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  1. If you don't like American Football then don't click on this topic, there problem solved. As for me I am huge Packers fan, can't wait for the upcoming game against the vikings. The Packers will win if they can protect Rodgers, he is playing great, but, most likely Jared Allen will have another big game and will force a bunch of miscues, but the are playing at Lambeau so who knows what will happen.
  2. My first was cooking then fishing, i just fished until I had enough for 99 cooking, which got me to 97 fishing, then after I finished cooking I finished off fishing.
  3. Speak to one of the Gnome trainers at the agility arena in the Gnome Stronghold. Found here, so you can use it in the future for a quick easy reference: http://tip.it/runescape/?page=treasure_trails.htm
  4. I the midst of your slow mutilation I swap out the cheese and put back a yellow brick of toe jam. You have toe jam, I have the cheese.
  5. Banned for thinking I didn't recognize the James Bonds. (How do you say James Bond plural?)
  6. While running and laughing at Psycho you fail to see my tripwire and fall to the ground dropping the cheese, which I grab and climb into my underground bunker.
  7. *Arrests Death for drug trafficking.* :lol:
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