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  1. Also, CR + defender EASILY crashes CLS + Divine, even I've done it.
  2. A few notes/observations: - The numbers weigh heavily in my favor. Over a large sample-size, the rapier will win (assuming dragon defenders). - It's really cute that you think you're right despite having no numbers to back your argument up. Just sayin'. - I think it's funny that you placed so much emphasis on dungeoneering level when you were the one with the higher level, but as soon as a real pro comes along (eg: me), suddenly dungeoneering level doesn't matter. - There's a direct correlation between preferred chaotic weapon and penis size. It's not called a Compensation Longsword for nothing. After we do a few hundred Bandos kills, let's go to K'ril, TDs, DKs, and do a bunch of slayer tasks together. It'll be a lot of fun showing you just how much you fail at both combat and combat advice. tl;dr CLS sucks and you should feel bad for thinking otherwise. lol
  3. If you're EVER making overloads, get scroll of cleansing.
  4. Don't stake what you can't lose /endtroll
  5. Phats are really the only thing that are worth enough to bother lending. Maybe claws/ags too for poorer folk.
  6. "People are discussing why they lost interest in playing Runescape, not" waiting to hear the end of that sentence also making fun of people with down syndrome - not cool broski
  7. Want to know my luck? My Bandos Hilt drop rate is 1/1032, my BCP/Tasset drop rate is 1/632, my Arma Hilt drop rate is 1/1392, my Sara Hilt drop rate is 1/742, Divine Sigil is 3 in 12k kills, Ely 3 in 12k, 5 Arcane and 6 Spectrals in 12k kills. I got my first shadow hood in dung at 102 dung. I never had a visage drop in 20k Frost kills and 99 slayer. I've gotten 1 SOL out of around 2k kills. I worked for every single GP I've made by either merching or Skilling, or just sticking to my goals. I had over 3bil bank, great stats, and great memories of every single bit of effort I put in to complete my goal. There's only one word I have for people like you. That is Laziness. EDIT: Someone should move this post to rants. It's got no discussion value and just because the OP happens to be on the Editorial team/15 minute of glory with climbing boots does not mean he gets special treatment. That is the main reason I didn't read any of the arrogant comments people such as yourself post[ed]. Personally, I didn't want to go down this road, but I must. Honestly, I dont give a [----] how you play the game, but if you are going to flame others, for having more luck than yourself, then at least don't make an ass out of you. You may of worked countless hours and days on that account, but I actually took my time to go to school, and make something of myself, rather then just sit there slaving off for millions of pixalated squares. If you still wish to say that this is just an excuse I've made, then atleast find out what other people did. I myself did many countless hours of boss hunting aswell, I have recieved 2 sara hilts, 3 bandos, many chests/plates, many sara swords, ect. The main purpose of this whole topic is for people to talk about what made them lose interest in the game, but that they dislike staking. I know, just as OP does, that I was stupid enough to stake away all my riches, but that isn't the reason I dislike it. So before you go on and make yourself look like a tool, at least read OP's post. PS: This DOESN'T belong in the rants, this is discussing peoples thoughts about their desire to play. So [----] off all of you ignorant [-----]. Thank you, Come again. Critiquing someone's argument then saying "i'm stupid"... that's hilarious. Don't risk something you don't want to lose, end of story. And yeah this belongs in rants.
  8. Disagree completely. You have roughly a 50% chance of victory in RuneScape. The odds are completely against you with real gambling. This is also play money. Plus you need money to have a gambling addiction. I don't have any real money lol. blackjack - your odds are around 49/51 Dependant on the number of decks used, the number of people playing, and if you can count cards. But rather not delve into a comparison to real life gambling. It's 49/51 at the WORST, you can tilt the odds in your favor. Staking is like 45/55 at worst. If you're good at poker it's better than 50/50, but if you suck you're eventually going to get cleaned.
  9. i can smell jimi's scent on blogs however jimi had posted on this blog my sense of smell has failed me
  10. One massive quest that is 500 miniquests with awesome rewards/skill updates/new areas and bosses
  11. Most people would just call that rushing. God knows what the izenheim definition of full-rushing is. But I'm sure it'd rival losing game's gung-[garden tool]-never-ask-for-food-there-probably-isn't-enough-time rushing style. edit: daw you can't say gung-[garden tool] without getting censored it's spelled Izenhime And like I said, I honestly have no idea how to describe how my team dungs, our dungeons take around 40-50 minutes to do. We collect and make armor depending on the boss we get, we don't only kill monsters in guardian doors but why you don't need to at all and it's not even enjoyable like stomping a boss with no skill required
  12. may as well quit because i just reported you for account sharing enjoy your ban reported for offensive language quit makes me think of [cabbage]
  13. lol got hacked by friend lost 100m quit rs y/n
  14. its a cheap prayer potion (or was at various points in time) cheaper per prayer point than prayer potions (at various points in time) you can afford the def loss if you're praying, or have overloads. heck if ur not on overloads, the def loss increases deflected damage caused by deflection prayers. Which is why I use Zammy Brews + monk robes @ black demons.
  15. i'll trade you my addy arrows p++ for those hookers
  16. Barrows is pretty good for your level.
  17. Get some friends and go pk poor saps in the rev dungeon. Bring teleblocks. It's super fun.
  18. I heard steel titans improve the speed of soloing greatly.
  19. f2p: don't train range on f2p p2p: chins
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