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  1. Why people are getting mad at this is beyond me. It's his decision to buy at 100, it's also anyones decision to sell them to him for 100.
  2. I've been mostly DIY for 07scape. At the moment I'm making mind runes, hopefully around 1k, which SHOULD get me to above 25 magic for Varrock teleport. Then I'm going hardcore slayer. Gosh I miss this feeling of having to plan out what I do, being nearly maxed gets boring.
  3. It's quite the coincidence that it would be 1 level higher than the max combat currently though, would it not? Maybe JaGex did that purposely to cause a speculation within the community and they're just playing a sick joke :ohnoes:
  4. I hope not 120 honestly...Maybe they are bumping the max level to an even 100? Or maybe they are considering Slayer as a combat skill? Sorry to burst your bubbles but in a recent interview with Mod Mark (I think it was him) they confirmed that they had no current plans to raise any other skill to 120. I'm not saying I believe they do, but your being ignorant if you believe anything any employee of Jagex claims considering the events of late. ^ Also, not too long ago on of the BTS's had a player with 101 summoning I believe. Would it make sense to increase summoning to maybe 120, thus allowing JaGex to work with more room for better familiars? The hard part would be creating familiars that would be useful that we don't already have, but still.
  5. I love being bored and randomly deciding to do a lvl 1 clue. The steps were: Search a box in yanille in a house with a piano, search the drawers in a house in Draynor village and the last one was a picture to dig behind wizards tower. Literally 660k in 2 minutes :thumbup:
  6. Luckily I opened my swiftkit bout an hour after everything was fixed O_O
  7. Flareboy64


    You didn't use the necklace? Hmm alright. Also, did you have the normal prayer book or were you on ancients?
  8. Flareboy64


    Couple questions before I try again. 1) What style has everyone who has completed it use? I've been trying range but alas I can't do it. 2) Did you have to use divine + torva + pernix, as I don't have access to those items. However, when I was ranging I was only using black d'hides. I did have dragonbane bolts and had a full yak of brew flasks (which I ended up losing a lot of).
  9. Couple questions before I try again. 1) What style has everyone who has completed it use? I've been trying range but alas I can't do it. 2) Did you have to use divine + torva + pernix, as I don't have access to those items.
  10. IS anyone else finding the click-able area for the QBD to be odd? It seems like it's only her nose, and I've misclicked many times :x
  11. Alright, well I was meleeing her, and was praying range at the time. Ranging seems the way "to go" atleast from what I can tell, ranging from afar only makes her use range and you can pray that. Not to mention dragonbane hit quite well. The only problem I'm finding is getting combo'd by the wall of fire then her dragonfire attack.
  12. From what I can tell, she uses melee more often then range. I also got hit for dragonfire damage, even with DFS + Super antifire. And whatever prayer I was using, the opposite attack she did always hit (ex. when I had the melee prayer on her range attack ALWAYS hit 300+).
  13. 2100 combat 7500 hp = 1875 levels from HP. 453 max = 440 strength, 84 combat levels from that. So defence + attack make up 140 levels, roughly. The Queen could also be mage/range-based I guess but that'd require a fairly low attack level. The armour seems roughly equal to Karil's, slightly more ranged attack and less magic defence. The vambraces are good though, mercenary gloves are now useless. Can they be spiked with kebbit claws? Yeah, she summons a dead spirit, he ripped me to shreds with melee :/
  14. Alright, three tries in and I can't seem to tank the second form :S
  15. Language [hide][/hide] It's purple :thumbup:
  16. I honestly didn't expect anything better really.
  17. Literally 3 minutes after I logged in lmao Edit: Just got some royal bolts, they're +125 range attack, which seems pretty good.
  18. The kiteshield sounds pretty useless from the sounds of the description
  19. So, I was planning on camping the Worms as I thought they were gunna drop the pieces to the crossbow. Now I guess I'll just go straight to the QBD :o
  20. I found gano didn't really block their mage attacks, so all I wore was bandos, rapier, defender, etc and I would SS flash when I needed to heal, which got the job done.
  21. Woah, didn't think I'd get this many responses. It's not for me, it was for my lazy friend who didn't want to post himself, who is a lower level. And yes, he mostly slays, so the scim would be better. Thanks everyone :)
  22. One would assume the dominion marker will work with the QBD, right?
  23. Since there's going to be an update tomorrow for the SoF, I'd assume that means that tomorrows also more than likely the QBD, for whomever was asking about the ETA.
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KODYqdN1vI8 SPOILERS (You don't want to watch the video, as they have them) [hide]Let the videos commence! NEW RANGE GEAR OMFG. Also, crossbow is in pieces "like the Godswords", is "little less than comparable to chaotic crossbow" and the longer the fight "the damage increases". It will be renamed Royal crossbow. The range gear will req. 85+ crafting I guess.[/hide]
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