had/will be having---David <3: Ascension- For all of the wars you have offered us, as well as AC's. Thank you for the competition. I would also like to thank some of our Rivals from: Divine Vindicators- I must say without you it would have been a lot harder to pull out of our slump of pulling 20's. Thanks to you we pulled high 50s. I appreciate it. For the record, you weren't really the most hated clan. No one cared. R.I.P. The Gladiatorz- We're only improving, hitting us is only giving us more practice, I appreciate it, not to mention it's giving our members a fiery passion to continue to move forward into PVP, knowing you may be waiting for us ;). However the biggest thank you goes out to all of our Members and Ranks, over the past year without you all sticking it out and hanging in there with us, we could have never accomplished what we have. I am so proud of all of you for staying so dedicated to Downfall, and helping us make the transition into PVP, you have all made us what we are today, and you will continue to make us successful in the future. So, let's take this time to celebrate what we were, what we have become, and what we will be in the future, this is our day Downfall let's make it an amazing memory. Be ready to expect more up and coming great things from us this year, we will continue to push forward as we did this past year, to make this year even more memorable with much more achievements than this past. Thank you all <3:
  9. wat a joke, expect a declaration from Team Dan.
  10. Check the clans involved... Downfall isn't replying.
  11. We never re-massed on a different world and I gave you the proof of what happened so I don't know why you would allow this to be re-opened, when I gave you the exact logs from CR asking us to come back. But okay. Gratz on hitting an AC Gladz. Keep up the amazing work. :thumbsup:
  12. We had about 8 no's and still had a great pull we got lucky, not to mention our CST unit was late getting here due to school, nonetheless our college unit/gmt was here and we did very well, for what we were given with myself being the only actual caller on, (other than Thehitman who cant call due to selling his sound card to buy his gf stuff) and Gochance who we use as a backup :o
  13. Have fun continuously being lured such as the one I did the other day about hitting your AC LOL that was fun. Lordhotshot was obviously lured as I had pms on IRC "Lol coming to hit our ac yet?" Continue hitting our ACs for our friends and I assure you, you will never get the fight that you want against us in PVP. I can do the same to you as I did TK, and all of their members will assure you they never had a fight against us.
  14. Just noticed Legendz had at least 1 member in that war that they shouldn't have L3gacy Angel isn't on their ML but he's clearly spamming L at 4:58. Thank you for vidding this war PH you just helped us filter out a Legendz spy trying to get in our clan. Why they would need it I have no idea they don't do PVP.. Great job PH
  15. Seeing as T0 is predominately cwa. It would be a 2 v 3. Not to mention I don't understand why you would need 3 clans to fight. VR+AA vs EOS...o wait
  16. Ralphy is in Downfall :thumbup:
  17. Any controversy can obviously be thwarted by this video made by a Gladz member... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cWlRKcl7sM&feature=player_embedded
  18. You honestly have no idea how intelligent trolls could save these forums instead you are talking about all of the 8 year old kids that troll your clan on here, I guess all of Tipit is 8. I suggest you really understand and think about what you post before u end up posting, and what's the community cup never heard of it. Trolls not only give a little more heated discussion to topics, but they bring out the white knights who try to counteract the troll, sure some sorts of trolling wont help Tip It, but intelligent trolls as Dandaman has done has sparked debates within topics, these debates have contributed to more of an insight on the topic written as a whole, or even a war that has occurred, and more people will get into it because of a troll post.
  19. Joe: Removed quote Anyways, as for the real life flames, I believe it's a lot easier now to access people's real lives, I.E. Facebook, Twitter, and Skype all of those are easier ways to find out about people in real life therefore the real life flames are coming from these types of places where one can find out information about a persons life. Not to mention as newer generations come in they don't care about other people they figure it's only a game, if my clan hates this clan I might as well talk about this kids dead parents or this kids disfigured face or what not, people just aren't as caring as they used to be they get too caught up in the game and stop having fun and take it too seriously. As for the clan world, a generation of gamers has moved on to College/Uni, Military, or have gotten a job... I'm sure this isn't the only time it's happened nor will it be the last, but the entire clan world is in a slump as a whole, rather than just a few clans. But I'm sure eventually with newer players coming in their will be a surge of new recruits in the next year, it won't be the old faces that most of us no, but it will be a new generation of scapers that want to give the clan world a try. Hopefully clans will be more welcoming to these members so that they can have a chance to get into the clan world and the clans will teach them how to war and spend time with these individuals as its these people that will help build the clan world.
  20. Lethality.... I've always wanted to be Too Lethal.
  21. Congratulations on your win Blacknights, hopefully next time Envy will pull better. At least Envy didn't tried to drag it out, I heard there was a matched war after the CWRI, how did that one turn out?
  22. In an effort to save CD Team Dan is brainstorming to bring you discussion worthy topics. +1 to my challenge points. So, my question to you all is what has been the most influential change on your clan, within your clan, for your clan? ~Whether it be a merge to help your clan such as the Ascension/Godz merge ~A leadership change that has made your clan thrive or has created tension between members. ~A war that has brought your clan into a slump. ~A rivalry that has made your clan flourish, or has thrown your clan into a terrible slump. Whether it is good or bad please discuss what mass changes have occurred in your clan. There is no need for a format as it restricts you to answer the questions that I want to know, feel free to go beyond the typical format and expand into as much or little detail as possible.
  23. I believe his post is meant to be directed towards the Clan Discussion rather than Wars and Run Ins
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