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  1. I don't really gain money from Slayer. Too much power, and slayer drops are so little nowadays. But alright, I'll go for at least 99 defense before I start Frosting.
  2. Do I get a Yak through Slayer first, then TDs so I have enough to afford the experience, or should I make some money at frosts and then train summon?
  3. To be fair, one spear/rapier a perm team... might? be a good idea.
  4. would never do it myself but if you have fun with it, go for it
  5. "burstinglobs" cc is good for door partners. Suiciders aren't really relevant anymore, and solo maging will be better money then teaming. but you're going to get crashed tbh slay to 99 melees first, then buy 99 mage.
  6. 3 sounds good too, i think amitoz is johnny knoxville irl
  7. Best part of the EW quest chain so far, by far.
  8. He didn't get enough tokens from the disneyland floors to buy his CLS and Kayla wasn't going to drop dclaws for a rapier :/ girls don't put out for rapiers
  9. sp mages are even less than 500k/hr and zero charms/effigies
  10. Firemaking > cooking/wcing/fishing/fletching/crafting/smithing/mining atm
  11. finally back i missed you obt our band needs a new name, suggestions?
  12. corping was good to me but not hexhunter good got a holy elixer but those are crapz0rs nowadays. good thing i made 20m staking or it wouldn't even have been worth it.
  13. Bears have claws, not fists. You, sir, are NOT A BEAR. I know this because Science. pro bears punch noob bears slash/claw
  14. Guys guys lay off correct bandos strategy helm: bear mask amulet: dragontooth cape: spottier body/legs: larupia ring: bears don't wear rings boots: whatever color makes you look like a bear wep: fists shield: bears dont wear shields gloves: bronze (they fit in with the theme dw) so basically bears own right so you go up and kill him worst case scenario he runs away cause you know you are a bear also the other strategy is to go proclaim "ohai i'm jumu" and graardor will be distracted by your blog that strategy only works if you are jumu
  15. Melee > all Though I had a lot of fun maging Ice Strykes today. Range is easily my least favorite.
  16. All I read was the part where you played guitar on the streets of LA for medical marijuana. Everything else has just been great guesswork, Jaime. IDK which I like bettter, Jaime or Jumu
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